Compass School Improvement

Comstock Compass High School
School Improvement Plan & Annual Education Report

Vision Statement
The vision of the Comstock Public Schools is to be an educational community where every person is empowered to reach their full potential.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Comstock Public Schools is to serve our community by supporting, inspiring, and challenging every person within the school district to reach their full potential through education.

Beliefs Statement
Comstock Compass High School believes (after the Coalition of Essential Schools Model) as educators we should:

  1. Help students learn to use their minds well.
  2. Emphasize depth over breadth.
  3. Apply the school's goals to all students.
  4. Personalize teaching and learning.
  5. Embrace the metaphor "student as worker, teacher as coach."
  6. Require students to demonstrate mastery through exhibition.
  7. Stress un-anxious expectation, trust, and decency.
  8. Consider teachers as generalists with a commitment to the entire school.
  9. Resources dedicated to teaching and learning.
  10. Model democratic and equitable practices.

pdf Compass School Improvement Plan 2019-20.pdf