2022 - 6th Grade

Comstock 6th Boys Basketball
Coach RaeKwon Little

12-15 - Comstock 20 - Otsego 40

The boys were pumped in ready to go against Otsego for the second time. Now we have the home court advantage .We started off in a press giving us a 6-0 lead. Darrell Jackson with excellent put backs and getting back on defense. Jaxson Holdridge  did a great job with moving the ball around and running the plans but unfortunately wasn't enough to get us the win 20-40. 

12-7 - Comstock 17 - Covert 39

We started off slow as we missed several buckets down low.  The boys finally settle a bit with Logan Hunter getting us some boards and Mike getting us back in the game by scoring 13 throughout.  

12-5 - Comstock 38 - Watervliet 10

This was a good game against watervliet.  Both team were making their shots and lay ups. The Colts took off in the 2nd half taking the win 38-10.

11-30 - Comstock 7 - Paw Paw 21

It was an excellent first quarter.  Everyone was doing what they needed for help side defense. Jaxson did a wonderful  job calling out plays and moving the ball around. We were getting great shots but couldn't get anything to fall. Charlie Baker had a great block to start off the second half and get the team pumped up. Great game but Paw Paw out ran us last night with the score 21-7. 

11-28 - Comstock 10 - Three Rivers 30

Today we played a team we had never played before so we didn't know how they played or what kind of players they had.  Three Rivers won the tip to start off the game. We were scoring but we were getting beat in the paint with the height that they had. We played our best but end up losing 30-10. 

11-21 - Comstock 23 - Allegan 19

Last night was a great game against allegan. The subs were coming off the bench with great energy. Mike got them into a press without me even having to tell him. Austin hui-wee with a great put back and one to follow up with.The team was doing what they had to do that's what got us the win with the score of 23-19.

11-16 - Comstock 18 - Otsego 38

We knew we had a big game coming up against Otsego. Otseog hit a 3 right form the tip and then got into a press which sped us up with the game and we didn't handle it well. We did everything we could to stay with them but ended up losing.

11-11 - Comstock 15 - Allegan 22

The 6th grade started off very slow against Allegan which got them the win of 15-22. Charlie Baker with the leading point of 8 followed up behind him Javante Reese with 7.  

11-7 - Comstock 25 - Paw Paw 26

Comstock had an excellent first half of basketball.  Our point guard Jaxson Holdridge did was excellent at moving the ball around and wasn't selfish. Tristan Johnson did a wonderful job of  driving to the basket and getting shots up. He was our leading scorer with 14 point  6 steals and 1 block. Second half we got a little sloppy and got out of position letting the other team come back on us. Start of the 4th quarter things started to get heated up and Paw Paw came back on us. In the closing seconds, Paw Paw got a steal and a bucket to win the game.  I'm proud of the boys and we just have to learn how we start is how we finish.