MS Wrestling
Coach Shane Krontz

3-1 - Galesburg-Augusta Tournament

Today at the Galesburg Augusta Invitational the colts faced the toughest competition they’d seen all year. The team placed 3rd overall with the following place winners:
Genesis Young 75lbs 4th
Eddie Elliot 80lbs. 4th
Cy Young 95lbs. 5th
Jordan Johnson 105lbs 4th
Keegan Head 110lbs. 3rd
Carter Stafford 130lbs. 3rd
Trae Cross 137lbs. 5th
Castell Davis 237lbs. 7th
Jayden Craig 145lbs. 2nd
Sentell Davis 155lbs. 3rd
Alex Williams 155lbs. 5th
Haiden Payne 185lbs. 3rd
Kenny Hale 215lbs. 3rd

2-16 - SW10 Conference MS Tourney

At the SW 10 conference meet we had a phenomenal day. Out of our 13 participants 11 placed.
1st Place - Jordan Johnson (105lbs.)
1st Place - Trae Cross (137lbs.)
1st Place - Jayden Craig (145lbs.)
1st Place - Sentell Davis (155lbs.)
2nd Place - Cy Young (95lbs.)
2nd Place - Keegan Head (110lbs.)
3rd Place - John Burland (85 lbs.)
3rd Place - Haiden Payne (185 lbs.)
3rd Place - Kenny Hale (215lbs.)
4th Place - Genesis Young (75lbs.)
4th Place - Eddie Elliot (80lbs.)

1-27 - Gull Lake Invitational

This past Saturday, at the Gull Lake Invitational, we scored 24 points with 3 consolation bracket champions. Jordan Johnson at 105, Keegan Head at 110, and Carter Stafford at 138. We also had Sentell Davis go a perfect 3-0 in the Madison Block of the tournament.