Varsity Girls Basketball

Coach Justin Ansel

Abby Schreiner

Adriana Peake

Calisa Buel

Mikala Sims

Selena Alvarado

Sophia Thome

Sophie Kokales

Tajah Thomas

Tori McNett

2013-14 JV Team

2-3 -  Comstock 12 – Vicksburg

A short-handed JV girls team struggled at Vicksburg on Monday night.  With multiple starters out of the game with injuries/sickness, the Colts played hard against a very deep Vicksburg team.  The Colts faced a strong press during much of the game and really struggled to keep up the pace without the extra players on the bench.  Tajah Thomas and Mikala Sims led the team in scoring.  Calisa Buell, Abby Schreiner, and Sophia Thome led the team on the boards with 5 rebounds each.  

1-30 – Comstock 20 – Otsego 39

After a physical game the night before, the Lady Colts had a tough time scoring against a strong Otsego team on Thursday night.  Otsego led by 16 at halftime and kept that lead to get the win against the Colts.  After starting slow in the 1st half, the Colts played a tough game in the 2nd half by only allowing Otsego to extend their lead by 3 points.  Selena Alvarado and Tajah Thomas led the team in scoring with 9 and 7 points. 

1-29 – Comstock 31 – Coloma 20

After a large break between games, the Colts got their 4th win of the season on Wednesday night against Coloma.  A great defensive effort in the 2nd half helped the Colts pull away in the 3rd and 4th quarter.  Most all of the players were able to get on the scoreboard with balanced scoring across the team.  Calisa Buell led the team with 7 points and 6 rebounds.  Multiple players got in both the scoring and rebound columns.

1-21 – Comstock 17 – Buchanan 14

The JV girls team made the long trip to play away at Buchanan on Tuesday and picked up their 3rd win of the season. The whole team struggled to get the ball thru the net all game long.  A late, big shot by Tori McNett put the game away late in the 4th quarter.  Strong free-throw shooting by Tajah Thomas, Sophia Thome, and Selena Alvarado kept the team in the game.  The whole team got on the scoreboard and played great defense to hold the Bucks to only 14 points.

1-17 – Comstock 14 – Plainwell 43

The JV girls ran into a very tall and experienced Plainwell team on Friday night.  The Trojan defense kept the Colts off of the scoreboard with strong defense and rebounding.  Selena Alvarado led the team with 7 points and 2 rebounds.  Abby Schreiner was the top rebounder in the game with 4 rebounds against a much taller Plainwell team. 

1-14 – Comstock 40 – Dowagiac 37

The JV girls got their 2nd win of the season with a hard-fought win against Dowagiac on Tuesday night.  Comstock took a 2 point lead into the half and hung on to win by 3 points.  Selena Alvarado had 13 points and 3 rebounds, with 7 points coming at the free-throw line.  Mikala Sims had a very balanced game with 4 points and 4 rebounds.  Tajah Thomas and Sofia Thome both added 6 points to help the team keep the lead in the 2nd half.

1-10 -  Comstock 23 – Allegan 32

The JV girls played a very deep Allegan team on Friday night.  High scorers in the game were Tajah Thomas and Selena Alvarado with 8 & 6 points.  Comstock kept the game close until the 4th quarter when the free throws just wouldn’t drop thru the net.  Sofia Thome had an outstanding game with 5 points and 9 rebounds. 

12-28 – Comstock 47 – Bangor 14

The JV girls team beat Bangor in the 2nd game of the Bangor Christmas Tournament.  The Lady Colts jumped out with a strong press at the beginning of the game and never looked back.  The Colts led by 11 at half-time and extended the lead to 33 points by the end of the game.  Top scorers in the game were Tajah Thomas with 18, Calisa Buell with 10, and Selena Alvarado with 9 points.  An overall great defensive game by the Colts which turned into fast-break points for the whole team.

12-27 – Comstock 28 – Niles-Brandywine 36

The JV girls team played Niles-Brandywine in the Christmas tournament at Bangor this past Friday.  The Colts dropped behind by 11 at half-time but climbed back into the game in the 4th quarter to lose by only 8 points.  Tajah Thomas led the Colts with 8 points and played a tough defensive game.  Tori McNett added 7 points and was joined by 5 other teammates in scoring during the game.

12-19 - Comstock 18 – Paw Paw 38

The JV girls basketball team lost to Paw Paw last night 38-18. The Colts started out strong and led 6-0 early in the game.  The girls kept the game within reach until late in the 3rd quarter when turnovers against the Paw Paw trap defense widened the gap.  This was a very physical game and we ended up with only 7 players able to play by the end of the game, due to injuries.  The Colts were led by Sofia Thome and Selena Alvarado both with 6 points each.  Prior to getting injured, Mikala Sims had 4 points and 3 rebounds and was matching up very well with the very physical game.  Overall defensive effort was very good throughout most of the game with the team never giving up.  Exceptional defensive effort by Tajah Thomas as she was sprinting the full length of the floor the whole game.

12-17 - Comstock 26 - Three Rivers 45

The JV girls basketball team lost to Three Rivers 45-26 on Tuesday night. After a rough start in the 1st half, the girls played out the rest of the game 17-19 and never gave up. Scoring leaders were Selena Alvarado with 9, Tori McNett with 6 and Calisa Buell with 4.  A tough, aggressive  defensive effort given by Mikala Sims and Tajah Thomas,

12-12 - Comstock 12 - Otsego 29

The JV girls struggled all game to get the ball in the net.  Otsego’s size and defense really challenged the team to make the outside shot.  Selena Alvarado and Tajah Thomas led the team with 6 and 3 points. Strong rebounding effort by Tori McNett and Sofia Thome.  Adriana Peake and Abby Schreiner came off the bench to give us needed help in the lane and on the boards.

12-10 - Comstock 26 - Edwardsburg 39

The JV girls team traveled to Edwardsburg on Tuesday. A strong defensive effort kept the game within 2 points at the end of the 1st quarter.  Edwardsburg pulled away in the 2nd quarter and extended the lead to 13 points.  The 2nd half was played evenly with both teams matching point for point.  Scoring was spread evenly across the team as 7 players all got on the board.

12-6 - Comstock 18 - Vicksburg 43

The JV girls team played a strong first half of defense holding Vicksburg to just 15 points and held them scoreless the whole 2nd quarter.  Eventually Vicksburg’s size hurt Comstock on the boards and they pulled away in the 3rd quarter.  Selena Alvarado and Tori McNett paced the Colts with 6 and 4 points. This was the first basketball game for our exchange student from Germany, Sofia Thome.  She played extremely well in her first basketball game ever and continues to pick up the game quickly.