Sinking Fund


Given the costs associated with the upkeep of our facilities, we are truly appreciative of the community’s support for the District’s sinking fund ballot proposal approved by voters in May, 2019. This fund will generate approximately $500,000 a year for 10 years. Per Michigan Law, sinking fund monies are limited to certain uses. The district will use the sinking funds to upgrade and repair our infrastructure and buildings. Sinking funds may not be used for wage, salary, or benefit increases.

2019-20 Sinking Fund Projects
2020-21 Sinking Fund Projects

Sinking Fund projects in the 2021-22 school year:

Comstock High School

  • Deliver whiteboards $776.00
  • Asbestos air monitoring 
    during glue pod removal $48,300.00
  • Replace auditorium AHU fan motor $2,044.80
  • Logo Clock $164.24
  • 5 parking lot lights $2777.50

CHS Total: $54,062.54

Comstock Middle School

  • Carpet final billing - labor & materials $21,533.00
  • CMS boys' bathroom ceiling work $235.00

CMS Total: $21,768.00

Comstock STEM Academy

  • Bulkhead replacement $4,591.00

STEM Total: $4,591.00

Comstock Early Learning Academy

  • Painting for CELA storage building $3,149.00
  • Painting for CELA storage building $3,149.00

CELA Total: $6,298.00

Compass High School / Administration

  • Repair pipe leak in ceiling $818.36
  • Repair window across from room 11 $483.65

Compass/Admin Total: $1,302.01

Total for 2021-22:  $88,021.55