Basketball - Little Colts

Comstock LITTLE COLTS' Basketball

Chyna McMillian - 269-250-8651 - [email protected]


  • Girls - 1st-2nd Team - Up to 10 per team
  • Boys - 1st-2nd Team - Up to 10 per team
  • Each team will need at least one volunteer coach

Game Locations

  • Games will be played at Comstock Elementary School on four Saturdays. Date will be released soon.

Practice Calendar

  • The practice calendar is located on the Comstock website at


  • All coaches will be volunteers
  • Coaches must receive a background check from the school
  • Coach must be present for practices and games; asst. coaches are encouraged


  • Only students that attend Comstock Public Schools can participate.



  • Baskets will be 8 feet for all games
  • We will have HS officials present for every game


  • In the event there is an issue with members of the crowd, the game manager has the right to ask spectators to leave the facility
    • The ban could be the rest of that day or up to the remainder of the season
    • Once a spectator is asked to leave, the game will not restart until they have exited the facility
  • All young children not participating in the games are required to stay with parent/guardian at all times
  • Any inappropriate comments directed at officials, coaches or participants will result in an immediate ejection


  • All jersey t-shirts will have numbers on the front and back
  • Short colors should be Navy Blue.


  • Team assessment will be done December 19.
  • Each Comstock team will be allowed at least one hour of practice each week starting the week of January 9.
  • Practice Emphasis areas will be
    • Defense
    • Ball-handling
    • Passing
    • Shooting
    • Rules


  • Quarters will be 8-minute running clock. Clock will stop the final 2 minutes of the 4th quarters on fouls, free throws and out of bounds
  • No zone defenses, man to man defense only. No double teaming but players can help
  • Once the defense secures a rebound, the other team must get back
  • Each team get 2-time outs per game
  • No full court presses and half court traps.
  • No Overtimes - Games can end in a tie
  • Games will most likely be officiated by current HS players and coaches.