18-19 - V Girls


Varsity Girls Bowling

Coach Rich House
Asst. Coach Tammy House

2018-19 Bowling

Bottom Row – Ella McAllister, Crystal Crookshank, Alexus Hofacre, Gabrielle Langejans, Ameila Hall
Top Row – Asst. Coach Tammy House, Abby House, Emily Hainer, Clair McFarlen, Aaliyah Cargill, Kaitlynne Burns, Coach Rich House
Not Pictured – Nicole Dankert, Audry Edick

2-6 - Comstock Win vs Hackett

Girls varsity bowling picked up a win at home via a bye vs Hackett 0-30. The win puts them at 9-5 on the season. The girls shot baker games of 157 and 110, and regular games of 600 and 553. Crystal Crookshank was high roller for the girls with 137 game, and her personal best 268 series. Abby House shot the high game of the night with a 142. 

2-5 - Comstock 5 - Bronson 25

Girls varsity bowling had their 5th loss of the season Tuesday night at home vs Bronson 5 – 25. The loss put them at 8 – 5 on the season. The girls got off to a good start, winning the 1st baker game 148-141; they then lost the 2nd baker 94-172. They ran into trouble in the regular games, dropping the first 556-777, and the second 523-768. Ella McCallister led the girls with a pair of 125 games for a 250 series; Emily Hainer added a 129. 

2-4 - Comstock 27 - Martin 3

Girls' varsity bowling got back on the winning track Monday night with a convincing 27-3 win at home vs Martin. The win brings them to 8-4 on the season. The girls started off hot with a season high 172 baker game to Martin’s 143, then followed it up in the 2nd baker with a 117-112 shooting their season high baker series of 289. The girls continued to stay hot in the regular games shooting a season high 737 game to Martin’s 693 and a 622-595 win in the 2nd regular game, shooting their season high 1359 series. Gabby Langejans led the girls with her personal best 176 game and 322 series; Abby House was a close 2nd with a 296 series, and Emily Hainer added a fine 270 series.

2-2 - Comstock 6.5 - Coloma 23.5

Girls varsity bowling hit the lanes Saturday at home in a make-up match versus league-leading and undefeated Coloma. The girls lost the match 6.5-23.5, but it was much closer than the score indicates. The loss brings them to 7-4 on the season. The girls won the first baker game 155-120, but lost the 2nd by just 1 pin, 150-151. The regular games were close early, but Coloma pulled away at the end, winning 637-766 and 559-697. Emily Hainer led the girls with a 162 game, 294 series; Abby House had a 248 series; and Gabby Langejans shot a 132 game.

1-17 - Comstock 3 - Constantine 27

The Girls varsity bowling lost their 3rd match of the season Thursday night on the road vs Constantine 3 – 27. The match was much closer than the final score shows, but the loss puts the girls at 7 - 3 on the season. The girls lost both bakers 87 – 121 and 114 – 130. The girls lost the first regular game 527 – 611, and came up just short in the 2nd regular game 582 – 605. Emily Hainer was high scorer for the girls with games of 128 & 137. Freshman Amelia Hall shot a 117.

12-19 - Comstock 26 - Martin 4

Girls varsity bowling will be headed into the Christmas break riding a 3 game win streak after striking up a convincing 26 – 4 win on the road against Martin Wednesday night. The win brings them to 4 - 2 on the season. The girls won both baker games, 113 to 94 and 110 to 78. They then continued to take care of business in the regular games, eventually winning both games with scores of 582 to 540 and 599 to 540. Audrey Edick led the girls with her personal best 288 series with games of 134 & 154; Clair McFarlen shot her personal best series 248 with games of 132 & 116; Crystal Crookshank shot her personal best 220 series, and Alexus Hofacre shot her season high 261 series with games of 136 & 125.

12-17 - Comstock 26 - Kalamazoo Christian 4

Girls varsity bowling made it 2 in a row Monday night at home with a 26–4 win over Kalamazoo Christian. The win moves them to 3-2 on the season. The girls got off to a great start, winning the first baker game 160 -137; they lost the 2nd game 119–135. The girls then dominated the regular games, wining all 20 points with 681-496 and 633–457 games. Abby House led the girls with her season high 193 game, 340 series; Kaitlynne Burns shot her season-high 145 game, and personal best 284 series; Audrey Edick also shot her personal best 271 series. 

12-11 - Comstock 21 - Galesburg-Augusta 9

Girls varsity bowling pulled off a convincing win at home on Tuesday night with a 21 – 9 over Galesburg-Augusta. The win puts the girls at 2-2 on the season. The girls won the first baker game 105 – 84, and then dropped the 2nd baker 114 – 141. The Lady Colts took care of business in the regular games, winning both (580 – 476 and 575 – 491) to secure the win. Gabrielle Langejans was the high scorer for the girls with a 147 game. Abby House shot a 141, and Audrey Edick added a 128.

12-10 - Comstock 3 - Bronson 27

Girls varsity bowling lost to Bronson Monday night 3 – 27, which brings them to 1-2 on the season. They lost the first baker game 126 – 175, and the second 91 – 117. The girls also dropped both regular games 543 – 678 and 595 – 754. Audrey Edick was the girls' high scorer with a 146 game, 266 series. Amelia Hall shot a 130 game, and Clair McFarlin added a 125 game, 240 series.

12-5 - Comstock 0 - Coloma 30

Girls varsity bowling headed to St. Joseph Wednesday night to face the defending conference champions from Coloma. They battled, but ended up on the losing end with a final score of 0 – 30, bringing them to 1 & 1 on the season. Aaliyah Cargill led the girls with a 160 game, 286 series; Audrey Edick shot her personal best 165 game, and Emily Hainer added her season high 142 game, 269 series.

12-3 - Comstock 19 - Constantine 11

Girls varsity bowling kicked off the season Monday night at home with 19 – 11 hard fought win over the visitors from Constantine. The match was close all night; they spilt the baker games, losing the first 119 -165, and then coming back to win the second by just 1 pin 112-111. Both regular games were close the entire way, but Comstock came out on top in both with scores of 761 – 603 and 589 – 585. Abby House led the girls with games of 150,150 for 300 series; Aaliyah Cargill had the high game of 165. Adding to the win was Gabrielle Langejans with a 132. Aaliyah Cargill, Kaitlynne Burns, and Abby House all had key marks in the 10th frame of the last game to pull out the win by 4 pins.