2019 Varsity Boys Soccer
Coach Justin Ansel

8-16 – Comstock 0 – Bloomingdale 2

We start off the 2019 season with a young squad that contains just 1 senior.  We have multiple young players that will have to step up in big ways if we are going to compete this year.  Our defense made a couple of mistakes tonight as we’re learning the process but all in all stood pretty strong as Bloomingdale controlled most of the game and had over 20 shots.  Logan Hicks did a great job in goal holding Bloomindale to just 2 goals.

8-19 – Comstock 3 – Bangor 5

We will finish the month of August still down Alex Patov and I believe he would have made the difference tonight.  Bangor really controlled the middle of the field and had a couple of speedsters up front that did a great job handling the ball and getting good shots on goal.  We certainly had our chances and fought back well throughout the game but in the end came up short.  Geovanni Carrillo-Torres scored his first varsity goal tonight and Fernando Torres added his first goal of the season on a PK.  Alex Kish rounded out the scoring and Haydn Haskins and Kyle Mortimer both had an assist.

8-21 – Comstock 3 – Delton-Kellogg 4

The Colts took a lead into half time to then see it slip away in a tough match vs D-K.  The Colts were plagued with many off sides calls in the game.  Jonathan Torres, Geovanni Carrillo-Torres and Fernando Torres had goals for the Colts.

8-23 – Comstock 1 – Saugatuck 4

The boys again were outsized in speed and strength by a team that was overall older than us.  The Colts fought but couldn’t quite overcome the experience factor.  Haydn Haskins had the lone goal and Geovanni Carrillo-Torres had the assist.

8-26 – Comstock 0 – Pennfield 4

Pennfield did an amazing job of keeping us on our heels with all of their speed.  The boys are still learning their positions and how to combat teams that are stronger and faster than us.  I can see it coming together though.

8-28 – Comstock 1 – Lawton 0

The Colts finally got their 1st win of the season 1-0 over Lawton.  It was a tight match that saw our defense bend but not break during the game.  Logan Hicks earned his 1st shutout of the season.  Geovanni Carrillo-Torres had the winning goal on an assist from Kyle Mortimer.  Congrats to the entire defense of Dalton Wilkins, Sam Rabick, Tyler Caswell and Matt Searles.

9-4 – Comstock 4 – Parchment 2

The Colts earned their 2nd win of the season with the addition of our Bulgarian Alex Patov.  Comstock was able to control most of the game with Alex Patov recording 2 goals and 2 assists.  Geovanni Carrillo-Torres and Haydn Haskins had the other 2 goals and Jonathan Torres had an assist.

9-6 – Comstock 5 – Lawrence 2

Comstock kept their winning streak alive moving to 3-5 on the season with a 5-2 win over Lawrence.  Alex Patov had another strong game scoring 1 goal and having 3 assists.  Alex Kish moved to being a little more offensive and had 2 goals on the night along with 2 goals by Geovanni Carillo-Torres.  Tyler Caswell and Haydn Haskins each had an assist.

9-9 – Comstock 1 – Covert 9 Scrimmage

Covert brought their varsity team over to scrimmage our younger guys and we had a tough time keeping up with them.  Geovanni Carrillo-Torres had the lone goal on an assist from Logan Hicks.

9-11 – Comstock 4 – Buchanan 0

Comstock kept their winning streak going against league foe Buchanan.  The Colts controlled most of the game.  Alex Kish finished 2 goals and an assist.  Alex Patov added a goal and an assist.  Geovanni Carrillo-Torres had the other goal with Kyle Mortimer and Jonathan Torres having an assist each.

9-12 – Comstock 3 – Hartford 2 JV Game

The Colts hosted their second match of the week for the younger guys and the younger guys came through with a 3-2 win.  Justin Webster, Fernando Torres and Geovanni Carrillo-Torres each had a goal and Logan Hicks and Alex Patov each had an assist.

9-16 – Comstock 4 – Galesburg-Augusta 0 Scrimmage

We had another scrimmage set up for the boys to try and keep is in game shape and all player got to play evenly tonight.  Hayden Haskins led the way with 2 goals and Kyle Mortimer and Geovanni Carrillo-Torres also added 1 each.  Fernando Torres had 2 assists and Jonathan Torres also had 1 assist.

9-18 – Comstock 2 – Brandywine 1

The boys kept themselves undefeated in the league with a win that was a lot closer on paper than on the field.  Alex Patov and Kyle Mortimer each had a goal and Geovanni Carrillo-Torres and Fernando Torres each had an assist.  The defensive line is working together really well and we continue to bend but not break.

9-19 – Comstock 0 – Schoolcraft 4

The Colts didn’t match the effort and precision from Schoolcraft tonight.  It really didn’t seem like the Eagles were all that great but the Colts looked dysfunctional on the field and had multiple mistakes that led to goals.  We’ll try to get back on track for the next one.

9-23 – Comstock 1 – Olivet 1

The Colts had their first tie of the season in a game that we controlled about 70% of the time.  Alex Kish had the goal in the 1st half off an assist from Alex Patov and then we couldn’t make it hold up as Olivet scored with about 15 minutes to go in the game and that is the way it stayed.

9-25 – Comstock 1 – Bridgman 3

This was a game that we controlled and somehow still lost 3-1.  Bridgman made 2 unbelievable far out shots that caught us sleeping and we just couldn’t overcome their huge goalie in net to match them.  Alex Kish had the loan goal off an assist from Alex Patov.

9-26 – Comstock 2 – Constantine 1

This match was controlled more by Comstock but Constantine came to play and made a very good game of it.  Alex Patov had a goal and an assist and Alex Kish had the other goal.  The defense did a very good job of bending but not breaking.

9-30 – Comstock 6 – Galesburg-Augusta 0 Scrimmage

The Colts played just the younger boys in tonight’s scrimmage showing up with 14 players.  Alex Patov led the way with 2 goals and an assist.  Haydn Haskins, RJ Baker, Matt Searles and Tyler Caswell each had a goal for the Colts too.

10-2 – Comstock 0 – Berrien Springs 5

On a super wet and soggy night, the Colts honored our lone senior Hunter DeLeon.  Hunter has been one of our hardest workers and has kept a great attitude throughout.  Berrien Springs did a great job moving the ball around and created many very good chances scoring on 5 of them.  The Colts couldn’t muster much of an attack and couldn’t compete with Berrien’s skill and the elements at the same time.  The Colts made a great run of it winning the BCS Conference Championship 3 years in a row but it would stop on this night.

10-3 – Comstock 1 – Coloma 0

The Colts responded to last night’s tough loss with a very good game at Coloma.  Alex Kish scored the winning goal off an assist from Alex Patov and the defense of Dalton Wilkins, Sam Rabick, Tyler Caswell, Matt Searles and Logan Hicks did a great job of limiting any type of good scoring chances for Coloma.  Kyle Mortimer also had a very good game in the middle as he was all over the field.

10-7 – Comstock 2 – Vicksburg 1

The Colts had no business winning this game tonight but no one told the boys this.  Logan Hicks was spectacular in goal with his defense playing one of their best games of the season.  We talk about bending but not breaking on defense and that is what we did tonight.  Vicksburg only had a couple really good scoring chances out of over 20 shots on goal to just a few shots on goal by the Colts but it is the Colts who came out with the victory.  Alex Patov put the Colts ahead 1-0 in the first 15 minutes of the game off a corner kick and it stood until there were about 20 minutes to go in the 2nd half when Vicksburg finally found the back of the net.  We rearranged our lines to be more offensive and go for the win and 5 minutes later Geovanni Carrillo-Torres squeaked a 25 yard shot just over the keeper’s hands and under the post to put us up 2-1 and Logan and the defense made it stand.  After a disappointing game to Berrien Spring a week ago, the Colts put together their 2 best games of the season to finish the regular season at 8-8-1.

10-9 – Comstock 2 – Parchment 1

The Colts played Parchment in the district quarterfinal at their place to see who would move on in the state tournament and the Colts prevailed securing a record that would at least finish the season at .500 or better.  The Colts went up 2-0 in the game on 2 goals by Alex Kish and he was assisted by Kyle Mortimer on one and Alex Patov on the other.  That score stood until about 15 minutes was left in the game when Parchment would score but after that, the Colts stood strong and collected their 9th win of the season.  It was another great showing at the end of the season.

10-15 – Comstock 0 – Fennville 8

The Colts end of season magic was gone on this particular night.  Fennville was no doubt the better team but the Colts had to play on turf for the 1st time this year under rainy conditions and without 3 starters.  Haydn Haskins filled in as our keeper tonight and really did a remarkable job for not having had hardly any experience throughout the season.  Fennville did a fabulous job controlling the game and it was a team full of players that worked well together.  The Colts finish this season at 9-9-1 and at the beginning of the year, I really thought we would have a tough time winning even 4-5 games.  We started six 9th or 10th graders on this squad and with a core group of juniors returning for their senior year, 2020 should be even brighter.  I’m proud of every one of our boys this year.  They worked hard and got along really well.  It was a fun team to coach.