2024 - 7B

7B Girls Basketball
Coach RaeKwon Little

2-21 -  Comstock - White Pigeon

The 7B team traveled to White Pigeon for the last game of the season. The lady colts fell short of the first but still put on a good fight.

2-15 - Comstock - Delton-Kellogg

The lady Colts started the game off really slow. Second half they turned it around to take the win against Delton-Kellogg. Great job ladies.  Go Colts.

2-12 - Comstock - Lawrence

Very tough game tonight for the lady Colts. Tonight we only had 5 players. The Colts fought a tough game, still proud of them.

2-18 - Comstock - Delton-Kellogg

The girls had a great game tonight hitting the shots we needed to and getting back on defense but unfortunately we couldn't bring this one home tonight.

2-7 - Comstock - Bloomingdale

Paige Kean had one of her best games tonight leading the team with blocks and points.

2-5 - Comstock - Hartford

Hartford was one of the toughest teams we faced this year. The girls battled a tough game and never gave up.

2-2 - Comstock - Bangor

Abbie Peters has improved a lot over the last couple games.  She did a great job tonight getting the ball up the court.

2-1 - Comstock - Hartford

The Colts came up against another great team. Unfortunately we fell a little short with rebounds and points.  But nothing we can't handle in the future.

1-31 - Comstock - Marcellus

With the second game of the season we still have some things to work on. The girls did a great job with getting back om defense

1-24 - Comstock - Cassopolis

First game of the season.  We have some things to work on and adjust.