2023 - 8th Grade

8th Grade Volleyball
Coach Danielle Myrkle

10-14 - SW10 Tournament

We ended the season with the SW 10 tournament taking 5th out of 8. 

We took 3rd in our pool play advancing us to the Silver Bracket where we took 1st in the silver bracket finishing 5th overall

Pool Play: Comstock 2- White Pigeon 0, Comstock 0- Bloomingdale 2, Comstock 0- Cassopolis 2

Silver Bracket: Comstock 2- Decatur 0, Comstock 2- Hartford 1

Our top server of the day was Jozlyn Myrkle. We fought hard for the day and overcame some obstacles. The final game of the day was against Hartford where all 3 sets were by 2 points. The girls played some of their best games to end the season. They were down 8-14 and came back and won 16-14. Mila Moravek served the final 8 points of the season.

10-11 - Comstock 0 - Marcellus 3

Another tough loss for the team tonight. All 3 sets were close matches. The girls fought hard for every point and worked together as a team.

10-4 - Comstock 1 - Centreville 3

Tough loss tonight against Centreville. The girls played really well in all 3 sets. Our best server of the night was Layla Tutt. She has done a great job perfecting her jump serve.

10-2 - Comstock 2 - Bloomingdale 1

Great game tonight for the girls! They played their best games yet. All the practice and drills we work on to correct errors in the game have shown through! Our best server of the night was MIla Moravek.

9-27 - Comstock 1 - White Pigeon 2

This was our second game against White Pigeon. ALthough it was the ending we had hoped for, the girls continue to implement the things we work on at practice in the games.

9-20 - Comstock 1 - Bangor 2

We knew coming into this game we would have a tough game ahead of us. We played Bangor last season and beat them in the Championship Game of a tournament. We had a hard time with one of Bangors servers. She scored a majority of their points. While we only won 1 set, the girls pushed through.

9-18 - Comstock 1 - Bloomingdale 2

We lost a couple hard fought games tonight! The team is working on getting 3 touches before sending the ball over the net. Our serving is continuing to improve and they are learning that working together as a team helps win games.

9-16 - Martin Tournament

We didn't place as well as we had hoped in the tournament but the team learned a lot of lessons and what it takes to be successful.

We took second in our pool play advancing us to the Silver Bracket where we took 2nd in the silver bracket.

Pool Play: Comstock 0- Gobles 2, Comstock 1- Liberty 1

Silver Bracket: Comstock 2- Allegan 0, Comstock 0- Martin 2

Our top server of the day was Jazlyne Davis

9-13 - Comstock 2 - White Pigeon 1

Comstock beat White Pigeon 2-1. The team is settling in and learning how to work together!

9-11 - Comstock 2 - Hartford 1

For our first game of the season the girls came out and played 3 great games beating Hartford 2-1. The game we lost went into extra points and the team battled until the end. It was a great start to the season.