JV Girls Basketball
Coach Anna Meulenber-Munn


2-25 - Comstock Bronson
2-23 - Comstock Paw Paw
2-18 - Comstock Bridgman
2-17 - Comstock Harper Creek
2-11 - Comstock Parchment
2-9 - Comstock 53 - Hackett 22

The JV girls basketball team beat Hackett 53-22. The Colts moved the ball very well having 18 assists as a team. Kierra Lovelace scored 15 points with 4 assists. Marissa Vandyk added 12 points and 3 assists. Other scorers for the Colts were Joy Thomas - 10, Kaylee Gilley - 8, Madelyn Caswell - 4, Kelsee Wingler and Chloe La Brie - 2 each. Good job girls. 

2-4 - Comstock 51 - Buchanan 28

The JV girls basketball team came out a little sluggish after their long bus ride to Buchanan. The Colts were only ahead by 8 points at half time but came out strong in the second half allowing just 6 point for the Bucks. Final score: Comstock 51 - Buchanan 28. Marissa Vandyk lead the Colts in scoring with 17 points. Joy Thomas added 13, Kierra Lovelace scored 9, Chloe La Brie and Madelyn Caswell pitched in 4 each and Kelsee Wingler and Ondraya Morris had 2 points. Good job ladies. 

2-2 - Comstock 35 - Allegan 25

The JV girls basketball team traveled to Allegan last night beating the Tigers 35-25 in a non-conference match up. The Colts started off on a 9-0 run in the first quarter and continued the lead throughout the game. The girls overcame defensive pressure to win the game. Marissa Vandyk scored 12, Kierra Lovelace added 11, Joy Thomas and Kaylee Gilley with 4, Madelyn Caswell had 3 points and 8 rebounds, and Ondraya Morris pitched in a free throw. Keep up the good work. 

1-28 - Comstock 59 - Berrien Springs 27

The JV girls basketball team hosted Berrien Springs last Thursday beating the Shamrocks 59-27. Kelsee Winlger got us in the flow early knocking down her first two shots with a total of 6 points on the night. Marissa Vandyk had an outstanding shooting performance scoring 21 points. Joy Thomas did a great job attacking the hoop and getting a few steals as well as pitching in 13 points.  Li Li Martin played an impressive defensive game by not allowing the best Shamrock to score any points. Way to go Colts. 

1-26 - Comstock 38 - Coloma 16

The JV girls basketball team traveled to Coloma last night to improve their record to 10-1. They beat the Comets 38-13. Kaylee Gilley lead the team in scoring with 15 points. Marissa Vandyk added a solid 13. Also scoring for the Colts was Kierra Lovelace and Joy Thomas with 3 a piece and Kelsee Wingler and Ondraya Morris with 2 each.  Madelyn Caswell had several blocks that resulted in Colt possessions. 

1-21 - Comstock 38 - Brandywine 34

The JV girls basketball team won last night in a close battle with Niles-Brandywine. The Colts had clutch free throw shooting towards the end to seal the 38-34 win over the Wildcats. Kaylee Gilley put in her season high for the year with 14 points. Marissa Vandyk added 10. Kierra Lovelace, Ondraya Morris, Madelyn Caswell and Joy Thomas also scored for the Colts. Keep up the good work!

1-19 - Comstock 35 - Schoolcraft 14

The JV girls hosted Schoolcraft on Tuesday; jumping out for the lead and never looking back. The Colts beat the Eagles 35-14. Ondraya Morris snagged down several rebounds while Li Li Martin did a nice job defending her player. Scoring for the Colts was Kaylee Gilley - 11, Kierra Lovelace - 9, Joy Thomas - 5, Marissa Vandyk - 4, Ondraya Morris - 3 and Madelyn Caswell - 3. 

1-14 - Comstock 33 - Bridgman 43

The JV girls basketball team traveled to Bridgman last Thursday to lose in an up an down battle, 43-33. Leading the Colts in scoring was Kaylee Gilley with her season high of 13 points. Also scoring for the Colts was Kelsee Wingler, Chloe La Brie, Kierra Lovelace, Madelyn Caswell and Marissa Vandyk. 

1-7 - Comstock 38 - Parchment 12

The Comstock JV girls basketball team traveled to Parchment last night to beat the Panthers. The win came as a team effort allowing them to score just 12 points. Li Li Martin put in solid minutes for the Colts while playing good defense. Kierra Lovelace and Chloe La Brie did a nice job pushing the ball up the court and leading the team in scoring. Ondraya Morris, Madelyn Caswell and Kelsee Wingler did a good job in the post while snagging down several rebounds. Final score Colts - 38 Panthers - 12. Go Colts!

1-5 - Comstock 50 - Kalamazoo Christian 45

The JV girls basketball team battled Kalamazoo Christian last night to win in overtime 50-45. Chloe La Brie scored a season high of 17 points, Kierra Lovelace added 13 and Kaylee Gilley pitched in 11. Ondraya Morris did a great job attacking the basket and rebounding underneath. Kelsee Wingler helped with the win by playing good help defense and rebounding. Good job ladies. 

12-18 - Comstock Buchanan
12-15 - Comstock 43 - Galesburg-Augusta 27

Comstock JV girls basketball team hosted Galesburg last night.The Colts battled hard the entire game beating the Rams 43-27. Keirra Lovelace knocked down 3 three's and a nice jump shot to lead the team in scoring. Abby House and Chloe La Brie pitched in 9 a piece. And Ondraya Morris played well on both ends of the court, adding 8 points.

12-10 - Comstock 52 - Berrien Springs 24

Comstock JV girls basketball team travelled to Berrien Springs on Thursday night where they beat the Shamrocks 52-24. Ondraya Morris did a great job boxing out and getting offensive put backs. Chloe La Brie lead the team with 15 points. Everyone on the team scored. Including a three pointer from Li Li Martin. Great job ladies. 

12-4 - Comstock 45 - Brandywine 22

Comstock JV girls basketball team travelled to Brandywine on Friday night to take home a win. The Colts beat the Bobcats 45-22. The Colts came out strong with the full court press taking an early lead and never looking back. High scorer was Chloe La Brie with 11 points. Kierra Lovelace, Abby House, Madelyn Caswell, Kelsee Wingler and Kaylee Gilley all added points to the team's win. 

12-1 - Comstock 40 - Vicksburg 29

The JV girls basketball team hosted Vicksburg last night for their season opener. The girls played well coming out with a win over the Bulldogs 40-27. Scoring for the Colts: Abby House with 13, Kaylee Gilley with 10, Kierra Lovelace with 9 and Chloe La Brie with 8. Ondraya Morris played very aggressive on defense and while rebounding. Go Colts!