2024 - Winter

Coach Matthew Kregling

2-1 - Valorant - Comstock 6 - Lawrence 13

Our match with Lawrence was a good one, we started a little slow at the start of the match but we were able to make a small comeback nearing the end. Once everyone started to communicate and get their bearings we sounded like a true team. In the long run we didn't take home the win but gave our best shot and we learned some things along the way. Great job to Drew Chapman, Logan Hegedus, Peyton McDaniel, Parell Cage, and Derick Phares! Go Colts!

1-30 - Rocket League - Comstock 2 - Buchanan 0 

We are starting our Rocket League season strong by pulling off a win against Buchanan. I am very proud of Trey Kohler, Ryan Beroza and Austin Block for their performance and how they communicate with one another. The team was very supportive with cheers on every goal and "Nice Shot"s all around! Great job everyone! Go Colts!