Bryan Crosby

Rich BaileyBryan Crosby

Class of 1985

I first met Bryan while in elementary playing rocket football.  Even then he caught everything that was thrown to him.  Then in seventh grade we started playing basketball together through our senior year.  Bryan has always been a competitor.  I have never had a teammate so critical of their mistakes than Bryan.  Striving for excellence wasn’t a catch phrase over three decades ago.   However, Bryan was “striving for excellence” every time he walked onto the court or field.  Striving for excellence in knowing the game and practicing hard.  Leading by example was his modus operandi.  Bryan was usually a strong and quite competitor.  On occasion an opponent would disrespect him only to fuel his fire which would lead him to unleash on you physically and sometimes, if he felt it necessary, verbally.  I had seen this many times and was happy to be his teammate.  It was an honor to play sports with an athlete that worked hard, played fairly, and respected his teammates and sport.  Bryan never played sports to gain accolades.  He played to compete and win.  Congratulations Bryan.  This is a well-deserved award.  You deserve it!
                                                                                                                      - Jason Penn

Comstock High School
*  Football – 2 Varsity Letters
-  1984 & 1985 1st Team Wolverine Conference
-  1985 GK All-Star Team
-  1985 All-State
*  Basketball – 2 Varsity Letters
-  1984 & 1985 1st Team Wolverine Conference
-  1985 BCAM Academic All-State

Albion College
*  Football – 4 Varsity Letters
-  1985 MIAA Champions
-  1986 MIAA 2nd Team

Athletic Honors
*  1985 B’nai B’rith Scholar Athlete Award
*  2022 Comstock Athletic Hall of Fame