7th A Team


7th Grade A Team

Coach Nick Sasak

11-1 Season Record 

3-5 - Comstock 34 - Vicksburg 19

The 7th Grade Girls Basketball Team capped off their impressive season with a 34-19 victory over Vicksburg. Although the Colts did not play their best game, they were good enough to handle the Bulldogs. Comstock had a balanced scoring attack led by Brynne Johnson with 12 points. Eriana Matthews, Cierra Jackson and Kelci Wilson-Abrams each added 6 while Kelsey Millitzer, Marissa McBride and Madisynn Overholtz also contributed on the score sheet with buckets.

3-1 - Comstock 41 - Schoolcraft 42

The 7th Grade Girls Basketball Team lost their first game of the season in heart-breaking fashion against a tough Schoolcraft team, 42-41. The short-handed Colts played valiantly throughout the game, making a tremendous rally in the final moments to tie the game. Brynne Johnson was awesome as she was forced to take care of most of the ball-handling duties against a stout Schoolcraft press. She led Comstock with a whopping 27 points. Kelci Wilson-Abrams, Angel Currie, Kelsey Millitzer and Jessica Sively also scored for the Colts. Great effort, ladies!

2-28 - Comstock Tournament Champion
Comstock 38 - Gull Lake 37
Comstock 44 - Delton-Kellogg 36

The A Team ended up the eventual Champions of their tournament. The Colts somehow managed a 38-37 victory in an absolute thriller of an opening game against Gull Lake. The Colts were down by 1 point with 8 seconds left and Gull Lake had the ball, but Kierra Garrett's steal and break-away layup with an and-1 clinched the victory with only 5 seconds remaining. Kierra Garrett led all scorers with 17 while Brynne Johnson added 15.  In the championship game, Comstock was able to withstand Delton, 44-36. Kierra Garrett had another amazing game with 27 points while hitting 5 three pointers. Brynne Johnson and Kelci Wilson-Abrams added 10 and 6 respectively. Ceirra Johnson, Marissa McBride and Jessica Sively gave amazing effort throughout the game on the defensive end.

2-25 - Comstock 48 - St. Monica 42

The A Team played in a much tougher match-up as they defeated St. Monica, 48-42. Brynne Johnson led the Colts with 21 points. Kierra Garrett added 15 while Kelci Wilson-Abrams and Ceirra Jackson each added 6. Jessica Sively showed a lot of heart throughout the entire game on defense. Nice job, girls!

2-24 - Comstock 52 - Bronson 35

The A and B 7th Grade Girls Basketball Teams combined last night to defeat Bronson's A Team, 52-35. Comstock played well throughout the night and are really learning how to work as a tight, cohesive unit. Kierra Garrett had another spectacular game scoring 25 points. Brynne Johnson added 14 while Angel Currie, Kelci Wilson-Abrams and Madisynn Overholtz also recorded baskets in the game. The A Team is now 8-0 as both the A and B teams look ahead to this afternoon's game at home. Go Colts!

2-23 - Comstock 44 - Kalamazoo Christian 36

The A Team continued in their winning ways, defeating Kalamazoo Christian, 44-36. Kierra Garrett had a stellar night, posting a game-high 21 points. She also knocked down three clutch free throws down the stretch to clinch the victory. Brynne Johnson and Kelci Wilson-Abrams both added 10 for the Colts. Ceirra Jackson, Marissa McBride and Jessica Sivley made huge impacts in the game on the defensive end with some timely steals, throughout. Awesome job, ladies!

2-19 - Comstock 46 - Parchment 17

The (still undefeated) A Team also routed Parchment with a 46-17 victory. The Colts (at times) looked amazing on offense. Every player on the team scored points, led by Kierra Garrett with 18 and Brynne Johnson with 12. Kelci Wilson-Abrams played her best game of the year, scoring 8 points; but more importantly by collecting the ball in the post and making some great passes on Laker-cuts.

2-15 - Comstock 29 - Lakeview 17

The A Team won their game against a solid Lakeview squad, 29-17. The girls maintained their perfect record with Kierra Garrett leading the way with 19 points. Brynne Johnson also had a big game adding 10. Marissa McBride and Jessica Sively were stand-outs on the defensive end; displaying great effort throughout the contest. Great job, girls.

2-11 - Comstock 38 - Galesburg-Augusta 10

The 7th Grade Girls Basketball Team improved their overall record to 6-0 with a 38-10 win over Galesburg last night. The A and B teams split playing time equally. The B Team was even able to add on to the lead against Galesburg's A's. Kierra Garrett and Brynne Johnson scored 13 and 11, respectively. Ceirra Jackson, Moe'Nae Patterson, Amber Payne, Jessica Sively and Kelci Wilson-Abrams also contributed on the scoreboard. Great team win, girls.

2-9 - Comstock 48 - Delton-Kellogg 32

The A Team was also victorious on Monday with a very interesting 48-32 final score. The Colts jumped out to a 20 point lead in the first half, playing their best basketball of the year. They got into serious foul trouble in the fourth quarter, letting Delton somewhat back into the game. Despite their lapse on the defensive end, the girls were thankfully able to hold on in the end. Kierra Garrett led all scorers with 20 points while Brynne Johnson chipped in 14. Kelci Wilson-Abrams added 8 points and an estimated 10 block shots.

2-4 - Comstock 41 - Constantine 1 Scrimmage

The 7th Grade Girls Basketball A and B Teams combined yesterday for an overwhelming 41-1 win over Constantine. Constantine was no match for the Colts stingy defense. Kierra Garrett led all scorers with 16 while Brynne Johnson added 10. Kelsey Militzer, Angel Currie, Ceirra Jackson and Kelci Wilson-Abrams also added to the scoring. Great job Colts! Go Comstock!

1-26 - Comstock 51 - St. Monica 16

The A Team also dominated their game winning 51-16. Kierra Garrett led all scorers with 20 points while Kelci Wilson-Abrams and Brynne Johnson added 14 and 10, respectively. Cierra Jackson, Marissa McBride and Jessica Sively all added a lot of energy to the team on defense.

1-15 - Comstock 21 - Otsego 17 Scrimmage

The A Team jumped out to a big lead in the second game and showed toughness in the second half to withstand Otsego 21-17.  Kierra Garrett did an excellent job leading the team on offense. Kelci Wilson-Abrams was a force by the basket playing great help defense.