6th Girls


6th Grade Girls

Coach Justin Ansel & Scott Langejans

38-8 Record

Rising Stars Champion, Chelsea Runner Up, Grass Lake Runner Up, Milan Champion, Comstock Champion

Hillsdale Champion, Jackson Lumen Christi Champion, Comstock Runner Up, Michigan USSSA Runner Up

BOTTOM ROW - Daisy Ansel, Caylin Lopez, Gabrielle Langejans, Chloe LaBrie
TOP ROW - Coach Justin Ansel, Emily Hainer, Madelyn Caswell, Abby House, Kaitlynne Burns, Asst. Scott Langejans
NOT PICTURED - TeAndrea Ford, Nareai McPherson, Patricia Sivley, Katie Smith

6th RS Champions
Michigan USSSA Basketball Tournament Runner Up
3-23 - Comstock 26 - Championship Sports B 17
3-23 - Comstock 31 - Championship Sports A 42
3-23 - Comstock 36 - MBA Blaze 24
Caylin Lopez had an awesome day leading us in scoring in all 3 games.  Caylin Lopez and Daisy Ansel made the all tournament team while Chloe LaBrie earned the Hustle Award for the tournament.  Great way to end the season playing against some tough AAU teams.
Comstock Tournament Runner Up
3-9 - Comstock 27 - Delton 9
3-9 - Comstock 24 - Edwardsburg 30
3-10 - Comstock 29 - Pennfield 22
3-10 - Comstock 31 - Gobles 19
The girls ran into a tough Edwardsburg team for some great competition.  Overall, we had a great 4 games with lots of improvement over the course of the season.  I'm very proud of the entire team.
Jackson Lumen Christi Tournament Champion
3-2 - Comstock 28 - Northwest 3
3-2 - Comstock 32 - East Jackson 11
3-2 - Comstock 35 - Chelsea 5
The girls had another great weekend.  Gabrielle Langejans has done a great job improving over the course of the season.  We found her to be a bit more aggressive in these games and we're very proud to see her stepping up.
Hillsdale Tournament Champion
2-23 - Comstock 35 - Fremon 17
2-23 - Comstock 31 - Bronson 21
2-23 - Comstock 27 - Homer 16
The girls did a great job again today.  Bronson proved to be a tough challenge and girls did a great job shooting from the outside against a very tall team.  All of the girls contributed throughout the day to win the championship.
Comstock Tournament Champion
2-17 - Comstock 32 - Pinckney 11
2-17 - Comstock 22 - Grass lake 7
2-17 - Comstock 33 - Edwardsburg 29
2-17 - Comstock 31 - Northwest 22
2-17 - Comstock 29 - Pinckney 18
2-17 - Comstock 33 - Athens 17
The 6th Grade girls team had an amazing day playing and winning all 6 games and being crowned the Comstock Tournament champions.  They had to battle through fatigue and being mentally drained to win all 6.  Each girls stepped up in games throughout the day and contributed.  Congrats to Kaitlynne Burns, Gabrielle Langejans, Chloe Labrie, Madelyn Caswell, Abby House, Caylin Lopez, Daisy Ansel and 5th graders Brynne Johnson and Kelci Wilson-Abrams.
Milan Tournament Champion
2-2 - Comstock 35 - TEAM Red 22
2-2 - Comstock 31 - Lady Huskies 19
2-2 - Comstock 40 - Clinton 6
2-2 - Comstock 18 - TEAM Red 27
The girls started out the day pretty rough but ended sharp.  We were outsized vs the Lady Huskies and Madelyn Caswell, Abby House and Emily Hainer provided some inside toughness to help us prevail.  In the championship game, the girls had to work together against a zone and passed the ball around well.  Cayline Lopez, Daisy Ansel and Chloe Labrie all hit crucial free throws.  Gabrielle Langejans and Kaitlynne Burns also provided quality minutes throughout the day.
Grass Lake Tournament Runner Up
1-19 - Comstock 29 - Hudson 18
1-19 - Comstock 25 - Vandercook 9
1-19 - Comstock 32 - Grass Lake 15
1-20 - Comstock 25 - Northwest 5
1-20 - Comstock 35 - Bronson 23
1-20 - Comstock 30 - Hanover Horton 20
1-20 - Comstock 15 - Northview AAU 21
The 6th grade girls Stampede basketball team finished in 2nd Place in a 16 team tournament in Grass Lake going 6-1 on the day and losing in the championship game by only 6 points.  The team did a great job throughout the tournament.  Congratulations to Caylin Lopez, Chloe Labrie, Kaitlynne Burns, Emily Hainer, Madelyn Caswell, Gabrielle Langejans and Daisy Ansel.
12-16 - Comstock 10 - St. Joe 7th - 27
12-16 - Comstock 31 - Comstock Park 7th 25
The 6th grade girls came out against St. Joe a little flat after a big day the day before.  We had a very good 10 minute stretch in the 2nd half which got us going to be able to compete in the 2nd game vs Comstock Park.  Kaitlynne Burns is starting to be a little more aggressive which is great to see.
Rising Stars Tournament - Champion
12-15 - Comstock 35 - Lakeview 33 OT
12-15 - Comstock 24 - Gull Lake 16
12-15 - Comstock 37 - Marshall 19
The 6th grade girls basketball team played awesome on Saturday winning the Rising Stars 6th grade championship which is the 1st time a Comstock team has won a championship.  With 5 seconds to go in the championship game and down by 1, Daisy Ansel hit a 3 pointer to get the win.  Emily Hainer was amazing on defense holding Lakeview's tall girl to 4 points in the game.  Caylin Lopez and Daisy Ansel carried the scoring load for the tourney beating Marshall, Gull Lake and then Lakeview.  Maddy Caswell, Chloe Labrie, Kaitlynne Burns, Gabrielle Langejans, Abby House, Katie Smith and Tiandria Ford contributed to make winning it a team effort. 
Chelsea Tournament - Runner Up
12-9 - Comstock 28 - Common Bond 20
12-9 - Comstock 35 - St. Mary 25
12-9 - Comstock 26 - Livonia 29
The girls played sluggish the entire day and it caught up to them in the last game.  Chloe Labrie helped the team get things going in game 1 with 8 points.  In game 2, the girls were down 5 before Daisy Ansel hit back to back three pointers to give a 1 point lead and they rolled from there.  Daisy Ansel had 38 and Caylin Lopez 31 points on the day.  Madelyn Caswell is starting to step up her game on both ends.  Kaitlynne Burns, Gabrielle Langejans and Emily Hainer contributed on the day as well.
12-1 - Comstock 30 - Delton 18

The Comstock 6th grade girls basketball team played 2 games on Saturday and won both of them.  In the first game, the girls beat Delton 30-18 and it wasn't till late in the game that we pulled away.  Caylin Lopez led the team with 18 points and Daisy Ansel added 12. 

12-1 - Comstock 36 - Three Rivers 24

Daisy Ansel, Caylin Lopez, Chloe Labrie, Tiandrea Ford, Madelyn Caswell and Emily Hainer got in the scoring column.

11-14 - Comstock 19 - Gull Lake 20

The girls jumped out to a 13-6 lead and things fell a part from there.  Daisy Ansel scored 11 points and Caylin Lopez played a tough all around game. 

11-7 - Comstock 44 - Otsego 24

The girls did a great job of getting out on the break and flowing in and out of offensive and defensive schemes.  Daisy Ansel had 18 points and Caylin Lopez added 10.  The extra hot hand was Kaitlynne Burns adding 6 points as well.

11-3 - Comstock 39 - Vicksburg 25

The 6th grade girls Stampede basketball team beat Vicksburg on Saturday 39-25.  Daisy Ansel led the team with 21 points but it was Emily Hainer that stepped up huge for the team scoring 12 points.  Chloe Labrie also did a remarkable job of getting out on the fast break.

10-27 - Comstock 51 - Pennfield 36

The 6th grade girls Stampede basketball team beat Pennfield on Saturday 51-36.  Caylin Lopez and Daisy Ansel scored 20 points each to lead the way.  Kaitlynne Burns, Madelyn Caswell and Chloe Labrie also did a great job of getting us out into the break keeping things moving.

10-20 - Comstock 21 - Lakeview 26

The 6th grade girls stampede team lost a close game to Lakeview on Saturday.  Daisy Ansel led the team in scoring and Cayline Lopez and Chloe Labrie had a great defensive performance.