22-23 - JV

Comstock JV Basketball
Coach Cortez Moore

1-13 - Comstock 59 - Hartford 44

Jay’veonn Buchanan was unstoppable against Hartford in all four quarters. Couldn’t nobody really stop him on the offensive end. In the beginning of the Hartford made a 12-4 run on us But Buchanan stepped it up and with his aggressiveness mad us came back. Buchanan ended up with 26 points 6 steals.

Hayden Ampey gave us a big spark in the first quarter. He stayed solid on the defensive end making it hard for Hartford to score. Ampey finished the night with 11 points 8 rebounds & 3 steals.

Jamian Robinson had a rough start in the first, second & third quarter but in the fourth, Robinson stepped it up big time and found his momentum score three straight baskets. Robinson capped it off with 6 points 3 rebounds & 3 steals.

1-10 - Comstock 65 - Mendon 25

Jay’veonn Buchanan had a shaking start in the first & second quarter led to early foul trouble. After halftime, Buchanan took off in the 3rd quarter.  Scored 8 straight buckets and also helped out on the defensive end to with a few steals. Buchanan ended up with 13 points, 7 rebounds & 3 steals.

Jamian Robinson was the spotlight out there. Robinson was hustling grabbing every rebound down there he wasn’t scared to get physical. Robinson was amazing on the court he finished off with 17 points, 6 rebounds, 5 steals.

Victor Alguarelle Gave it his all on the court he also was in foul trouble early but when he got back into the game he stayed discipline. Alguarelle finished off with 5 points, 4 rebounds, & 5 assists.

Hayden Ampey my big guy also was in foul trouble early. After sitting out with foul trouble Ampey into the game stayed disciplined and was a monster on the bounds staying solid. Ampey finished the night with 6 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 blocks.

Audris Warden played an important role out there on offense and specially defensive end. Warden got his team involved  finding open players for the easy points. Warden finish with 10 points & 6 steals.

Bradley Tucker stayed humble when it was his time. I told Tucker “ be ready to shoot. Shooters shoot.” Tucker was on fire when 3-6 from the 3 pt line. Tucker finished the night with 9 points.

Elijah Ballard also stayed humble when it was his time. Ballard came in the game gave us a big spark with a 3 to push us with the lead. Also he was playing solid good defense against Mendon to force turnovers. Ballard finished with 5 points, 4 steals & 2 blocks.

12-20 - Comstock 58 - Marcellus 28

Bradley Tucker- Came off the bench and did something productive the minutes he received tonight. Tucker, was on the boards tonight against Marcellus he played hard on the offensive and defense as well. Tucker ended up with 3 points, 6 boards.

Audris Warden- Was everywhere on the court. He was hurting back on defense, he made great shot selections, he attack the gaps like I told him to against Marcellus 2-3 zone & was looking for his teammates. Warden also had some amazing chase down blocks tonight. Warden had 6 points, 5, steals, & 4 blocks.

Hayden Ampey - Played excellent tonight. He was hungry on the defensive side I never seen this side of him moving his feet forcing his opponent to turnover the ball, block shots & was 80% from the FT line. Ampey finished with 8 points, 4 steals, 6 rebounds & 5 blocks.

Dillan Welch - Started off rough in the 1st - 3rd half with foul trouble. After the half I told Welch “I need you in the game mind wise, that means no fouling because u have 4 and to move your feet hands up at all time. Welch came back in 4th quarter and 8 points straight. Welch finished with 10 points , 3 steals, 5 rebounds.

Jay’veonn Buchanan- Also started off slow in the 1st quarter with 2. I told Buchanan “ you need to step it up and be aggressive on the offensive end I know u can play defend. ” 2nd- 3rd half Buchanan took off. Jay’veonn Buchanan finished with 11 points, 5 steals, 5-8 from the FT line tonight & 6 rebounds.

Dominic Narwick- Only played one quarter for us and that was the 2nd quarter. Narwick defense and rebounding was on point. If I had more like Narwick 90 feet we will be golden on Defense. Narwick finished off with 5 steals , 3 blocks & 7 rebounds.

Jamian Robinson- Was the highlight of the game out there tonight against Marcellus. Robinson was doing everything offense and defense. Robinson finished with 20 points, 4 steals, 2-2 from the FT line ( 100% ) and 4 rebounds.

vs Marcellus

12-14 - Comstock 41 - White Pigeon 34

Jay’veonn Buchanan was in attack mode all game. Before the game started I told Buchanan “Attack, Attack, Attack, take advantage early of the game because you big and physical use your size out there.” Buchanan ended up with 14 points, 4 steals & 7 rebounds tonight.

Jamian Robinson played smart basketball tonight. I told Robinson before tip off “ Let the game come you.” Robinson was everywhere on the floor tonight and getting steals on defensive end.  Robinson had 12 points 4 steals & 5 rebounds.

Victor Alguarelle is my 6th man off the bench but ended up starting for me tonight. Alguarelle was 90 feet against White Pigeon playing terrific defense and was attacking the lanes and dishing few assists down low. Alguarelle had 3 steals, 5 assists & 2 blocks.

Audris Warden played great ball out there tonight. Warden let the game come to him and he had no turnovers, but he played smart ball.  He got his teammates involved and made good call outs against White Pigeon Defense zone. Warden finished with 6 points, 3 steals & 4 rebounds.

Dillan Welch started out a little shaky in the first quarter, but Welch picked it up in a second quarter. I told Welch “I need you down low being physical because our big guy is out, I need you to box out and get every rebound that will be the icing on the cake.”  Welch did what I said to do but it was a silent scoring night for him but I will take him being physical and grabbing offense & defense rebounds anytime. Welch ended with 6 points, 3 steals & 9 rebounds tonight.

Dominic Narwick is our X factor on the Defensive & Offensive end too. Narwick was scrappy from the jump and he was hungry on the boards tonight. That was the key to us pulling off the victory against a pretty good decent team. Narwick was in attack mode drawing the fouls to get them into foul trouble early. He ended up with 1 point, 5 steals & 9 rebound.

12-8 - Comstock 52 - Dowagiac 55

Jay’veonn Buchanan played Excellent out their on offense & defensive end. Jay’veonn came up with 5 steals, 6 rebounds & ended up with 14 points tonight. He was the X factor tonight he helped us to push the lead up to 6 points in the 4th quarter to give us an 6 - 0 run against Dowagiac.  Jamian Robinson also hit 2 big crucial 3’s for us tonight. On the defensive end he was everywhere anticipating the passes and finding the extra passes to his teammates. Robinson had 8 points 4 assists & 5 rebounds tonight.  Hayden Ampey was a rebounding machine out there on the court. I told Ampey “I need you to be physical tonight, it’s going to be a battle”. Ampey chipped away with 14 points 8 rebounds & 4 blocks tonight.  Dillan Welch did everything I told him to do out there he showed up on the offensive & defense. Welch was on the board tonight he was grabbing every board and second chance rebounds and going back up with it. Offensive side, Welch was another key Factor out there tonight attacking the gap and finding his spot out there. Tonight Welch had ended up with 12 points 10 rebounds 4 steal & 3 blocks.

12-6 - Comstock 18 - Parchment 42

Audris Warden came in the game played good defense handling the ball as a good point guard.  He made some good plays during the beginning of the half but at the 3rd quarter, Audris got injured ( ankle ) but still came in and tried give up a spark towards the end but couldn’t go in the 4th with 5 minutes left.  Jamian Robinson did excellent on the defensive end.  Jayveon Buchanan played hard on the defensive end and also came up with 5 steals and gave us a spark.  He ended up with 8 points and was attacking every possession.  Hayden Ampey was hustling on the boards. Hayden grabbed 8 boards and also played great defense on the defensive end.  Victor Alguarelle came into gave us good minutes and gave use few basket. Victor was being aggressive on the offensive end and defense end.