2022 - 8th Grade

8th Grade Girls Basketball
Coach Justin Ansel
2-9 - Record

2-21 - Comstock 19 - Decatur 23

The Colts finished the season with a close one vs Decatur.  I'm very proud of their efforts all year long.  We just have to keep working.

2-16 - Comstock Loss vs Bangor

The Colts gave a good effort vs Bangor but came out on the losing end.  

2-14 - Comstock 16 - Bloomingdale 31

The Colts came up against another strong team inside.  We're still making strides on defense.  Rowan Hagenbuch led the Colts with 10 points.

2-9 - Comstock 19 - Hartford 20 OT

The Colts lost a super close game to Hartford in OT.  We had a chance to tie or win the game with free throws at the end.  I'm very proud of the girls effort.

2-8 - Comstock Loss vs Delton-Kellogg

The Colts kept it really close again but still having trouble with help defense and rotations after the help.  We'll keep working on it.

2-7 - Comstock 5 - White Pigeon 34

The Colts came up against a very strong White Pigeon team.  We struggled keeping them from getting on the fast break but we'll take it as a good lesson learned.  Trinity Hagenbuch scored all 5 points for us.

1-26 - Comstock 17 - Hartford 11

Comstock played a very close game with Hartford and came out victorious.  Rowan Hagenbuch led the Colts with 11 points and Jordan Manni chipped in 4 points.

1-25 - Comstock 15 - Delton-Kellogg 22

The Colts hosted Delton-Kellogg and kept it close but couldn't get over the hump.  We're still learning all that needs to be learned with man to man defense but it is coming along.

1-24 - Comstock 38 - Mendon 10

The Colts had a great game tonight and all of the girls contributed in some form or fashion.  I'm very proud of the improvement.

1-19 - Comstock 17 - Decatur 30

The Colts had a much better outing in the 2nd game.  Rowan Hagenbuch led the team with 9 points and Ema Hosbein chipped in 6.  Nice job girls.

1-17 - Comstock 5 - Cassopolis 37

Comstock had a rough start to the season but the girls fought hard.  We are stressing the importance of learning man to man defense and it makes it difficult to compete when playing offense against a zone at this age.  Rowan Hagenbuch and Ema Hosbein got us on the board in this game.