Varsity Girls


Girls Club Bowling

Coach Rich House

2-15 - SWMHS Bowling League

They also bowled Saturday in the season final match of the SWMHS bowling league, they finished 8th on the season.Kyla Alworden shot her season high game of 155 and series of 279, Leah Petrick also shot her season high game of 145 and series of 242, Senior Alex Swim took home 1st place individual series, and 2nd place in average for the season.

2-14 - Wolverine Conference Tournament

Girls Varsity bowling competed in the Wolverine conference tournament Friday and finished 8th, the girl compete well all day. Senior Alex Swim made the all conference team in the 7th spot.

2-9 - Comstock Unopposed

Girls varsity bowled Saturday unopposed do to a bye in the schedule, the girls still put together an awesome day, tying their season high team series of 1185, Sara Preston shot her season high series 322 with games of 160,162, Brittany Kranz shot her season high and first 100 game of 101 and senior Alex Swim continues bowl well with a 368 series and games of 176,192. Awesome girls!!

2-6 - Comstock 12 - South Haven 18

Girls Varsity bowling shot there season high series of 1185 last night in a 12 to 18 loss to South Haven, the girls all bowled well, lead by senior Alex Swim shooting her season high game of 219 for a 411 series, Sara Preston added games of 159,145, the girls also shot 2 solid baker games.

2-5 - Comstock 15 - Vicksburg 16 Tiebreaker

Girls Varsity bowling lost a very close match last night to Vicksburg, the match was back and fourth all night and ended in a tie, 1 baker game was bowled as the tie breaker and Vicksburg shot an amazing 204 game for the win. The girls bowled great and if a couple of breaks had went our way they would have came away with the win.

2-3 - Comstock 12 - Plainwell 18

Girls varsity bowling lost a close one to Plainwell in a wolverine conference match last night 12 to 18, it was a close match all night and the girls bowled well and came up a little short, Sara Preston had her season high game of 175.

2-1 - Comstock 9 - Plainwell 21

Girls varsity bowling lost a close one Saturday falling short to Plainwell 9 to 21, the girls got off to a good start winning the first baker game, Sara Preston had games of 140,169 for 309, Alex Swim had a high game of 177 and Leah Petrick had her season high game of 105 and series of 184.

1-18 - Comstock 8 - Parchment 22

Girls varsity bowling lost another very close match Saturday against Parchment 8 to 22, failing short the first regular game by only 4 pins, Lauren Bonds had her season high series of 203, Kyla Alworden had a 136 game, the girls bowled well and just missed out on a win. Next match is at home on Wednesday the 22nd against Plainwell at 5:00pm at Eastland bowl, come out to watch and support your varsity bowling teams.

1-15 - Comstock 4 - Allegan 26

Girls Varsity Bowling competed against Allegan last night and came up on short losing 4 to 26, as always the Girls battled to the end and everyone keep a positive attitude.

1-11 - Comstock  8 - Schoolcraft 22

The girls faced Schoolcraft in the roll off, the girls all bowled great, shooting their high baker game of 142 and baker series 268, they lost the first regular game by 13 pins and the 2nd by only 8 pins to come up just short losing the match 8 to 22.

1-9 - Comstock 1 - Coloma 29

The girls varsity bowling team competed against Coloma last night in a Wolverine conference match.  The team bowled well but fell short losing to a very good Coloma team 1 - 29. Aleix Swim had a 201 high game and Lauren Bond shot her season high with a 102 game and 200 series.  Brittany Kranz also had her season high 95 game and 176 series.  Way to go girls.

1-8 - Comstock 4 - Otsego 26

Girls lost their Wolverine conference match last week against Otsego 4 to 26, the girls bowled well but came up short. Alex Swim lead the girls with game of 173 & 160.

1-4 - Comstock 5 - Kalamazoo Christian 25

The girls lost another close one 25 to 5.  The match was much closer than the score shows. Alex Swim had a 189 high game to lead all and Lauren Bonds shot her season high game and series.

12-21 - Comstock 3 - Otsego 27

The Girls battled but came up short.  They were down a player and lost the match 27 to 3.  The 4 players put of a good fight.  Alex Swim shot a 207 to lead all girls.

12-19 - Comstock 1 - Paw Paw 29

The girls varsity bowling team had a tough night losing to a very good Paw Paw team 1 - 29, the girls battled but came up short, Sara Preston lead the girls scoring with a 171 game and a 302 series.

12-14 - Comstock 4 - Loy Norrix 26

The girls varsity bowling team did not fair as well losing to Loy Norrix 26 to 4, the match was closer then the score, the girls bowled short handed with only 4 players and kept it close, lead by Alex Swim with games of 203 and 211, Sara Preston added games of 154 and 152 in the effort.

12-7  - Comstock Win vs Galesburg

The boys and girls varsity bowling team kick of the season Saturday against Galesburg Augusta.  The girls found themselves in a real dog fight, winning the match on a tie breaker, Sara Preston lead the way with games of 162 & 157 for a 319 Series, and with the match still in question, Alex Swim through 2 strikes in the 10th frame of the last game to secure the win. It was a great effort by all.