Comstock Colts
Coach Justin Ansel & Glenn Green
Asst. Coach Justin Pence
MHSAA District Champions
BCS Conference Champions

2016 Boys Soccer

10-25 - Comstock 0 - Grosse Ile 7

Wow is the first word that comes to mind after playing in this game.  Gross Ile was a finely tuned machine of trapping, passing and scoring.  The boys stayed strong and determined throughout the entire evening but could not match up with the skill to create very many offensive attacks.  Regardless of the score, what these boys were able to accomplish this season was amazing.  The is was an eye opening experience that will hopefully help us to be even better next year.  Great season boys!!!

10-22 - Comstock 3 - Portland 0

Comstock came out and punched Portland in the teeth with a great scoring chance literally seconds into the game and a goal less than 2 minutes into the game.  From there, the frustration mounted for Portland as Comstock put a lot of great scoring opportunities together to finish with 3 goals for the win.  Mubark Hasan led the team with 2 goals.  Evan Veenhuis added the other goal and had 2 assists.  This is the 1st district championship since 1998 for the boys and a overall team effort.

10-19 - Comstock 2 - Delton-Kellogg 1

The boys varsity soccer team won their district semi final game vs Delton-Kellogg 2-1 last night in dramatic fashion.  The Colts went down 1-0 early in the 1st half off a miscue but less than a minute later, Mubark Hasan evened the game at 1 off of a nice pass from Garrett Green.  The 1st half ended in a 1-1 tie and neither team scored in the 2nd half to force OT.  Neither team scored in the 1st OT but then with 7 minutes to go in the 2nd OT, Evan Veenhuis received a great pass from Seth Ansel and was able to get around the keeper and score the game winning goal.  It was a great all around team win for the Colts tonight and now we have a chance to win our 1st Disctrict championship since 1998.

10-17 - Comstock 5 - Lakewood 2

The boys enter this soccer game with a desire to earn their first district championship since 1998 and get to move on with a 5-2 victory.  Mubark Hasan led the team with 3 goals.  Evan Veenhuis added a goal and an assist.  Eric Miller also added his 1st varsity goal of his career.  Seth Ansel and Mason House also assisted on goals.  It was a great overall win for the Colts who move on to the semi finals against a Delton-Kellogg team that will be primed to play us.

10-12 - Comstock 0 - Lake Michigan Catholic 3

The game played tonight was in the craziest weather conditions I've seen for a soccer game.  The temperature was low, the rain was hard and the wind was strong making for a miserable night of soccer that included a 45 minute thunder delay and the end of the game finishing very close to being to dark to see.  Regardless of the conditions, the boys came up on the short of the stick allowing 3 goals to a dump and run team that created miscues because of the weather.  The boys had to fight through adversity throughout this entire match and will be stronger for it. 

10-10 - Comstock 3 - New Buffalo 0

The boys avenged a close loss from last year against a good New Buffalo team.  Mubark Hasan had all 3 goals with Seth Ansel, Mason House and Kyle Moore assisting him.  The defense comprised of Kyle Moore, Jesse Mortimer, Branden Willis, Jhamil Davis, Marcus Cannon and Mason House kept the New Buffalo offense in check all night only allowing 5 shots.

10-7 - Comstock 3 - Coloma 2

The boys had a very physical and tough match with Coloma tonight and came out on the winning end of things.  Evan Veenhuis had 2 goals and Mubark Hasan had a goal and an assist.  Seth Ansel also recorded an assist.  The boys had to stay mentally into this game as there was a lot of pushing, shoving and illegal play by Coloma that could have gotten us into trouble but the boys stood strong and kept their emotions in check.  It was great to see the boys overcome this adversity.

10-5 - Comstock 5 - Parchment 0

The boys finished off the BCS conference season with a 5-0 win over Parchment to secure the Conference championship during an undefeated conference season.  This is the first conference championship since 1994 and the boys are excited.  Evan Veenhuis led all scorers with 3 goals.  Mubark Hasan finished with a goal and an assist while Garrett Green had a goal and Seth Ansel added an assist.  This is a great win for the program and the boys.

10-3 - JV Scrimmage Comstock 0 - Lawrence 1

The boys controlled a lot of the game tonight but just couldn't quite put together a scoring combination.  I'm very proud of their effort as it was a great learning experience.  Vic Plascencia and Dino Sivley hustled all over the field.  David Thomas and Eric Miller did a great distributing.  

9-30 - Comstock 6 - Delton-Kellogg 1

The boys soccer team beat Delton-Kellogg 6-1 in a pre-district tourney matchup.  Mubark Hasan scored 3 goals and 1 assist while Evan Veenhuis had 1 goal and 3 assists.  Seth Ansel and Garrett Green also added 1 goal each.  The boys did a great job handling everything Delton-Kellogg put at them.  Branden Willis stepped up his play at defensive mid and the entire defense and Mason House continue to be strong in the back.

9-28 - Comstock 7 - Berrien Springs 0

The boys soccer team beat Berrien Springs 7-0 to stay undefeated in league play.  The match was another glimpse at how well the boys are playing.  Each level of our system played their part perfectly as we easily handled a team that had a 7-1 record.  The Comstock team has earned at least a share of the BCS Championship and will play for the outright championship next week on Wednesday vs Parchment.  Mubark Hasan led the team with 4 goals to bring his season total to 45 and also had an assist.  Seth Ansel added 2 goals and an assist.  Garrett Green had a goal and an assist and Evan Veenhuis added 2 assists.  Mason House had another great night in goal and it was great to see David Thomas step up his play.

9-26 - Comstock 8 - Cassopolis 0

The Comstock boys soccer team moved to 11-1 with an 8-0 victory over Cassopolis last night.  Mubark Hasan rang up 4 more goals along with 3 from Evan Veenhuis and 1 from Kyle Moore.  Evan had 3 assists, Mubark had 2 and Seth Ansel had 1.  The entire defense play great.  Kyle, Jesse Mortimer, Brandon Willis and Jhamil Davis are playing very well together.  

9-22 - Comstock 2 - Schoolcraft 1

The boys soccer team did something last night they haven't done all season.  They had to come from behind to beat Schoolcraft 2-1.  Mubark Hasan scored both goals for the Colts on assists from Kyle Moore and Evan Veenhuis.  The Colts went into halftime down 1-0.  The boys impressed Coach Ansel with great dialog and encouragement on how to battle back and win this game.  With about 16 minutes to go in the game, Kyle Moore sent a great ball down the middle where Mubark touched it past the Keeper and scored.  Then with about 3 minutes to go in the game, Evan Veenhuis chipped a nice crossing pass where Mubark gobbled it up and banged it into the back of the net.  It was again an entire team effort to make it past a strong Schoolcraft team.

9-21 - Comstock 3 - Bridgman 1

In a huge test with the conference championship on the line, the Colts came out victorious against the DIV state ranked Bees.  Mubark Hasan had all 3 goals with Seth Ansel having 2 of the assists and Evan Veenhuis had 1.  This was by far our best game of our season with the defense coming together to handle a very good Bee's player.  Eric Miller played a great game at defensive mid and Branden Willis was calm and cool under pressure with his passing and trapping.  

9-19 - JV Scrimmage - Comstock 3 - Lawrence Varsity 0

The boys soccer team played a JV scrimmage vs Lawrence last night and won 3-0.  Eric Miller scored off an assist from Seth Ansel.  Fernando Plascencia then scored off a direct kick and Dino Sivley finished it off with a goal on an assist from Jorence Quiambao.  Teague Roellchen, Jorence Quiambao and Vic Plascencia all played very well.  

9-15 - JV Scrimmage - Comstock 0 - Covert Varsity 5

The boys soccer team had their hands full with some good players from Covert.  We did a lot of things well but just wore down towards the end.  Jorence Quiambao and Dino Sivley stood out because of their hustle all over the field.

9-14 - Comstock 6 - Brandywine 0

The boys soccer team won their 8th game of the year by defeating Brandywine 6-0.  Mubark Hasan scored 5 goals in the 1st half and Garrett Green scored off a PK.  Kyle Moore, Garrett Green and David Thomas each had an assist.  Fernando Plascencia did a great job controlling the midfield with his physical play.  Mason House also had some key saves for us.

9-12 - Comstock 3 - Vicksburg 1

The boys soccer team did something last night they haven't done in over 10 years.  They beat Vicksburg 3-1.  Mubark Hasan was a beast scoring 3 goals in the 1st half and was assisted by Kyle Moore, Seth Ansel and Evan Veenhuis.  Kyle Moore continues to be a strong leader in the back and Mason House had a couple of crucial saves throughout the game.  This pushes their record to 7-1 on the season.  Next week on Wednesday, the boys play Bridgman and that game will decide who wins the conference.  We would love your support at 5pm in the stadium.  Go Colts!

9-8 - Comstock 9 - Maple Valley 3

The boys soccer team continue to dominate their opponents.  Seth Ansel led all scorers with 3 goals tonight and added 2 assists.  Mubark Hasan and Mason House each added 2 goals.  Evan Veenhuis added 1 goal and had 2 assists.  Kyle Moore also added a goal.  Garrett Green and David Thomas had 1 assist each.

9-7 - Comstock 8 - Buchanan 0

The Colts made quick work of things tonight with 4 goals from Mubark Hasan who also had an assist.  Evan Veenhuis added 2 goals and had an assist.  Seth Ansel also added 2 goals. Gaining 1 assist on the night was Fernando Plascencia, Garrett Green, Jorence Quiambao, Mason House and Brandon Willis.

8-31 - JV Scrimmage - Comstock 1 - Kalamazoo Home School 0

The boys did a great job working together to come up with a 1-0 win.  Dino Sivley scores the winning goal off an assist from Eric Miller.  

8-29 - Comstock 0 - Pennfield 3

The boys struggled to find the back of the net tonight.  We had some very good looks at goal but couldn't cash in on them.  We hope we get another crack at them in the District Championship Game.

8-25 - Comstock 10 - Lawton 3

The boys had another great game to start the season this year beating Lawton 10-3.  Mubark scored 6 goals and had an assist.  Evan Veenhuis chipped in 4 and had an assist.  Seth Ansel had 3 assists, Garrett Green had 2 and Jhamil Davis had 1.

8-23 - Comstock 9 - Bangor 1

Mubark Hasan ties a school record tonight with 6 goals vs Bangor.  Seth Ansel started us off again with a goal off of a cross from Mubark Hasan.  Evan Veenhuis also got into the mix scoring on a PK and another unassisted goal.  Kyle Moore continues to be an anchor on defense while Jhamil Davis is learning the game very fast and doing great.  There is still work to be done but the boys are showing some great promise.

Mubark Hasan - 6 Goals & 2 Assists
Evan Veenhuis - 2 Goals & 1 Assist
Seth Ansel - 1 Goal & 1 Assist
Mason House - 1 Assist

8-22 - Comstock 10 - Bloomingdale 2

The Colts came out fast with Seth Ansel scoring a goal in the 1st minute of the game off a corner kick from Garrett Green.  From there, the boys continued to show great improvement in what is necessary to becoming a very good team.

Mubark Hasan - 4 Goals & 2 Assists
Evan Veenhuis - 3 Goals & 3 Assists
Garrett Green - 2 Goals & 2 Assists
Seth Ansel - 1 Goal & 1 Assist
Mason House - 1 Assist

8-19 - Comstock 9 - Quincy 1

The Colts came out of the gate a bit slow but once we changed our formation we scored 6 quick goals.  Mubark Hasan, Evan Veenhuis, Garrett Green, Seth Ansel and Kyle Moore were able to control the middle really well.  Branden Willis earned our "Athlete of the Week" award for playing great defense along with Marcus Cannon, Jesse Mortimer and Jhamil Davis. 

Evan Veenhuis - 3 Goals
Mubark Hasan - 2 Goals & 2 Assists
Garrett Green - 2 Goals & 1 Assist
Kyle Moore - 1 Goal & 1 Assist
Seth Ansel - 1 Goal
Marcus Cannon - 1 Assist
Zach Taube - 1 Assist