2022 - Varsity

Varsity Softball
Coach Becky Simison
Asst. Coach Abigail Schreiner

4-28 - Comstock 4 - White Pigeon 5
4-28 - Comstock 6 - White Pigeon 5

The Comstock Softball team split with White Pigeon on Thursday night, losing game one 5-4, but taking the win in game two 6-5. Madi Hosbein pitched game one earning herself 10 strikeouts, while also being a force at the plate with 2 hits in game 1. Rhayna Smith also led the team with two hits in game 1. The defense held strong with great plays from Madison Greenhalgh, Anna Schreiner, and Olivia Peterson. In game two Rhayna Smith took the mound and earned 6 strikeouts, while also working hard on offense earning herself two hits. Hosbein led the team in hits in game two with 4 hits. Runs were scored by Hosbein, Sophia Moncel, Smith, and Anna Schreiner. Once again Comstock’s defense worked hard with a great left field catch by Kaia Laarman, and some good hustle plays by Anna Schreiner at first base.

4-25 - Comstock 3 - Bangor 20

4-25 - Comstock 1 - Bangor 16

Monday night the Comstock Colts softball team took two losses to Bangor. Rhayna Smith and Olivia Peterson pitched for the Colts with Smith earning 11 strikeouts and Peterson striking out 1. The team had 9 hits and two walks for the evening, with Anna Schreiner, Sophia Moncel, Kaia Laarman, and Rhayna Smith each getting two hits for the night and Ava Schreiner with one. The Colts had two tough losses, but plan to work hard to take on White Pigeon on Thursday night. 

4-21 - Comstock 17 - Bloomingdale 9
4-21 - Comstock 11 - Bloomingdale 11

The Comstock Colts Softball Team played two tough games against Bloomingdale on Thursday night, winning game 1, 17-9 and tying game 2, 11-11. The Colt’s bats were on fire in game 1 with Madi Hosbein, Sophia Moncel, Rhayna Smith, and Kaia Laarman all getting multiple hits, and RBI’s by Laci Murdock and Kylie Blett. Hosbein pitched game 1 earning 8 strikeouts for the Colts. In game 2, Comstock started off behind, but hits from Sophia Moncel, Anna Schreiner, and Madi Greenhalgh fired up the Colts in the 4th inning. The team played great defense, and came back to tie in the 5th inning with a single by Kaia Laarman. Both teams pitched and played great defense in the 6th and 7th innings, leaving the game ending in a tie.

4-5 - Comstock 17 - Galesburg-Augusta 13

The Comstock Colts Softball team won their first game of the season against Galesburg-Augusta 17-13. The Colts started behind 4-0 after the first inning, but battled back, taking the game to an extra inning and securing the win. Everyone played well, with each player getting on base at least once during the game. Freshman pitcher, Madi Hosbein, threw all 8 innings, needing to only throw 7 pitches in the 4th inning. The Colts defense played well, backing up their pitcher to keep the Rams scoreless in three separate innings. This combined with many RBI’s including 3 from Anna Schreiner and 2 each from Rhayna Smith and Madi Hosbein, put the Colts ahead going into the 8th inning. The team was able to shut down the Rams in the final inning, with a couple strikeouts and a popout to second baseman Olivia Peterson to end the game.