2023 - Winter

Varsity ESports - Winter
Coach Matt Kregling

ESport Rocket Finals 4-15 - Round 1 - Comstock 3 - Dowagiac 0
4-15 - Round 2 - Comstock 3 - Portage Central 1
4-15 - Round 3 Final - Comstock 4 - Buchanan 1
I would like to say that I am proud of our Rocket League team consisting of Ryan Beroza (Captain), Trey Kohler, Ra’al (Genesis) Pelfresne, Lindsey Block-Carmean and Austin Block-Carmean. Through the efforts of our players I am excited to announce our first High School esports Trophy in the Rocket League bracket with our team pulling off a 4 matches to 1 win against the Buchanan Bucks, the 5 season reigning champs, in the finals. I am extremely happy with both of our teams and how the kids came together creating strategies, kept communication throughout all of our matches and continued to encourage one another no matter the outcome, great job team! This was Comstock’s first year in esports and my hope is for our students to have fun, make connections, and maybe bring something home for the whole school to cheer about. Go Colts!
ESport Valorant Finals
4-15 - Comstock 0 - Hartford 13
Saturday April 15th was an extremely fun time for the Comstock esports Team, as we headed out to Lake Michigan College to participate in the SWMI esports League Championships. The event had lots of accommodations such as food, entertainment and a nice large viewing room to watch the matches play out. We participated in the games Valorant and Rocket League, and I would like to say that I am proud of Ivan Polhamus (Captain), Daulten Duncan, Jayro Plascencia, Andru Harper and Austin Block-Carmean for giving us their best effort against the renowned Valorant team of Hartford! We will continue to improve and return in the Fall, great game everyone!
3-9 - Comstock 13 - Panthers 6 (Valorant)
What a great match! Ivan Polhamus, Jayro Plascencia, Daulten Duncan, Trey Kohler, and Austin Block-Carmean really came together in this game. Accurate call outs, smart positioning and clever tactics that we have learning and applying in practice have shown true for this match ending with a roar of cheers for our team when “Victory” appeared on screen. Great job everyone, and its a great day to be a Colt!
2-28 - Comstock 3 - Covert 0 (Rocket)
I am proud of our players for their constant communication, rotation and encouragement throughout the match. At this rate we are going to show up as a strong contender during the championship. Its a great day to be a colt!
2-21 - Comstock 2 - Buchanan 3 (Rocket)
This was a really close matchup against Buchanan the Reigning champs. It came down to the difference of a single goal that they managed to get on us in the last match. Ryan Beroza, Trey Kohler, and Austin Block-Carmean have a gameplan for next time and are excited to put it in action if we are matched up during the finals. Go Colts!
2-16 - Comstock 1 - Buchanan 13 (Valorant)
Tough matchup against the reigning champs, we were able to pull out a round against Buchanan which shows we are improving when up against such experienced teams in this league. We will continue to improve and learn what we don’t yet know of this game title. Go Colts!
2-14 - Comstock 3 - Dowagiac 0 (Rocket)
Ryan Beroza, Trey Kohler, and Ra'al Pelfresne worked together in the match against Dowagiac securing the victory 3 matches to 0! It is exciting to see how versatile of a team we have and the communication they are able to provide one another even when playing unfamiliar playstyles. It's a good day to be a Colt!
2-23 - Comstock 2 - South Haven 13 (Valorant)
Slight improvement since our last match, the players at South Haven are a strong team showing many hours of gameplay amongst their roster. I do see that we are continuing to improve and will strive further for success. Great game everyone!
2-9 - Comstock 11 - Berrien Springs 13 (Valorant)
Our match with Berrien Springs was a close game! Ivan Polhamus (Captain), Daulten Duncan, Jayro Plascencia, along with our two subs Trey Kohler and Austin Block played a strong game today. We didn't pull off the win but we gave them a run for their money as we had a comeback mid-game when down by 5 rounds tying the game up 10-10. Great job team and very well played!
2-7 - Comstock 3 - Portage Central 0 (Rocket)
Our match against Portage Central last season was close, tilting to the Mustangs favor but this season we came back ready to play! Ryan Beroza, Trey Kohler and Austin Block have been practicing hard and approached the match with confidence and smiles as they were able to pull together the win. I am happy to see our team coordinating so well and offer praises to everyone and their efforts. Good Game!
2-2 - Comstock 0 - Hartford 13 (Valorant)
Our match against Hartford was hard fought as we are still new to this type of game. This match was a great lesson for us to learn strategies from an experienced team and to improve for the next encounter!
1-31 - Comstock 3 - Berrien Springs 0 (Rocket)
We are starting the season off with a bang as we took an early lead in our match and continued to hold our momentum throughout the series. Ryan Beroza, Trey Kohler, and Austin Block-Carmean with their strong communication, coordination and gameplay are the reasons we were able to play so well. Go Colts!