Mike Stripp

Rich BaileyMike Stripp

Comstock Teacher
Service to Athletics - 1967-2007

Michael Stripp was a member of the CHS Faculty for over 30 years. Starting in 1967 and well into the 1990’s, Mike spent hours of time as the official scorekeeper, time keeper, and record keeper for Comstock football, men’s and women’s basketball, baseball, track and field and the wrestling teams at regular events as well as Conference, District and Regional playoff events, and was also a regular chaperone for spectator bus trips. Among the first in Comstock to advocate for and introduce computers into both the classroom and athletics, Mike was responsible for creating one of the first computer programs in the area for Track and Field. The program was used to compile, score and print track meet records, and allowed for the announcing of meet scores and records within 3-4 minutes of the final events, making it possible for coaches to take event records home instead of waiting for them to be compiled by hand and mailed. Mike also traveled around the area as a well-respected and sought after Track Official. Those who know, knew or worked with Mike remember him as accurate, effective and efficient and his work as always exemplifying excellence. Coaches knew they could count on him to have stats when needed and the answers to almost any problem or question that might arise on the field, court, mat or track. A selfless statistician, educator, colleague, and community member, Mike’s many hours of service to Comstock Athletics make him a worthy addition to the Comstock Hall of Fame
- Richard Bailey

Comstock High School
* Football
- 1967-1985 Scoreboard Operator & Filmer
- Basketball – Boys & Girls
- 1967-1994 Scoreboard Operator, Official Scorekeeper
* Wrestling
- 1967-1985 - Scorekeeper, Timer
- Worked Conference & Regional Meets
* Track & Field
- 1967-1989 - Scorekeeper, Timer
* Baseball
- 1967-1989 - Official Scorekeeper
* Spectator Bus Chaperone

Track & Field Computer Program Development
* Wrote one of the first computer programs for scoring and printing Track & Field
* Coaches were able to take home complete results immediately after a meet
* We were able to post and announce team scores within minutes

Athletic Honors
* 2023 Comstock Athletic Hall of Fame