Freshman Girls Basketball

Record 11-9

Coach Anna Meulenberg-Munn

2-25 - Comstock 41 - Delton-Kellogg 39

The freshmen girls ended their season last night in a close game against the Panthers of Delton. The girls were down the entire game and didn't take the lead until the last minute of the game. The Colts beat the Panthers 41-39. Kierra Lovelace had an outstanding game scoring a season high of 27 points. Ana Montes and Callie James added 6 points each and Ondraya Morris and Taylor Wells each made a free throw.

2-24 - Comstock 38 - Hopkins 42

The freshmen girls basketball team played against Hopkins on Tuesday evening. The girls did a great job transitioning into several different defense throughout the game but couldn't stop the Trojan's heat. The colts lost a close one 42-38. Arreona Blakely lead the team in rebounding and communication. Kierra Lovelace knocked down 14 points, Ana Montes added a season high of 10 points, Callie James scored 8, Taylor Wells added 4 points and Ondraya Morris pitched in a bucket.

2-19 - Comstock 32 - Pennfield 47

The freshmen girls basketball team hosted Pennfield losing 47-32. The girls battle the entire game but couldn't seal the win. Several of the girls scored. Taylor Wells lead the team with 9 points, Kierra Lovelace and Callie James each scored 6, Tyonna Johnson with her season high of 4 points, Ondraya Morris added 3 points and Arteishia Jones and Arreona Blakely added two points each. Jasmine Nuyen continues to build on her defense skills.

2-18 - Comstock 32 - Harper Creek 12

The freshmen girls basketball team travelled to Harper Creek where they beat the Beavers 30-12. Kierra Lovelace had 14 points, Callie James had 6, Taylor Wells added 4 and Tyonna Johnson, Ana Montes and Ondraya Morris pitched in a bucket each.

2-16 - Comstock 24 - Sturgis 45

The freshmen girls basketball team took the long trip to Sturgis on Monday where they lost to the Trojans 45-24. Ondraya Morris continues to find her roll as a post on the team while Emily Johnson improves each time she gets on the court. Taylor Wells had a season high of 6 points and 3 steals. Kierra Lovelace hit two 3 pointers and scored 10 points total while Ana Montes and Arreona Blakely added 4 points each.

2-10 - Comstock 36 - Portage Northern 55

The freshmen girls basketball team hosted a tough Portage Northern team and lost 55-36. Many girls scored for the Colts including, Kierra Lovelace with 11, Ana Montes with 7, Callie James with 6 and Arteishia Jones, Arreona Blakely and Taylor Wells added 4 points each.

2-5 - Comstock 14 - Paw Paw 27

Freshmen girls basketball traveled to Paw Paw on Thursday afternoon. The Colts couldn't get things rolling against the Redskins and lost 27-14. Ondraya Morris was very aggressive on defense and Taylor Wells did a good job defending a post. Kierra Lovelace knocked down 6 points, Arreona Blakely added 4 and Ana Montes and Taylor Wells pitched in a bucket each.

2-3 - Comstock 26 - Hackett 17

The freshmen girls basketball team traveled to Hackett where their defense held the Irish to just 17 points. Scoring for the Colts was Kierra Lovelace with 12, Arteisiah Jones with 10 and Arreona Blakely and Ana Montes with 2 points a piece.

1-27 - Comstock 33 - Hopkins 27

The freshmen girls basketball team hosted Hopkins Tuesday afternoon beating them 33-27. With great defense and court awareness, the Colts jumped out to an early lead and never looked back. Arreona Blakely and Tyonna Johnson snagged down several rebounds while Taylor Wells and Artiesiah Jones picked off a few passes for lay ups. Emily Johnson continues her improvement and did a nice job defending her player. A whole host of Colts scored against Hopkins. Kierra Lovelace had 13, Artiesiah Jones and Ana Montes had 5 a piece, Callie James and Taylor Wells added 4 each and Arreona Blakely pitched in a bucket. Way to go girls!

1-22 - Comstock 28 - Delton-Kellogg 19

The Freshmen girls basketball team traveled to Delton where they beat the Panthers 28-19. Aretiesiah Jones showed her guard skills when Taylor Wells and Kierra Lovelace fouled out early in the fourth quarter. Jasmine Nuyen played solid defense against the Panther's post player and Emily Johnson continues to improve her game. The win was a team effort having all but two players score for the Colts. High scorers for the Colts were Artiesiah Jones with 9 points and Kierra Lovelace with 7 points. Way to go Colts!

1-19 - Comstock 30 - Otsego 38

The freshmen girls basketball team lost to Otsego Monday evening with a score of 38-30. Jasmine Nuyen was very aggressive on the defensive end holding their dominate post player to just 6 points. Artiesiah Jones had several steals and pitched in 11 points having her most focused game of the season. Kierra Lovelace scored 11 as well while Ana Montes added 4 and Callie James and Taylor Wells dropped in a bucket each. The Colts are on the road Thursday at Delton. 

1-16 - Comstock 27 - Olivet 41

The Lady Colts freshmen basketball team traveled to Olivet on Friday evening losing a tough battle 41-27. Kaley Green and Callie James stepped up on help side defense while Tyonna Johnson did a nice job being a defensive giant in the paint. Scoring for the Colts were Kierra Lovelace with 11, Callie James with 8 and Artiesiah Jones and Ana Montes pitching in 4 a piece. 

1-13 - Comstock 40 - Berrien Springs 28

The freshmen girls basketball team took the lead early and never looked back; beating Berrien Springs 40-28. The girls played tenacious defense scoring many of their points off of fastbreak layups. High scorers for the game was Kierra Lovelace with 17 points and Callie James with 8. Next game is Friday at Olivet. 

12-30 - Comstock 25 - Hackett 16

In the second game of the tournament the Freshmen girls bounced back beating Hackett 25-16. Arreona Blakely had her best offensive game of the year moving in and out of the post and pitching in 6 points. Kaylee Gilley added 12 and Taylor Wells scored 5. Tyonna Johnson and Kaley Green pounded the boards snagging down 6 and 5 rebounds each. The Colts improved their record to 5-2. Keep up the good work. 

12-29 - Comstock 11 - Sturgis 43

The Comstock Freshmen girls basketball team played a tough Sturgis basketball team in the first game of the Christmas Tournament. The girls struggled to get things going on the offensive end. Scoring for the Colts were Kaylee Gilley with 6, Ariesiah Jones and Mikayla Sims adding 2 each and Arreona Blakley with a free throw. The girls lost 43-11. 

12-18 - Comstock 25 - Paw Paw 24

The Freshmen girls hosted Paw Paw beating them 25-24 improving their record to 4-1. Kaylee Gilley used her focus and skill at the end to make 4 out of 4 free throws to win the game. She added 18 points as well. Artiesiah Jones stepped up her ball handling skills and court awareness to allow for Arreona and Kaylee to work in the post.

12-16 - Comstock 48 - Hackett 35

Keeping their win streak going, the Freshmen girls beat Hackett 48-35. Kierra Lovelace knocked down two 3's to add to her highest scoring game of the year with 20 points. Ana Montes also hit a 3 pointer; scoring 5 points for the game. Jasmine Nuyen stepped up her defensive game, not allowing her player to score one time. Emily Johnson came into the game and continues to improve her awareness. 

12-12 - Comstock 39 - Hastings 20

Freshmen girls hosted Hastings for the third game of the year beating them 39-20. The girls jumped out to a quick lead and never looked back. Kaylee Gilley lead the team in scoring with her best game of the season adding 20 points. Kierra Lovelace scored 9. Arreona Blakley snagged down several rebounds and pitched in 4 points. Callie James, Tyonna Johnson and Ana Montes each scored a bucket for the team. 

12-9 - Comstock 31 - Vicksburg 30 

The Freshmen girls basketball team hosted Vicksburg in their home opener. After getting their first game jitters out of the way, the Colts pulled out a close win against the Bulldogs beating them 31-30. Scores came from all across the team. High scorers were Kaylee Gilley with 12 and Kierra Lovelace with 10. 

12-2 - Comstock 20 - Pennfield 42

In the first game of the season the Freshmen girls basketball team traveled to Pennfield. The colts lost to the Panthers 42-20. Kaylee Gilley and Kierra Lovelace had 8 points each. Arreona Blakely played good help-side defense while Artiesiah Jones did a nice job of hustling back on defense.