Shop with Scrip

ShopWithScrip – It’s Easy!! 

Support the STEM Academy PTG and buy prepaid cards for your shopping. This includes groceries, restaurants, gas, and clothing. A percentage of your purchase goes back to the school.  

1. Go to and click REGISTER. Then click JOIN a Scrip Program 

2. Enter our enrollment code. By entering the code below, your account will be associated with the STEM Academy. Enrollment Code: 5ELFC17146132 

3. Fill in all required personal information, and click “I ACCEPT.” 

4. Choose two security challenge questions from the list and provide the answers. 

NOTE: This is an easy way to raise funds for the school. There is no extra cost to you. The company/corporation gives a percentage of the gift card back to the school. If each family bought $100 in gift cards each month, the PTG would receive roughly $500 per month. The gift cards can be used to buy groceries, gas, sports equipment, or dinner out with the family— your normal, everyday purchases.

Important dates for the 2021-22 School Year:

Order 12/13/2021 - Delivery 12/17/2021
Order 1/10/2022 - Delivery 1/14/2022
Order 2/14/2022 - Delivery 2/18/2022
Order 3/14/2022 - Delivery 3/21/2022
Order 4/11/2022 - Delivery 4/15/2022
Order 5/16/2022 - Delivery 5/20/2022