MS Girls Club Soccer

5-21 - Comstock 0 - Vicksburg A 8

It was a rough way to end the season but hopefully still a good experience for the girls to see where they need to be in the future.  I believe there is a love for the game by all the Comstock girls and getting more touches on the ball in practice and game situations is a must for us to move up and be more competitive.  I'm very proud of the girls for continuing to play through these tough times and hope that they enjoyed themselves regardless of the scores and record.

5-20 - Comstock 0 - Kalamazoo Christian White 3

The girls did an even better job marking up but the overall skill and control of the middle by K. Christian made it difficult for us to mount many attacks.  Laken Groll had a couple of good looks and Callie James continues to be the toughest girl on the planet.

5-17 - Comstock 2 - Parchment 2

The MS girls soccer team played very well on Friday vs Parchment finishing in a 2-2 tie.  Callie James scored the first goal with less than 30 seconds to go in the first half and Miranda Cannon scored the 2nd goal with less than 5 minutes to go in the 2nd half.

5-15 - Comstock 0 - Fenneville 4

Another tough opponent on back to back nights.  Fenneville controled the tempo of the game but the girls continue to improve their marking up and overall field awareness.

5-14 - Comstock 0 - Allegan 8

The girls made it to the 2nd half against a very skilled Allegan team.  Their speed on the outside made it difficult for us to match up as we were on the defense quite a bit of the time.  The girls played hard throughout the game.

5-9 - Comstock 0 - Vicksburg C 1

The weather continued to be interesting for our team.  We made the trip to Vicksburg and were able to get the first half of play in before thunder and lightning struck and the game was canceled.  It was another competitive first half of play for the girls.

5-3 - Comstock 0 - Otsego 1

The girls played a competitive game again vs Otsego but just couldn't get over the hump with a goal.  The enthusiasm and love of the game is there as we continue to try and build skill and a passing game.  Kierra Lovelace and Samantha Huffstutter played well for the Colts.

4-26 - Comstock 1 - Delton 4

The MS girls soccer team played a very competitive match vs Delton and the game was much more close than the score reveals.  A few missed scoring chances and a couple untimely goals made it a rough finish.  Daisy Ansel made the lone goal for Comstock.

4-25 - Comstock 1 - Coloma 0

The MS girls soccer team had their first contest last night vs Coloma and won 1-0 on a goal by Callie James.  Audrey Douglas and Kierra Lovelace played great on defense and Samantha Huffstutter and Callie James also did a great job in the middle.