7th A Team


7th A Team

3-6 - Comstock 59 - Galesburg 14 - Scrimmage


The girls played a great all around scrimmage finishing the season with a 12-0 record and lots of confidence.  I'm very proud of their progress and effort.  Should be fun to watch in the years to come.


Comstock Tournament Champion

3-1 - Comstock 38 - Delton 31

3-1 - Comstock 43 - Vicksburg 15


The 7th grade girls had some great competition in the first game of the tournament vs Delton as the game was close throughout.  Daisy Ansel led the team with 17 points which included 3 three pointers.  Caylin Lopez also added 14 points which included some crucial free throws.  Gabrielle Langejans and Katelynne Burns had 3 big buckets in the 2nd quarter and Abby House did a great job defending the post.


In the Championship game, Vicksburg didn't have a chance.  The girls came out strong and finished with a 43-15 win.  Chloe LaBrie led the team with 15 points followed by Daisy Ansel with 13 and Caylin Lopez with 12.  Daisy also had 5 assists and 9 rebounds.  Madelyn Caswell recorded 8 rebounds and 3 steals.  Chloe LaBrie had 5 steals and Caylin Lopez had 3 assists and 7 rebounds.


This was a great ending to their great 12-0 season.  It was a lot of fun coaching these awesome girls.


2-25 - Comstock 48 - Schoolcraft 5

The Comstock 7th A girls basketball team did an awesome job again last night beating Schoolcraft 48-5.  Daisy Ansel and Caylin Lopez led the team with 13 points each.  Gabrielle hit her first 3 pointer of the year en route to 7 points.  Kaitlynne Burns and Chloe Labrie added 7 and 6 points each.  Abby House and Madelyn Caswell also did a great job rebounding.

2-21 - Comstock 48 - Vicksburg 14

The 7th grade A team came out on fire against Vicksburg scoring 18 points in the first quarter and never looked back from there.  Chloe LaBrie led the team with 16 points and Caylin Lopez added 14.  Daisy Ansel did a great job of pushing the ball up the floor and distributing.  Gabby Langejans, Katelynne Burns, Maddy Caswell and Abby House also got on the board in the scoring column and did a great job on defense.

2-17 - Comstock 49 - Hillside 31

The 7th A girls basketball team finally had some good competition but still came out victorious 49-31.  It was very close at half time 20-18 before the girls came together and figured things out.  Daisy Ansel led the Colts with 18 points followed by Caylin Lopez with 10.  Every Colt scored on the evening.  Katelynne Burns and Gabrielle Langejans were both huge for us in the 2nd half scoring 6 & 5 points each to help build our lead.  Abby House & Maddy Caswell did a great job rebounding and Chloe Labrie did a wonderful job getting out on the break.

2-13 - Comstock 43 - Mattawan 3

The 7th A basketball team beat Mattawan last night 43-3.  The team overall played extremely well and everyone scored.  Madelyn Caswell led the team with 10 points while Daisy Ansel and Caylin Lopez chipped in 9 & 8.  All of the girls passed the ball around extremely well with all of them recording at least 1 assist.

2-12 - Comstock 53 - Maple St. 18

The 7th A girls ran their record to 6-0 after defeating Maple St. 53-18.  Caylin Lopez and Daisy Ansel both scored 13 points and Chloe Labrie chipped in 12.  Madelyn Caswell made her 1st 3 pointer of the year and scored 7.  Gabrielle Langejans showed toughness throughout as she battle for several jump balls.

2-7 - Comstock 40 - Portage Central 3

The 7th girls A team played tough again vs Portage Central.  Caylin Lopez led the Colts with 13 points followed by Chloe Labrie with 10 and Daisy Ansel with 9.  Abby House, Madelyn Caswell and Gabrielle Langejans also scored in the game.

2-6 - Comstock 48 - Portage West 6

The 7th grade girls A bball team beat Portage West last night 48-6.  Daisy Ansel led them with 23 points which included 4 three pointers.  Caylin Lopez added 11 and Chloe Labrie added 10 and both played stingy defense creating lots of turnovers.  Madelyn Caswell and Gabrielle Langejans also played great defense showing some real toughness out there.

2-3 - Comstock 52 - Portage North 1

The 7th A team kicked butt last night.  The team played with just 5 girls and put together 4 quarters of great basketball.  Madelyn Caswell led the team with 16 points and Abby House chipped in 11.  Katelynne Burns made her 2nd 3 pointer of the year while Chloe LaBrie and Abby House each made their 1st 3 pointer.  Gabrielle Langejans did an awesome job scoring 6 points on the night as well.

1-30 - Comstock 53 - Milwood 4

The 7th A basketball team came out strong against Milwood.  All of the girls on the team scored in the contest with Chloe Labrie leading the charge 1ith 16 and Cayline Lopez with 15.  Kaitlynne Burns made her first 3 pointer in a game and Daisy Ansel led the team with 8 assists and 8 points.

1-23 - Comstock 53 - Linden Grove 9

The 7th grade girls basketball team got off to a great start against Linden Grove and never looked back beating them 53-9.  Caylin Lopez led the team in scoring with 18 and Daisy Ansel added 12.  Abby House and Madelyn Caswell played some great defense and Chloe LaBrie got out on the break really well.