7th A Team

7th Grade


12-10 Comstock 24 - Plainwell 36 

The Colts fell behind early but made a run in the 4th quarter to narrow the lead of Plainwell to 10 points.  But the Trojans kept the lead and came away with the victory.  Kyle Moore had 12 points and Dandre Gladney had 6 points to lead the way for the Colts.  

12-6- Comstock 19 - Millwood 54

The Colts were out sized and unable to keep up with Millwood throughout the game. Darrion Pulliam had 6 points and Donovan Saunders played great defense to lead the Colts. 

12-4- Comstock 18 - Portage Central 33

The Colts came out and took an early lead against Portage, but were unable to hold on in the second half.  The Colts offense struggled in the second half and Portage did not give up the lead.  The Colts were lead by Kyle moore who had 10 points. 

12-1 - Tournament Comstock 39 - Vicksburg 50 

The Colts played Vicksburg for the Championship game and started slow in the first quarter, going down 32-16 at the half. The Colts, in come back fashion, narrowed Vicksburg's lead to just 4 points late in the 4th quarter.  Lead by great defense and full court pressure the Colts gave themselves a chance to win but fell just short and suffered another loss to Vicksburg.  Jessie Mortimere had 14 points to lead the Colts while Joel Lopez added 8 points and Seth Ansel had 8 points as well. The Colts finished strong and placed 2nd in the tournament.  

12-1 - Tournament Comstock 41 - Hopkins 32

The Colts full court defense gave Hopkins all sorts of trouble in the first half and the Colts were able to quickly gain a lead scoring 18 first quater points.  Hopkins played tough and tied the game late in the 4th quarter, but the Colts were able to hang on for the win.  Seth Ansel lead all socorers with 14 points, Eric Miller had 6 points, and Kyle Moore finished with 10 points to lead the way for the Colts.  The win put the Colts in the tournament championship game.  

11-29 - Comstock 29 - Mattawan 38

The Colts started strong but were unable to keep up with a strong Mattawan team.  The Colts defense was tough and kept the game close in the first half. Mattawan pulled away in the second half and kept the lead for the rest of the game.  The Colts were lead by Kyle Moore and Seth Ansel.

11-27 - Comstock 27 - Vicksburg 43

The Colts were lead by Donovan Saunders who had 5 points, Connor Kent and Joel Lopez who both had 6 points.

11-20 - Comstock 40 - Maple St. 33

The Colts won there first game in comeback fashion against Maple Street Magnet. Trailing the entire game, the Colts formed a fourth quarter comeback, allowing their opponent to only 3 points in the fourth quarter. Great defense by Connor Kent and Seth Ansel helped the Colts gain the lead from Maple St. Big scoring efforts from Darrion Pulliam (18) and Kyle Moore (13) who combined for 31 points lead the way in the Colts comeback. 

11-15 - Comstock 32 - Portage West 38

Finding themselves down 7 points at the half, the Colts fought back to tie the game in the fourth quarter, but once again fell just short to another Portage team. Jessie Mortimere had 8 second half points to help the Colts fight back and Kyle Moore added 8 points and Connor Kent had 4 points to add on to the come back from the Colts. 

11-14 - Comstock 33 - Portage North 40

The Colts full court press and great team defense allowed them to gain an early lead against Portage North. The Colts allowed 10 first half points and found themselves tied going into the fourth quater. Some missed opportunities by the Colts and good free throw shooting by Portage allowed them to hang on to the lead and win a close game against the Colts. Jessie Mortimere lead the Colts with 10 points and Kyle Moore added 7 of his own to keep the Colts in it down the stretch.

11-8 - Comstock 24 - Linden Grove 59

The Colts slow start allowed Linden Grove to get an early lead and held on to it the entire game.  The Colts, out-sized and outnumber, fought hard but were unable to keep up with a great Linden Grove team. Kyle Moore and Joel Lopez both had 6 points to lead the way for the Colts. 

11-7 - Comstock 32 - Hillside 48

The Colts first game of the season saw them go against a good Hillside team. The first half was back and forth, with both teams sharing the lead at different times.  The Colts were lead by Darrion Pulliam who scored 8 points, Seth Ansel who had 4 points and Joel Lopez who had 5 points. The Colts were down 9 points with less than two minutes left in the game, but Hillside was able to hang on to the lead and finish the Colts who played great team defense.