Fred Smith

Fred SmithFred Smith, CMAA

Comstock AD - 1991-2007

“I worked with Fred Smith in Athletics at Comstock HS for 8 years.  I loved working for Fred......he was like a big "Teddy Bear".  His dedication and commitment while he was at Comstock was exemplary.  He cared for all students, not only athletes.  His caring and thoughtfulness was felt by all.”             - Brenda Deibler


“I took over the AD position from Mr. Smith and new right away I had some big shoes to fill.  I found out that Fred was loved by his coaching staff and certainly went above and beyond to make them feel special.  His gentle spirit and kind heart combined with a great knowledge of best practices made for a strong athletic department.  He has been a great mentor for me and the respect I have for him is no doubt the same throughout the state and country in the AD world.  - Justin Ansel

Benton Harbor High School Teacher & Coach – 1979-80

St. Joseph Lake Michigan Catholic Teacher, Coach & Athletic Director – 1980-91

Comstock High School Athletic Director – 1991-07

  • 91, 93, 96 Volleyball State Champion
  • 94, 95 Track & Field State Champion
  • 03 Softball State Runner Up

Buchanan High School Athletic Director – 2007-15

  • 2013 Battle of the Fans Champions


  • Vice President of Representative Council
  • New Athletic Administrator In-Service Program Presenter
  • Sportsmanship Summit Presenter
  • Certified Coaches Advancement Program Instructor


  • Served on Executive Board 1993-98
  • Chairperson of Professional Development Committee
  • SCECH Coordinator
  • Leadership Training Instructor


  • Leadership Training Instructor
  • Served on Board of Directors 1996-99
  • Served on Credential Committee 1989/1995
  • Served on Hall of Fame Screening Committee

Athletic Honors

  • 1997 MIAAA Regional Athletic Director of the Year Award
  • 1999 NIAAA Commendation Award
  • 2000 MIAAA State Athletic Director of the Year Award
  • 2000 NCSSAD Midwest Athletic Director of the Year Award
  • 2000 NHSACA Midwest Athletic Director of the Year Award
  • 2000 NIAAA Distinguish Service Award
  • 2004 NIAAA Thomas E. Frederick Award of Excellence
  • 2007 MIAAA George Lovich State Award of Merit
  • 2007 NIAAA State Award of Merit
  • 2012 Frank Kovaleski Professional Development Award
  • 2014 MHSAA Allen W. Bush Award
  • 2015 Comstock Athletic Hall of Fame