2022 - 8th Grade

Comstock 8th Volleyball
Coach Megan Hill

10-15 - Lawrence Tournament
Comstock 1 - Bloomingdale 1
Comstock 0 - Lawrence 2
Comstock 0 - Mendon 2

We ended the season with a three-match tournament and the best we played all year. We served well, moved as a team on the court, had multiple three hits and over and communicated as one unit. We ended up only winning one game out of the six, but it was against the number one seeded team (and only undefeated team) there which was a great accomplishment!

10-12 - Comstock 0 - White Pigeon 3

White Pigeon was the toughest team we faced this season and again we only had 6 girls able to play. The girls played hard and moved all over the court. It was great to see everything we worked on throughout the season come together in this match.

10-10 - Comstock 0 - Marcellus 3

This was another match where we only had 6 girls travel with us to play this game. It was a very exciting game as the girls were introduced to everyone in the stands for the first time during the season. Marcellus had some great serving to which we struggled to serve receive resulting in three losses.  

10-5 - Comstock 1 - Mendon 2

We only had 6 girls able to play in this match. We came out strong with great communication and movement and won the first game! The next two games we struggled with our serving which cost us those games.

10-3 - Comstock 0 - Cassopolis 3

This was a last home match of the season and the first match where we worked with specific setters. The girls were able to switch positions accurately and worked setting up an offense. Again, great improvement, but we fell short in all three games.

9-28 - Comstock 0 - Centreville 3

Due to various circumstances, we barely had enough girls to play in this match. With only 6 players, we discussed the importance of moving our feet to the ball, communication and being confident. We were unable to win any of these games, but our team in improving.

9-21 - Comstock 0 - Decatur 3

Prior to this game, we had a few discussions on “how to be a good teammate” and what that looked like on the court. The girls put it to good use during this match, but unfortunately, we lost this set in very close games.

9-19 - Comstock 1 - Lawrence 2

The girls fought hard in these three games. We worked on anticipation of when and where the ball might come over the net as well as correct positioning when making a pass. We also had two 7th graders join us for this match. We won one of the three games in this set.

9-17 - Martin Tournament
Comstock 0 - Vicksburg 2
Comstock 0 - Lawton 2
Comstock 0 - Gobles 2
Comstock 1 - Galesburg-Augusta 1

9-14 - Comstock 1 - Bangor 2

Our team was anxious for our first home game and looking forward to having their families and friends cheer them on. We had some great rallies and it looked like we would win, but Bangor had a tough server that ended the first two games. We ended up playing well as a team with great communication in the third game and won, 25-22.

9-12 - Comstock 0 - Bloomingdale 3

Bloomingdale was a very tough team. We improved on our serve receive during this game, but fell short with our scores 8-25, 15-25 and 14-25.

9-7 - Comstock 0 - Hartford 3

This was our first match and the girls were very excited and nervous. The scores were close and our team had fun in their first game setting, however we dropped our first three games.