9-23 - Comstock Loss vs Parchment

L 13-25
W 25-15
L 19-25

The girls did extremely well making adjustments from game 1 to game 2 to get the win. We had some really great digs/ups and we played scrappy to get every point. Aliyah had some great blocks and kills and Vien had some great hustle plays. Definitely continuing to see improvement all around. 

9-1 - Gull Lake Mini Tourney

Pool play:
Mattawan: L 16-21, L 12-21
Vicksburg: W 21-17, L 13-21
Bronze bracket:
Allegan: W 25-17, W 25-11
Sturgis: L 21-25, L 19-25

Overall pretty good night. Tons of great things! They were hustling after every single ball their teammates got a touch on. Great leadership seen also :))