22-23 - Varsity

Varsity Girls Basketball
Coach Clara Robinson

2-27 - Comstock 15 - Delton-Kellogg 42

Lady Colts went down last night against Delton-Kellogg 42-15.  Autumn Hummel was the leader on the offensive side of the ball with 6 points. On the defensive end Kaia Laarman took 4 charges and had multiple blocks. 

2-21 - Comstock 45 - Maple Valley 31

Senior night showed up and the lady Colts showed out at home taking home the “W”! Senior Aeryn Yarbrough set a new season and career high with a 16 point game  The lady Colts locked in on defense as a team and left it all on the floor.  Senior Mackenzie Bowers set a new season-high with over 90% shooting from the free throw line finishing with 15. Senior Autumn Hummel dropped 4 and Seniors Aniijyah Williams, Kaia Laarman, and Brianne Doud all got a bucket through the net at home one last time. It a great night for the ladies as the entire Varsity roster all got buckets!

2-14 - Comstock 4 - Allegan 54

Lady Colts were unable to find our offense last night and took a 4-54 hard loss at Allegan. Brianne Doud and Mackenzie Bowers both found a bucket each.

2-13 - Comstock 23 - Fennville 30

Your lady Colts lost a close match at home against Fennville 23-30. Brianne Doud and Mackenzie Bowers led the Colts with 8 buckets a piece.  Aeryn Yarbrough dropped 3, and Autumn Hummel and Kaia Laarman both were able to get a bucket each through the net.

2-9 - Comstock 18 - Hartford 62

Lady Colts went down 62-18 at Hartford Tuesday night.  Kylie Blett lead the team with 7 points,  Kaia Laarman dropped 6 and Aeryn Yarbrough had 5. 

2-7 - Comstock 25 - Centreville 66

Lady Colt took on the Centreville Bulldogs at home and went down 25-66.  Brianne Doud led the charge for the Colts with 13 points.  Kaia Laarman knocked down 5 while Ti'anna Murphy-Ryan contributed 4 and Sophia Moncel knocked down 3 through the net.

 2-3 - Comstock 24 - Lawrence 38

Last night the lady Colts took on Lawrence here at home. Aeryn Yarbrough had 9 points,  Mackenzie Bowers went for 7, Brianne Doud dropped 4, and Kaia Laarman chipped in a bucket.

1-31 - Comstock 28 - Bloomingdale 78

Aeryn Yarbrough had an amazing shooting night with the hot hand knocking down 13. Brianne Doud scored 5 for the Colts, Aniijyah Williams and Kaia Laarman both knocked down a bucket for 2.

1-26 - Comstock 38 - Decatur 49

Lady Colts entered halftime tied with Decatur,  but went down in the end after a hard fight 38-49. Brianne Doud had a season-high of 11 points, following close behind was Kaia Laarman with a season-high of 9 points and double digit rebounds. Ti’anna Murphy-Ryan went for 7, Mackenzie Bowers dropped 6, and Aeryn Yarbrough knocked in a 3 and Kyleigh Blett had 2.

1-24 - Comstock 25 - Colon 72

In last night’s action Autumn Hummel led all scorers with 7 points.  Makenzie Bowers went for 6, Aeryn Yarbrough had 5, Kaia Laarman contributed 4 points and Brianne Doud had 3.

1-23 - Comstock 15 - Lawrence 65

Lady Colts suffered a though loss 15-65 against Lawrence last night. Ava Schreiner lead all scorers with 4 points. Kyleigh Blett, Ti’anna Murphy-Ryan, Brianne Doud, and Aeryn Yarbrough all dropped buckets as well.

1-20 - Comstock 26 - Bangor 46

Scoring was spread out for the Colts with. Autumn Hummel with 7, Ti'anna Murphy-Ryan with 4, Aeryn Yarbrough had 6, Ava Schreiner 2, Mackenzie Bowers 3 and Kylie Blett knocked in 4.

1-17 - Comstock 22 - Cassopolis 62

Ti'anna Murphy-Ryan lead all scores for the lady Colts with a season high of 10 points.  Autumn Hummel contributed 6, Brianne Doud scored 3. Sophia Moncel played solid defense and knocked in a bucket for 2.

1-16 - Comstock 34 - Decatur 39

Lady Colts lost a close match against Decatur 39-34. The hot hand for the night was Autumn Hummel with 12 points knocking down four 3 pointers in the second half. Brianne Doud lit it up in the paint contributing 11 points.  Aeryn Yarbrough had a 5 piece,  Ava Schreiner had 4, and Kaia Laaraman had 2. Overall a great second half performance for the Colts.

1-12 - comstock 28 - Hartford 47

Mackenzie Bowers was raining 3’s in last night’s action against Hartford where she went for 12 points with 4 3’s. Ti’anna Murphy-Ryan had a great game scoring 8 points. Autumn Hummel,  Aeryn Yarbrough and Ava Schreiner also all knocked in buckets as well, but they came up short 28-47.

1-10 - Comstock 22 - Mendon 41

In girls basketball action last night.  Comstock went down 22 to 41 to Mendon.  Aeryn Yarbrough had 3, Kaia Laarman scored 4, Autumn Hummel had 6 points and the hot hand for the night went to Mackenzie Bowers who dropped 9.

12-20 - Comstock 32 - Marcellus 43

Lady Colts went into halftime with a lead, yet couldn’t hold on and went down to Marcellus 32-43. Mackenzie Bowers led the Colts with 11 points. Aeryn Yarbrough dropped 10 in, while Autumn Hummel went for 5, Brianne Doud dropped 4 and Kaia Laarman chipped in a bucket for 2.

12-15 - Comstock 28 - Bloomingdale 54

Lady Colts action at Bloomindale last night had Aeryn Yarbrough with 7, Brianne Doud and Mackenzie Bowers with 6 each. Autumn Hummel dropped 4, Ti’anna Murphy-Ryan had 3 and Kaia Laarman knocked in a bucket for 2.

12-13 - Comstock 22 - White Pigeon 55

Your lady Colts traveled to White Pigeon this past Tuesday and came up short with a final score of 22-55.  The hot had for the Colts belonged to Mackenzie Bowers who had a season high of 14 points.

12-6 - Comstock 27 - Mendon 52

In tonight’s basketball action the Lady Colts got stung 27-52 verse the Mendon Hornets. The hot hand for the Colts was Aeryn Yarbrough who led all scorers for Comstock with 11. Other Colts made contributions with Autumn Hummel dropping 9, Mackenzie Bowers had 4, Brianne Doud knocked in a bucket and Kaia Laarman knocked down the back end of a pair of free throws.

12-2 - Comstock 24 - Parchment 39

Lady Colts lost their season opener against Parchment 24-39. Scoring was spread with Autumn  Hummel leading all scorers with 7 points, Aeryn Yarbrough dropped in 6, Kaia Laarman had 4,  Brianne Doud had 3 and Mackenzie Bowers chipped in a bucket for 2.