MS Girls Soccer
Coach Mariah Phelps

4-29 - Comstock 0 - Saugatuck 5

We had a few good goal scoring opportunities. The other team showed up ready to play and we worked very hard to keep the score low.  
Shout out to Bree Parker in midfield and Ella Harris in defense and for sweating the hardest on the field. Additionally, great job to Sara Swinehart on her first game in goal!

4-28 - Comstock 1 - South Haven 2

Trinity Hagenbuch scored our first goal of the season. Special thanks to Ereni Polhamus and Elizabeth Dersch for joining us last night so we could have a full team!

4-25 - Comstock 0 - Hartford 3

Rowan Hagenbuch had several great diving saves. Kendyl Harris and Bree Parker had a number of close shots on goal which didn't quite connect. And Ella Harris and Trinity Hagenbuch worked hard to keep the other team out of goal scoring position despite not having any subs the whole game.

4-21 - Comstock 0 - Fennville 3

A great effort by the whole team. Playing with only one sub is always tough, but we held our own. We continue to improve our communication and knowledge of the game. Special shout out Rowan Hagenbuch for stepping up to play goalie for the second time.

4-15 - Comstock 0 - Hackett 8

We were glad to be back in the field after almost 2 years without a game. We're back at it this week getting ready for our next game on Thursday.