Varsity Softball

Hamilton Invitational Runner Up

5-8- Comstock - Dowagiac
5-8- Comstock - Dowagiac
5-4 - Comstock  - Paw Paw
5-4 - Comstock  - Paw Paw
5-1 - Comstock 2 - Vicksburg 10
5-1 - Comstock 2 - Vicksburg 12
4-24 - Comstock 3 - Otsego 1
4-24 - Comstock 7 - Otsego 0
Comstock Varsity Softball opened their conference with two big wins over Otsego last night, winning the first game 3-1.  A credit to their tough defense and nine hits.  Morgan Day had 2 hits along with Jordin White with 2 hits including a double.  Game 2 the Colts jumped out ahead with a big 2 run homerun with 2 outs by Jordin White, her first of the season.  Also, contributing 2 hits were Morgan Day, Kaylee Tiller, Da'Neal Coleman and Amber Tafil with a double and a triple, winning the game 7-0.  In the games combined Comstock had 21 hits and only 2 errors.  Bailey Clements and Ari Stewart combined for another great battery only allowing 7 total hits.  Next game is Friday in Allegan.
Hamilton Invitational
4-21 - Comstock 5 - Sparta 0
4-21 - Comstock 12 - Hamilton 2
4-24 - Comstock 0 - Wyoming Lee 10
Comstock softball improved their record to 3-5 and fell short in the championship game Saturday in Hamilton.  Bailey
Clements and Ari Stewart's battery were the backbone for the day.  In game 3, they ran out of steam and lost.  Ari Stewart had 5 hits with 2 doubles.  Bailey Clements had 5 hits.  Jordin White had 4 hits with 2 doubles and a triple and Da'Neal Coleman showed her speed with an in the park homerun.
4-18 - Comstock 5 - Galesburg Augusta 10
4-18 - Comstock 4 - Galesburg Augusta 5 - Extra Innings
Comstock Varsity Softball dropped 2 games last night.  Game 1 was lost on errors 5-10.  Highlites from the game were Jordin White's 3 hits with 2 doubles, Amber Tafil's double and Ari Stewart's triple.  The girls started to fight back in the 6th and 7th inning but it was too late.  Game 2 the girls showed more fight but lost a close game in extra innings 4-5.  The colts allowed Galesburg to score in the first inning and not again until the international tie-breaker was used in the 8th inning, where they allowed 2.  Hits for Comstock in the 2nd game were Ari Stewart, Amber Tafil and Bailey Clements with 2.  RBI's for the Colts were Miranda Henschel, Stewart and Tafil.
4-12 - Comstock 9 - Hopkins 0

The varisty softball team earned their first win of the season against Hopkins.  They played solid defense, with no errors behind pticher Bailey Clements who had 12 strike outs.  Comstock had 11 hits in the game.  Amber Tafil, Morgan Day, Kaylee Tiller and Melisha Cuaraque all had 2 hits.  RBI's for the Colts were Tafil 2, Day, Clements 2 and M. Cuaraque.