7th A Team

2016 7th A Volleyball
Coach Sarah Taylor

10-19 - Comstock Loss vs St. Monica

The 7th grade "A" team played their final matches against St. Monica last night.  Each match was within 4 points, but the Colts came up just short in the end.  Raeanne James, Kayla Berg, Noelle Keene, Haley Proctor, and Andrea Dickson were on fire at the serving line.  Jada Cook, Alexis Dolph, Madigan Webster, Keene, Berg, and Cadance Hofacre returned numerous serves, had many tips, and played stellar defense.  

10-17 - Comstock Loss vs Parchment

The 7th grade "A" team demonstrated solid teamwork against Parchment last night, but it wasn't quite enough for the win.  Earning multiple serving points for the Colts were Alexis Dolph, Kayla Berg, Madigan Webster, Haley Proctor, Amelia Hall, Noelle Keene, and Cadance Hofacre.  Berg was all over the net, while Webster, Andrea Dickson, Jada Cook, and Raeanne James moved their feet and returned many serves.  

10-12 - Comstock Loss vs Kalamazoo Christian

The 7th grade "A" team played their best fundamental matches all season.  Stellar serving occurred from Amelia Hall, Kayla Berg, Noelle Keene, Madigan Webster, Alexis Dolph, Raeanne James, and Haley Proctor.  The Colts truly played as a team and had multiple hits and tips.  Strong defensive play was demonstrated by Cadance Hofacre, Berg, Keene, WEbster, Dolph, James, Proctor, Cook, and Andrea Dickson.

10-10 - Comstock Win vs Martin

The 7th Grade "A" team played three close matches against Martin last night, bringing home a win in the third.  Madigan Webster, Haley Proctor, Alexis Dolph, Raeanne James, Amelia Hall, and Noelle Keene were stellar servers throughout each match.  Keene, James, Webster, Proctor, Cadance Hofacre, Andrea Dickson, and Jada Cook did a great job of communicating and playing defensively.  

10-5 - Comstock Loss vs Parchment

The 7th Grade "A" team fell to a tough Parchment team last night.  Kayla Berg, Raeanne James, and Alexis Dolph were strong at the serving line, while Madigan Webster, Hailey Proctor, and Amelia Hall scored multiple times on offense.

10-3 - Comstock Loss vs Delton-Kellogg

The 7th Grade "A" team played three extremely close matches against Delton-Kellogg last night- all were withing 5 points.  Madigan Webster, Kayla Berg, Alexis Dolph, and Raeanne James scored numerous points at the serving line.  Berg, Dolph, James, Noelle Keene, WEbster, Proctor and Amelia Hall all had many returned serves, digs and even a few hits.

10-1 - Vicksburg A Team Tournament

The seventh graders headed to Vicksburg for a tournament against Lakeview, Vicksburg and Bronson.  The ladies improved their playing and scoring with each match, ending their last match against Bronson in a close 23-25 nail biter.  Solid servers for Comstock were Tricia Esman, Alexis Dolph, Raeanne James, and Noelle Keene.  Keene, Brianne Doud, and Jada Cook and Haley Proctor were all over the court on offense. 

9-26 - Comstock Loss vs Galesburg-Augusta

The 7th grade "A"team also showed much improvement against the Rams.  Kayla Berg, Raeanne James, Alexis Dolph and Hailey Proctor were all stellar servers throughout the night, and Trista Esman, Madigan Webster, Jada Cook, and Alexus Dolph had quick feet on defense.  
9-19 - Comstock Loss vs Kalamazoo Christian

The 7th grade "A" team improved each match against K Christian.  Solid servers were Jada Cook, Raeanne James, and Madigan Webster.  Alexis Dolph, Noelle Keene, and Hailey Proctor all did a great job of returning difficult serves.  

9-14 - Comstock 1 - Delton-Kellogg 2

The 7th grade "A" team played three close matches against Delton last night, coming up slightly short with one win.  Jada Cook, Madigan Webster, and Noelle Keene dominated the serving line, while Alexis Dolph, Kayla Berg, and Haley Proctor worked hard on defense.

9-12 - Comstock Loss vs Galesburg-Augusta

The 7th Grade "A" team rallied hard against a tall Galesburg team, falling short of a win last night.  Strong servers for Comstock were Kayla Berg, Noelle Keene, and Alexis Dolph.  Dolph, Jada Cook, and Madigan Webster played a strong defensive game as well.

9-10 - Comstock 7A Invitational

Comstock Win vs Parchment
Comstock Loss vs Bronson
Comstock Loss vs Sturgis
Comstock Loss vs Battle Creek

The 7th grade "A" volleyball team had a great start to their home tournament on Saturday with a win over Parchment.  Despite many close matches, they came up short against Battle Creek, Bronson and Sturgis.  Kayla Berg, Madigan Webster, and Noelle Keene were solid servers all day, while Noelle, Madigan, Jada Cook and Hailey Proctor played a strong defensive game.