Joe Hnilo

Rich BaileyJoe Hnilo

Class of 1964

Our Comstock softball program has been very fortunate to have Joe Hnilo as an assistant varsity coach for so many years! Joe has unselfishly given his time, energy and love of the game of softball to countless softball families in the Comstock community. The positive impact he has made on the lives of Comstock softball players is immeasurable and admirable! From my day 1 meeting with Joe Hnilo …I knew we would hit it off! He and I were on the same page philosophically, fundamentally, enthusiastically and passionately … when it came to family, softball, work ethic and intensity. Joe was my right hand man, a true inspiration to many and was there to build up the confidence of young women after my wrath…we shared strategy, game plans, championships, hardships, illnesses, injuries, laughs and tears …and through it all, our friendship and mutual respect never wavered. Our years coaching together, side by side, I will always cherish and be humbly grateful for. There is really no one else I or we would rather have had coaching our bases, in our dugout and on our bench then Coach Hnilo. His youthful exuberance was only outshined by his heart of which was HUGE! None of us will ever forget his “fire and desire” cheers and competitive intensity! He was a true champion, teacher of the game and of life! Much congratulations to you my dear friend Joe Hnilo..I could not be happier to see you get your due and be inducted so deservingly as a leader of champions and a true inspiration in taking YOUR PLACE AS A COMSTOCK HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETIC HALL OF FAMER! KUDOS!!!
- Tracy Daniel

Comstock High School
* Football – 2 Varsity Letters
- 1963 KVA Conference Champion
- 1963 KVA All League

Comstock High School Coaching
* Asst. Varsity Softball Coach – 1986-20
- 576 Wins – 367 Losses
- 1990, 93, 96, 06, 08 Wolverine Conference Champions
- 1991, 97, 09, 12, 14 MHSAA District Champions
- 1997, 09 Reginal Finals Appearance
- Asst. JV Coach When Needed
* JV Softball Coach – 2000-02
* Youth Softball Coach
- 1978-80 CYAA Softball Coach
- 1981-86 Eastwood Little League Softball Coach

Softball Umpire
* 1985-10 Umpired Softball & Baseball Little League Games
* Certified Little League Umpire for Local & State Level

Other Achievements
* 1980-85 – Kalamazoo Men’s Bowling Association Board of Director
* 2010-14 – Kalamazoo Men’s Senior League All Star Team
* 2012 – Bowled 300 Game at Continental Lanes
* 2012-15 – Volunteer Special Olympics Youth Bowling Coach

Athletic Honors
* 2023 Comstock Athletic Hall of Fame