Reggie Franks

Reggie FranksReggie Franks

Class of 1971

In 1968, Comstock High School entered into a new building and a new era in athletic prominence in the Wolverine Conference.  This was a mighty step at this time that was led by some very talented athletes, both male and female.  One of the leaders on one of the best basketball teams in Comstock history was Reggie Franks.  He made his mark as a sophomore on a junior laden team and was a major contributor in back to back basketball titles in 1969 and 1970.  Welcome to the Wolverine Conference!  These championship teams were electrifying in their play and attracted huge crowds, especially at WMU’s Read Fieldhouse.  With a roster of All-Stars and quality athletes, Reggie complemented and dominated as well.  For these efforts, Reggie earned many Conference, City, and All-State honors.  I was a spectator at most of these games and watched Reggie perform a lot.  He always played well and dominated the G-K Tourney for 2 years.  It could be said that this was Reggie’s tourney.  He was a clutch, versatile and very athletic performer in all sports.  As a senior, Reggie started to be identified as only ‘Reggie’.  To this day, when people who remember those days get together to reminisce, he still is referred to just as Reggie.  This recognition is an honor in itself for one of the best basketball players in CHS history. - Bernie Vallier


Comstock High School

  • Basketball - 4 Varsity Letters
    • 1969 & 1970 Wolverine Conference Champions
    • 1969, 1970 & 1971 Wolverine All Conference
    • 1970 & 1971 1st Team All City
    • 1970 & 1971 GK Scoring Champion
    • 1970 & 1971 1st Team All State
    • 1970 & 1971 Comstock Team MVP
    • Career Scoring – 1,223 Points – 22.7 Ave.
    • 1971 Season – 28.6 Ave.
  • Track - 4 Varsity Letters
    • Comstock Team Captain
  • Baseball - 1 Varsity Letters
    • 1971 Wolverine All Conference

Glen Oaks Community College

  • Basketball – 2 Varsity Letters
    • 1972 MCCAA Champions
    • 1972 GOCC Mr. Defense

Northwood University

  • Basketball – 2 Varsity Letters

Athletic Honors

  • 2016 Comstock Athletic Hall of Fame