Freshman Boys Basketball

Coach Colleen Grueter

Overall Record - 6-11 - Conference Record - 6-10

FRONT ROW - Sage Stephenson, Cal Ormanovich, Chad Dingman, Daniel Stenger, Robert Jefferies
2nd ROW - Fabian Gonzalez, Gage Major, Gavin Clopton, Dakota Black
BACK ROW - Amountry Burnett, Trae Outlaw, ???, Trey Carter, Andrew McFarlen, Coach Colleen Grueter

Game Information

2-28 - Comstock 55 - Coloma 38

The Freshmen Boys Basketball Team won their last game of the season 55-38 against Coloma. Andrew McFarlen played his best all-around game of the season; Chad Dingman led the team with 17 points and 7 assists and Gavin Clopton had 16 points. Great ending to the season boys!

2-25 - Comstock 47 - Berrien Springs 57

The Freshmen Boys Basketball Team lost to Berrien Springs 47-57; Chad Dingman led the team with 23 points, Fabian Gonazlez had 9 points and 11 rebounds. The season is coming to a close; our last game is home on Thursday against Coloma.

Comstock 48 - Vicksburg 53

2-14 - Comstock 50 - Plainwell 53

The Freshmen Boy's Basketball team battled at Plainwell last night but fell short and lost 50-53. Chad Dingman led the team with 14 points, Cal Ormanovich had 13 and Gavin Clopton put in 11. Great defensive effort by the whole team last night.

2-7 - Comstock 48 - Allegan 36

The Freshmen Colts Basketball Team beat Allegan 48-36 and were leading the whole game. Three players scored in double digits: Cal Ormanovich led with 14; Chad Dingman and Gavin Clopton both put in 11. It was a great team effort on the road!

2-5 - Comstock 36 - South Haven 62

The Freshmen Colts Basketball Team played hard the whole game but came up short against the undefeated South Haven 36-62. Gavin Clopton led the Colts with 16 points and played his best all-around game of the season.

1-29 - Comstock 47 - Coloma 39

The Freshmen Boys Basketball played a strong second half, led by Fabian Gonzalez's defense, to beat Coloma 47-39. Chad Dingman led the team with 20 points, Fabian Gonzalez had 11 points and both Cal Ormanovich and Gavin Clopton finished with 8 points. Great team effort!

Comstock 33 - Otsego 63

Comstock 36 - Vicksburg 46

1-15 - Comstock 23 - Edwardsburg 58

In a tough loss, the freshmen Colts boys basketball team lost to Edwardsburg 23-58. Great effort by Fabian Gonzalez, Dakota Black and Cal Ormanovich on the defensive end.

1-10 - Comstock 45 - Plainwell 42

Dakota Blacks defensive burst led the Freshmen Boys basketball team to a 45-42 win over Plainwell. Chad Dingman led the Colts with 21 points.

Comstock 48 - Allegan 36

12-18 - Comstock 41 - Dowagiac 40

The freshmen boys basketball team won a close one last night 41-40, Chad Dingman led the team with 13 points and Fabian Gonzalez put in 8. It was a great effort by everyone on the team.

12-13 - Comstock 38 - Paw Paw 50

The Freshmen Colts Boys Basketball team lost a hard-fought game to Paw Paw last night 38-50. Gavin Clopton led the team with 17 points and Chad Dingman put in 10. The Colts made a run and cut it to 6 in the fourth quarter sparked by a great defensive effort by Dakota Black and Fabian Gonzalez.

12-11 - Comstock 36 - Three Rivers 58

The freshmen boys lost to Three Rivers 36-58, Tre Carter played tough defense in the second half. Gavin Clopton led the team with 11 points and Fabian Gonzalez put in 10. Next game is Thursday at Paw Paw.

12-6 - Comstock 40 - Otsego 60

Chad Dingman led the freshmen boy's basketball team with 12 points, also Fabian Gonzalez and Cal Ormanovich each put in 8 points in a loss to Otsego. The Colt's played tough until the very end of the game. 

12-4 - Comstock 37 - Parchment 49

Leading scorer Chad Dingman had 17 points in a hard fought loss to Parchment.