7th B Team


7th B Team

Comstock Tournament Champion
3-1 - Comstock 38 - Delton 8
3-1 - Comstock 27 - Vicksburg 8
The Comstock Girls Basketball B Team definitely finished on a high note, capping a perfect, 12-0 season.
The team then went on to become champions of the Comstock Tournament last Saturday.
They beat Delton 38-8 in the first game. The girls' full court press made it difficult for Delton to get across half court, let alone score. Grace Gostlin had a team-high 20 points. Emily Hainer added 6 while Jaime Jeffries netted 4. Mia Anderson, Nareai McPherson and Lexus Colvin also made buckets.
In the championship game of the tourney, Comstock took down Vicksburg 27-8; limiting their opponent to 10 points or less for the 9th time this season. The win was a total team effort. Grace Gostlin and Mia Anderson paced the Colts, scoring 7 and 6 points. Nareai McPherson added 4 while Hannah McMillon, Jaime Jeffries, Gabbi McMillon, Jessina Miller and Emily Hainer also punched in baskets. Patricia Sively and Lexus Colvin played stout defense, throughout.
Amazing year, girls! You should all be very proud of your achievements. Perfect Season! 12-0! Go Colts!
2-25 - Comstock 44 - Schoolcraft 4
In their final regular season game, the Colts absolutely crushed Schoolcraft 44-4...putting together one of their best performances of the year. Grace Gostlin led all scorers with 20. Mia Anderson added 6, while Hannah McMillon, Lexus Colvin and Jessina Miller each chipped in 4. 
2-20 - Comstock 28 - Vicksburg 4
The Comstock Girls Basketball B Team is still undefeated with a victory over Vicksburg; 28-4.  Grace Gostlin led all scorers with 18, while Jaime Jeffries, Mia Anderson, Nairi McPherson and Emily Hainer added buckets.  Tricia Sively, Lexus Colvin, Jessina Miller along with Gabbi and Hannah McMillon all played solid minutes, throughout.  Awesome job, girls! 9-0!
2-17 - Comstock 28 - Hillside 19
The Comstock 7th Grade Girls Basketball B Team improved their record to 7-0 on Monday, beating Hillside 28-19. The Colts' swarming team-defense was the difference in the game, forcing many turnovers throughout. Grace Gostlin led all scorers with 20 points.
2-12 - Comstock 36 - Mattawan 10
The ladies put together their best team-effort of the year, crushing Mattawan 36-10. Grace Gostlin once again led the Colts in scoring with 18 points. Jaime Jeffries, Naeri McPherson and Jessina Miller chipped in four each. Emily Hainer, Gabby McMillon and Hannah McMillon also scored. Awesome job, girls!
2-12 - Comstock 30 - Maple St. 5
The Colts beat Maple Street 30-5 on Wednesday. Grace Gostlin was the leading scorer with 16 points. Emily Hainer, Jaime Jeffries and Jessina Miller each added 4. Mia Anderson was all over the court collecting steals and rebounds, while Tricia Sivley played great help defense on numerous possessions.
2-6 - Comstock 41 - Portage West 10
The Comstock 7th Grade B Team improved their record to 4-0 by defeating Portage West, 41-10. The team continued to play tough, suffocating defense; limiting their opponents to 10 points or less for the second time this season. Grace Gostlin paced the team with 19 points while Emily Hainer and Mia Anderson scored 8 and 7, respectively. Keep up the good work, ladies.
2-3 - Comstock 50 - Paw Paw 7
On February 3rd, the Comstock 7th Grade Girls B-Team beat PawPaw 50-7, improving to 3-0. The ladies played very unselfishly; always looking for the extra pass and best available shot. Nine out of ten of the girls scored. Grace Gostlin led all scorers with 20 points. Emily Hanier and Mia Anderson both chipped in 8 and 6, respectively. Nari Mcpherson along with the sisters, Hannah and Gabby McMillon, recorded their first buckets of the season, while Lexus Colvin and Jessina Miller played well throughout. Awesome job girls!
1-29 - Comstock 22 - Milwood 14
The Colts then improved to a record of 2-0 last Thursday when they beat Milwood 22-14. Jaime Jeffries and Grace Gostlin led Comstock with 7 points each. All of the girls battled hard in the second to overcome a 2-point, halftime deficit. Awesome job, ladies! Good luck tonight against PawPaw!
1-23 - Comstock 27 - Linden Grove 11
On January 23rd, the Comstock 7th Grade B Team defeated Linden 27-11. The girls played tough defense throughout the game. Grace Gostlin paced the Colts with 14 points. Emily Hainer and Jessina Miller chipped in 6 and 4, respectively.