MS Boys Soccer
Coach Branden Willis

10-16 - Comstock 5 - Pansophia Academy 0

The boys ended off their season with a big 5-0 win against Pansophia. The boys came out hot in this one with Charlie Baker scoring 2 goals and Carter Cook, Spencer Peruski, and Connor Hui-Wee all scoring goals for the Colts. The boys had a great season this year and look to keep this good momentum going next year.

10-11 - Comstock 3 - Lawrence 3

The boys traveled to Lawrence for their rematch, tying 3-3. This was a back and forth, high intensity game and the boys fought hard the entire game. Isaiah Andrews started us off strong scoring our first goal and Spencer Peruski came through and delivered 2 goals himself. This game came down to the wire with the boys just not able to gain the winning edge. We look to finish our season strong against Pansophia.

10-9 - Comstock 0 - Hartford 8

The boys played a well-ironed team Monday against Hartford, losing 8-0. The pressure and size of the other team were too much for us in this game. Putting in solid performances for the Colts were Aaden Main on the defensive end, and Demarion Coley and Carter Morrison on the offensive end. The boys look to bounce back against Lawrence on Wednesday.

10-4 - Comstock 0 - Bangor 2

The Colts came out Wednesday night and put in a strong performance against a tough Bangor team coming short 2-0. The Colts struggled early letting in two goals, but showed their resilience after that. Carter Cook and Spencer Peruski put in strong performances in the midfield winning us the ball back many times. Aiden Ramos also played a good game in goal pulling off multiple impressive double-saves.

10-2 - Comstock 3 - Bloomingdale 4

The boys went into halftime of this game down 4-0 before pulling off an amazing comeback, coming inches from tying the game in the last minutes. The boys fell short 4-3, but their performance was nothing short of amazing. Charlie Baker, Spencer Peruski, and Isaiah Andrews all scored goals with Carter Morrison, Charlie Baker, and Demarion Coley picking up assists. Austin Hui-Wee played a stellar game on the defensive end as well.

9-29 - Comstock 1 - Lawrence 1

The boys played a hard-fought game against Lawrence, tying 1-1. The lone goal was from Carter Morrison on a steal and score. Jacob Hutchens played a great defensive game as well as Isaiah Andrews in the midfield too. The Colts had many opportunities, but couldn't get a winner in the back of the net. The Colts look to take a win when they play them again in a few weeks.

9-25 - Comstock 2 -  Marcellus 1

Finally!! The boys were ecstatic to get their first win of the season against Marcellus 2-1. Scoring for the Colts were Carter Morrison and Carter Cook with Charlie Baker and Carter Morrison tallying the assists. Spencer Peruski played an amazing game in goal notching a penalty save in the first half. The boys look to keep up their strong performances after the boost from this win.

9-20 - Comstock 1 - Hartford 6

The boys traveled to Hartford to play a strong team and came out losing 6-1. The scoreline does not represent how good of a game the boys played. Carter Morrison played in a beautiful cross to Carter Cook for the lone goal for the Colts. Aaden Main and Jacob Hutchens played amazing defensive games keeping us alive. We look to bounce back against Marcellus next week.

9-18 - Comstock 3 - Bangor 7

The Colts had a hard-fought game against Bangor losing 7-3. It was a very close first half with the boys taking a 3-2 lead into halftime. However, Bangor's depth on their bench proved too much for the boys in the end. Scoring for the Colts were Isaiah Andrews, Charlie Baker, and Aiden Ramos, with Carter Morrison chipping in an assist.

9-13 - Comstock 2 - Bloomingdale 4

The colts played a very strong team in Bloomingdale on Wednesday losing 4-2. The turf field played into the home teams hands, but as the game progressed the boys got the hang of it. Scoring the first goal of the season was Isaiah Andrews with Carter Cook scoring the second. The boys look to bounce back next Monday against Bangor.

9-6 - Comstock 0 - Marcellus 2

The boys started out their season with a home opener against Marcellus. It was a long hard fought game for the colts, holding the game to a tie for 50 minutes. Aaden Main anchored the defense down holding strong and Demarion Coley provided great passes and strong dribbles in the midfield. The boys came up just short but showed the fight they had in them.