Varsity & JV Girls Golf

Coach Tracy Daniel

Wolverine Conference Co-Champions

Front Row: Monica Gordon, Ariana Stewart, Veronica Anderson, Megan Sims, Cassidy Boers

Back Row:  Coach Daniel, Sara Preston, Lauren Bonds, Leah Petrick, Abby Schreiner, Mikala Sims


2013 Comstock High School Girls' Golf Roster

1. Veronica Anderson - Senior/captain**

2. Cassidy Boers - Senior

3. Lauren Bonds - Freshman

4. Monica Gordon - Senior

5. Leah Petrick - Freshman

6. Sara Preston - Sophomore

7. Abby Schreiner - Sophomore

8. Megan Sims - Junior/Captain**

9. Mikala Sims - Sophomore*

10. Ariana Stewart - Junior/Captain**

11. Tajah Thomas - Sophomore

12. Monica Castro - foreign exchange student from Mexico!

*denotes varsity letters earned



Wednesday, August 21st @ Gull Lake Tournament @ Bedford Valley

The CHS girls started off the season by placing 6th out of 13 teams at the Gull Lake Tournament shooting a 410.  Junior Captains Megan Sims and Ariana Stewart paced the squad with 96 & 97 respectfully. This event was played on this years Division IV State Finals course so hopefully we will be back!

1. Megan Sims - 51 / 45 = 96

2. Ariana Stewart - 48 / 49 = 97

3. Veronica Anderson - 58  / 52 = 110

4. Mikala Sims - 54 / 53 = 107

5. Cassidy Boers - 77 / 73 = 150

Team Score = 410   6th / 13

Thursday, August 22nd @ Greater Kalamazoo Tournament @ Stonehedge North

It was a record day for the varsity girls golf team!  The team shot a school record 388 and had their best showing ever with a 3rd place finish in the Greater Kalamazoo Tourney!  Megan Sims placed 6th in the city with a 86, while Ariana Stewart placed 9th with an 89! 

1. Megan Sims - 44 / 42 = 86

2. Ariana Stewart - 45 / 44 = 89

3. Veronica Anderson - 54 / 51 = 105

4. Mikala Sims - 54 / 54 = 108

5. Cassidy Boers - 72 / 70 = 142

6. Abby Schreiner - 65/ 73 = 138



Monday, August 26th Wolverine Conference Events

1. 8:30 Allegan Jamboree @ Cheshire Hills - Bluebird course

The varsity team broke another school record by shooting a 186 breaking the 2007 teams record of 187 placing 2nd only 6 strokes from Plainwell!  Going low for the Lady Colts was Ari Stewart who shot a 43 placing 4th in her 1st conference event of the season! Megan Sims shot 45 to place in the top ten at 7th. Mikala Sims missed top ten by 1 stroke by shooting 48 and Veronica Anderson had a nice 50 and add to the school record total!  WAY TO GO GIRLS!

1. Megan Sims  45  (7th)

2. Ariana Stewart  43 (4th)

3. Veronica Anderson  50

4. Mikala Sims  48

5. Abby Schreiner  58

6. Cassidy Boers  67

TEAM SCORE - (SCHOOL RECORD) = 186 2nd / 8

Junior Varsity Results:

The JV team finished 2nd with a 272. Senior Monica Gordon finished in 2nd place with a 62, while newcomers to the team Tajah Thomas and Lauren Bonds both shot 67 to tie for 3rd place.

1. Monica Gordon - 62; 2. Tajah Thomas - 67; 3. Leah Petrick - 84; 4. Sara Preston - 76; 5. Lauren Bonds - 67

2. 1:00 Otsego Jamboree @ Prairiewood - back 9

In the 2nd event of the day, the varsity girls again placed 2nd behind Plainwell shooting a 197. Ariana Stewart played steady to again shoot a 43 moving up a spot in the top 10 to place 3rd. The Sims sisters were 1 shot out of top 10 by both shooting 50, with Mikala Sims birdieing the par 3 13th!

1. Megan Sims  50

2. Ariana Stewart  43  (3rd)

3. Veronica Anderson 54

4. Mikala Sims 50

5. Abby Schreiner 56

6. Cassidy Boers 71

TEAM SCORE - 197 2nd / 8

3. Wednesday, August 28th @ Dowagiac Jamboree @ Indian Lake - West

The Colts came up just short of winning their first conference jamboree shooting a 193 and taking second, one shot behind Plainwell.  It was a very exciting and LONG NIGHT...waiting for all the scores to come in, staying in the top 10 again was Ari Stewart who tied for 3rd with a 46 and Megan Sims who tied for 9th with a 48.  Narrowly missing was senior captain Veronica Anderson who finally broke 50 shooting her career best conference score with a 49 highlighted by an pin hitting birdie 4 (almost eagle) on the par 5 - 6th hole.  Sophomore Abby Schreiner also had her career low shooting a 50! We know we are right there and it is a great feeling!  GO COLTS!

1. Megan Sims 48  (9th)

2. Ariana Stewart 46 (3rd)

3. Veronica Anderson 49

4. Mikala Sims 56

5. Abby Schreiner 50

6. Tajah Thomas 72

TEAM SCORE - 193  2nd / 8

Thursday,  Sept. 5th Annual Teacher, Family and Friends Scramble 4:00 Hickory Ridge

Once again, the girl's golf team had their fun and competitive teacher, family and friends mixer scramble. This is a terrific way for our golf family and friends to get together and enjoy each other's company while, of course, playing the game we love...GOLF!  This year we had some great scores but it was team GORDON who prevailed as the winning team shooting a fine 29!  Playing on the winning team was Senior Monica Gordon, her dad Craig, foreign exchange student from Mexico Monica Castro, and our great chemistry teacher and girl's tennis coach...Mrs. Dailey!  It was a perfect day filled with lots of good golf shots and laughs, finishing up with a great potluck organized by Mindy Sims!  Thanks to all who played including several parents, administrators and teachers: Mr. Montange, Mr. Sellers, Mr. VanDis, Mrs. Grueter and Mrs. Miller.

Team Bonds 35 , Team Sims (Megan) 31, Team Boers 33, Team Gordon 29, Team Anderson 34, Team Petrick 30, Team Preston 32, Team Sims (Mikala) 34, Team Stewart 30, Team Schreiner 32   Event Winners:  Longest Drive #5-Women: Megan Sims, Men: Bob Powers; Closest to the Pin #6: Women: Ginny Geary, Men: Tracy King;  Longest Putt #9: Monica Gordon 

5. Monday, Sept. 9 @ South Haven Jamboree @ Hawkshead - front 9

On another beautiful warm sunny day for golf, the team traveled to one of my favorite courses...Hawkshead! The CHS varsity came within 3 shots of winning and once again placed 2nd behind Plainwell. Ari continued her good play placing 3rd with a 48 while sophomore up and comer, Mikala Sims broke into the top 10 for the first time in her young career shooting a 51 placing 9th.  The team shot a 205 and looks to improve as they host the next Wolverine Conference jamboree!

1. Megan Sims 53

2. Ariana Stewart 48 (3rd)

3. Veronica Anderson 53

4. Mikala Sims 51

5. Abby Schreiner 69

TEAM SCORE - 205   2nd / 8


6. Wednesday, Sept. 11 @ Comstock Jamboree @ Eastern Hills

THIS IT THE DAY WE HAVE BEEN WORKING TOWARDS FOR A LONG TIME!  THE COLTS MADE HISTORY TODAY...AS THEY WON THE CHS JAMBOREE shooting a 188 beating Plainwell by 2 strokes for their 1st ever conference victory.  The win places them only 3 points behind league leader Plainwell!  3 Colts made the top 10 including Megan Sims who was only 2 shots from being medalist shooting an outstanding 43, Ari Stewart coming in 3rd with a 44 and Senior Veronica Anderson placing 8th with a 48! Also a part of the winning COLT HISTORIC TEAM WERE: Mikala Sims, Abby Schreiner and Cassidy Boers!  WHAT A GREAT DAY TO BE A COLT! 

The JV team placed 2nd on the Eastern Hills West 9. Taking 4th place overall was senior Monica Gordon who shot a 55! Also placing in the top 10 was Sophomore Sara Preston who took 9th shooting a 66! 

1. Megan Sims 43

2. Ariana Stewart 44 (3rd)

3. Veronica Anderson 48

4. Mikala Sims 51

5. Abby Schreiner 59

6. Cassidy Boers 55

TEAM SCORE - 188 1st / 8


1. Monica Gordon  55 (4th)

2. Tajah Thomas 71

3. Lauren Bonds 72

4. Leah Petrick 70

5. Sara Preston   66 (9th)

Team Total: 234 2nd/ 4

7. Tuesday, Sept. 17 @ Three Rivers Jamboree @ Sauganash- front 9

The Colts shot a 201 placing 2nd again with Ari and Veronica making the top 10. We didn't play our best but good enought to stay in 2nd. We must continue to keep our play smart and the ball in front of us!  Vron also had a nice birdie on #8!

1. Megan Sims 51

2. Ariana Stewart 48 (6th)

3. Veronica Anderson 48 (6th)

4. Mikala Sims 54

5. Abby Schreiner 68

Team Total:  201  (2nd)

8.  Thur., Sept. 19th @ Kate Kwasny Memorial Varsity Tournament @ Eastern Hills - West 9

Always wonderful to host the Kate Kwasny Memorial in memory of the beautiful and talented Miss Kwasny who was taken from us way too soon!  This year's event was moved to Eastern Hills (instead of Yarrow) because of new ownership at Yarrow...and was once again the welcome to some amazing girl's high school golfers!  Defending champions Hastings once again proved to be too tough as they won with the low team score of 175. They also had the tournament Medalist, Katie Brown who shot a 2 over par 37, along with 2 other players placing in the top 10.  The lone Colt in the top 10 was senior captain Veronica Anderson who shot a 47 to medal and tie for 9th overall!  The team placed 5th out of 7 shooting a 211.

1. Megan Sims 51

   Ariana Stewart DNP (ILL)

2. Veronica Anderson 47 (9th)

3. Mikala Sims 58

4. Abby Schreiner 55

5. Monica Gordon  62

Team Total: 211 (7th)

9. Monday, Sept. 23rd Vicksburg Jamboree @ Angels Crossing -front 9

Every dog has their day, and this was the day for the Colts as they placed 6th shooting a season high 224, ALTHOUGH... 2 Colts were able to keep the ball in front and manage their way around the HUGE greens and wide open fairways of this Lynx style course... Megan tied for 5th with a 47 and Ari placed 7th with a 48. Good to see them continue to stay in the top 10 and play well.  We will bounce back I have no doubt...

1. Megan Sims 47 (5th)

2. Ariana Stewart 48 (7th)

2. Veronica Anderson 67

3. Mikala Sims 64

4. Abby Schreiner 65

5. Monica Gordon 68

Team Total: 224 (6th)

10. Wed., Sept. 25th Plainwell Jamboree @ Lake Doster - front 9

Lake Doster is always a tough test and it was great to see the team bounce back and shoot a 209 placing 2nd once again! EEvery shot proved to be important as the team beat both Allegan and Three Rivers by 1 STROKE!  Ari Stewart playing in the 1 spot played terrific shooting a 45 placing 3rd overall, while Veronica Anderson came through with a 7th place finish shooting a clutch 49!  We will be back at Doster for 18 holes next week for the conference tournament! GO COLTS!

1. Ariana Stewart 45 (3rd)

2. Megan Sims 51

2. Veronica Anderson 49 (7th)

3. Mikala Sims 64

4. Abby Schreiner 66

5. Monica Gordon 70

Team Total: 209 (2nd)

11. Thur., Oct. 3rd @ Conference Tournament @ Plainwell -Lake Doster

COLTS WIN!  COLTS WIN!  UNBELIEVABLE! The stars aligned and the golfing Gods were with us...as the team WON THEIR FIRST EVER CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT by shooting a 397 at Lake Doster in taking 1st place!!!  With the win and Three Rivers coming in 2nd... Plainwell 3rd... the Comstock HS Girl's Golf team moved into a share of the Wolverine Conference TITLE with Plainwell! It was another historic day for the team this season!  It was also a career day for Senior Captain Veronica Anderson who shot a career best 94 to place 2nd overall on the day!  WOW!  Also placing in the top 10 was Megan Sims who shot a 95 to place 3rd and Ariana Stewart who shot a 99 to place 6th!  The All-Wolverine Conference Team was also announced with Veronica Anderson, Megan Sims and Ariana Stewart making the 1st team!  Coach Daniel was also selected as the Wolverince Conference Coach of the year for the 2nd year in a row!  WAY TO GO COLTS! We couldn't think of a better way to go out...as this was our last ever Wolverine Conference event!

1. Ariana Stewart 46 / 53 = 99 (6th)

2. Megan Sims 47 / 48 = 95 (3rd)

2. Veronica Anderson  45 / 49 = 94 (2nd)

3. Mikala Sims 54 / 55 = 109

4. Abby Schreiner 68 / 68 = 136

5. Monica Gordon 60 / 55 = 115



1. COMSTOCK   394



4. ALLEGAN 422







4. ALLEGAN  15



7. OTSEGO   6




12. Wed., Oct. 9th @ Div 4 Regioanls Hosted by Kalamazoo Christian @ Eastern Hills

ON a gorgeous fall day, sunny and 75...this Colts shot 4 strokes better than the conference tournament but unfortunately did not place in the top 3 as they took 5th out of 13 teams!  Winning Regionals was GR Northpointe who shot a blazing 350! Hackett came in 2nd with a 361 and GR West Catholic placed 3rd with a 373... Stanton Central Montcalm captured 4th with a 391.  But all is not lost, as Junior Captain Ariana Stewart shot an 88  placing 5th overal to qualify as an individual for the State Finals at Bedford Valley! It was certainly redemption for Ari as she was disappointed to not make it last year!  Junior Megan Sims, who qualified and played in the State FInals last year at MSU, narrowly missed qualifying again, shooting a 96. This was an incredibly tough Regional where we had to shoot career lows...and it just wasn't meant to be for us as a team this year. Hopefully, we can all work hard over the next year to qualify next year as a team!  But for now, FIRE UP ARI...you are going to STATE!!!  GO COLTS!

13. Fri., Oct. 18 @ Division 4 State Finals @ Bedford Valley Golf Course in Augusta

On a cold but nice day to play golf, Ariana Stewart became only the 2nd Lady Colt golfer to play in the MHSAA Girl's Golf State Finals. Playing on a course that we had played earlier in the season during the Gull Lake Tournament, was a definite advantage for Ari as she was familiar with the course and comfortable, although some of the tees were moved back to make the distance more appropriate (longer) for a State Final! Ari played well and grinded out a 96. Ari was not able to hit her approach shots on the greens like she wanted and Putts weren't falling as good as they were at the Regional but all in all it was a pretty good learning experience and good first day! Hopefully, a few more putts will fall tomorrow!

14. Sat., Oct. 19 @ Division 4 State Finals @ Bedford Valley Golf Course in Augusta

On a MUCH COLDER DAY FOR GOLF although skies did clear for some sunshine... Ari really hit the ball beautifully hitting several fairways, but still just couldn't get the putts to drop (gotta take off those winter cotton gloves girl!)...Ari did finish 4 shots better than day 1 with a 92 to finish with a 2 day total of 188 which put her in 37th place out of 89 total golfers at the Div 4 finals and 9th out of 15 of the individuals competing!

I know she, her teammates who followed her,and the rest of us watching... will remember this great experience forever and take back some terrific memories! We are all so proud of her accomplishments...we all can't wait to come back next year as a TEAM to the STATE FINALS at GVSU! GO COLTS!