2023 - 7th Grade

7th Grade Volleyball
Coach Joel Smedes

10-14 - SW10 Conference Tournament

On Saturday October 14, the Grade 7 girls traveled to Bloomingdale High School for their end of season tournament. The Girls were placed in a group with Decatur and Hartford and we had already beaten one of those teams in the season and therefore the team entered the tournament with a great deal of confidence.

Our first match against Decatur went down to the wire in both sets but we narrowly missed out both times. We lost the first set 22-25 after a great run of serving from one Decatur student and in the second set we actually had set point ourselves before a heartbreaking finish meant we lost the set 24-25.

Our second match against Hartford was much more commanding as it seemed the team was out to restore some pride following the narrow loss in the previous match. We got ahead early in the set and never looked back, winning the first set 25-17. The second set was much closer and the girls had to fight for their win but demonstrated some great team play we had been working on all season by setting up a teammate and playing 3 touch volleyball. We ended up winning the second set 25-22 after a tense finish and it was a great way for our season to end on such a high.

We unfortunately didn't make it through to the finals rounds as we had won one and lost one but the girls demonstrated great effort, determination and improvement throughout the day and the whole season. Our final victory really was an excellent way to conclude our season, leaving the girls in a positive mindset for the future.

10-11 - Comstock 0 - Marcellus 3

The Grade 7 Girls volleyball team had their final home match hosting Bloomingdale Middle School and whilst we got off to a great start, we came up against some excellent servers who won the set for Marcellus by a score of 25-18. The second set was much closer and we were winning 25-24 needing only one more point to secure the set win but unfortunately missed our chances and we ended up dropping the second set 28-26. In the final set, we were once again close but just couldn't get our energy back after losing the previous set and ended up losing the final set 25-20. The girls demonstrated their progress in this match with all players serving well and really starting to set one another up with 2 and 3 touch volleyball, well done.

10-9 - Comstock 2 - Lawrence 1

The Grade 7 Girls volleyball team enjoyed a Home match and hosted Lawrence Middle School. Our girls got off to a great start, serving well and moving to get balls back in play and we won the first game 25-13. The second game was much closer with both teams serving well and making the most of their opportunities. Comstock took the advantage right at the end with some excellent hustling and won the set 25-24, meaning we had won the match. In our final game we experimented with some different positional work to get in-game experience but still played really well, narrowly losing the game 25-20. In the end we won our 3rd match of the season by 2 games to 1.

10-4 - Comstock 1 - Centreville 2

After a thrilling win on Monday night, the G7 girls had another excellent night but unfortunately fell short losing 2-1 overall. We started out well but went behind in the first game due to some great serving from Centreville and lost the first game 25-17. In the second game we found our rhythm and demonstrated 3 touch volleyball a number of times, winning the game 25-11. The third game was close the whole way but due to some excellent serving from Centreville we just missed out losing 25-21. The girls have come a long way from the beginning of the season and have improved in serving, setting up to others and moving to get the ball back in play. We look forward to 2 more home games and a final tournament.

10-2 - Comstock 2 - Bloomingdale 1

On Monday 2nd October the Grade 7 Girls volleyball enjoyed a home match and hosted Bloomingdale. Our girls started off really strong and were up until Bloomingdale came back to win the first game 25-21. Game 2 was another close one the whole way but Comstock fought hard to win the set 25-22 and in the third game we really got going and found some rhythm. Comstock won the final game 25-18 and therefore won the match 2-1. Congratulations girls on getting the reward for all of your hard work.

9-27 - Comstock 1 - White Pigeon 2

The Grade 7 Girls traveled to White Pigeon on Wednesday night and put up a really great fight despite losing the match 2-1. We started slow and came up short in the first game 25-15 and started off slow in the second game as well falling behind early. From there on however the girls found their energy and fought back, narrowly losing the second game 25-23 but they used that energy in the third game to get a win in that final game, winning 25-17. Despite losing the match, the girls were super positive about the way the fought back and demonstrated they can put it all together and now we have motivation to start that a bit earlier in the match!

9-25 - Comstock 1 - Lawrence 2

The G7 Girls volleyball team traveled to Lawrence and started out really strong, getting lots of serves in play and winning the first game 25-23. Lawrence fought back as the match went on and won the second game after a run of good serving themselves scoring 25 points to our 18. The final game was close all the way but Comstock got behind a few points and were always trying to catch up, ultimately losing the game 25-23. It was a much improved performance from our girls but a little bit frustrating as they knew they could have played even better still. So, lots to work on at training, but lots to be proud about as well.

9-20 - Comstock 0 - Bangor 3

Comstock played Bangor on Wednesday evening and had a great match against difficult opponents. We were a little slow getting going and lost the first game 25-10 after coming up against some excellent serving from the opposition. The second game saw us improve and we were close for half of the game until again some excellent servers won multiple points in a row for Bangor and we lost the second game 25-13. In the final set were up 18-17 at one stage until once again, a couple of expert servers from Bangor won 8 straight points to close out the game 25-18. Our girls improved throughout the game and we have seen them progress to three touch volleyball on a number of occasions and soon, this will be our full time style of play!

9-18 - Comstock 0 - Bloomingdale 3

On Monday evening the Grade 7 Girls Volleyball team played Bloomingdale at their home court. We started off well in the first game before one of Bloomingdale's servers went on a run and got some great serves in. This caused us to lose some momentum and we ended up losing the first game. The second game started with Comstock serving and getting a small lead before we again came unstuck against some excellent serving by Bloomingdale who ended up winning that game as well. Our final game was much more competitive and we stuck with Bloomingdale for most of the set before they once again got a sizable break. We came back a bit but ultimately fell short losing the third game as well. We discovered some things we need to work on in training and will strive to improve in those areas. We still had an enjoyable evening spending time together with our team on the bus and during the match.

9-13 - Comstock 1 - White Pigeon 2

9-11 - Comstock 2 - Hartford 1