Freshman Boys Basketball
Coach Mike Low

3-2 - Comstock 60 - Hopkins 59

The fbb team finished their season in thrilling fashion with an exciting 60-59 win over hopkins. The team won their last 7 games in a row to conclude a successful 12-8 season. Dominique hines and Devon Alexander once again played fine games finishing with 20 and 18 points respectively.The key to the win was the double figure play of Tyler McCarter and Bryson Carter each scoring 10 points a giving the team 4 players in double figures for the first time this year. Coach Low wishes to thank all the members of the team who worked hard to make the season a success. he enjoyed coaching  the team a great deal and is very proud of their improvement through out the year. This team is very special to him. In addition to the players already mentioned he would like to acknowledge Tariq givan, Randy Powell,Anthony Whitehead,Kayden mcClish,Donald Gaddie and Josh Small. Coach low looks forward to a 100% team turnout at the awards ceremony on March 21 at 6:30pm

2-28 - Comstock 66 - Plainwell 58

The fbb team played best game of the season last night defeating a very good plainwell team 66-58. The team got behind in the first quarter 18-8 but then rallied back on a half court three by Devon Alexander at the buzzer to trail 20-22. At the end of the first half Tariq Givan hit a three to put the Colts up 37-30.Tariq held Plainwell's leading scorer to 12 points which was one of the keys to the game. The plainwell player had been averaging 25 per game. Defense and rebounding were excellent along with efficient offensive execution. Tyler McCarter and Bryson McCarter were very strong on the boards. Bryson also scored 6 points and hit two key free throws in the 4th quarter. Josh Small again anchored the defense also scoring 10 points and scoring 6 key points in the 4th quarter. Devon Alexander was excellent in running the offense while scoring 11 points. Dominique Hines was unstoppable scoring 36 points in a variety of ways. The team now stands 11-8 and have won 6 in a row. Their last game of the season is Thursday against Hopkins at home.

2-23 - Comstock 62 - Brandywine 45

The fbb team improved to 10-8 on the season and finished 6-4 in the league, good for third place. They defeated Niles Brandywine 62-45. After leading 34-32 at half time the Colts broke the game open in the second half with lock down defense and rebounding. They held the Bobcats to 7 points over the first 13 minutes of the second half. Three of those points were a half court 3 at the buzzer to end the third period. The front line of Tyler McCarter, Kayden McClish and Bryson Carter were dominate. The Colts have won 5 in a row since Tyler and Bryson joined the team. Three players scored in double figures. Dominique hines lead all scorers with 25 points, josh Small had 11 and Bryson Carter had 10. They were closely followed by Kayden McClish and Devon Alexander with 8 and 7 points collectively. The team is working hard to close out their season next week with victories against Plainwell and hopkins, both at home.

2-17 - Comstock 43 - Bridgman 32

The fbb team played an excellent game on the road beating Bridgman 43-32. The team played excellent defense and rebounded well to secure the win. They were patient on offense and got good shots to build ther lead at half time 21-10. Kayden McClish played well at both ends of the floor scoring 9 points and being dominant on the boards. Tyler McCarter and Bryson Carter got the rebounds Kayden didn't snare. Josh Small was all over the floor and held Brigeman's leading scorer to half his season's average and also scored twelve points. Josh has greatly improved his free throw shooting. Donald Gaddie hit a crucial3 on an out of bounds play and played good defense. Tariq played lock down defense on their point guard and was great on the press. Dominique Hines and Devon Alexander again played their reliable game scoring 11 and 10 points respectively. The teams record is now 9-8 with 3 games remaining all at home. On Saturday the team visited Albion College to watch a game, tour the facility's and speak with coach Mike Thomas.

2-13 - Comstock 71 - Paw Paw 54

The fbb team evened their record at 8-8 with an impressive win over Paw Paw 71-54. The Colts outscored Paw Paw in every quarter. the front line of Kaydin McClish, Tyler McCarter and Bryson Carter were dominate on the boards and had a combined 21points. This was our strongest showing of the year for our front line. Josh Small scored 8 points from his three position and again anchored the defense and helped break the press. Dominique Hines and Devon Alexander ran the floor very well scoring 23 and 17 points respectively. Donald Gaddie played quality minutes at the wing and Tariq Givan ran the point well in relief of Devon. Coach low is very pleased with the progress of the team, especially developing a strong bench which outscored Paw Paw 8-4. The teams goal for the rest of the season is to finish strong and win their last 4 games and end on a 6 game winning streak.

2-9 - Comstock 66 - Parchment 45

The fbb basketball team won impressively over Parchment last night 66-45. In their first meeting Comstock won 38-35 on a buzzer beater by Devon Alexander. Coach Low was very pleased by the victory showing how much they had improved. Defense and rebounding were the keys. Kayden McClish is playing his best basketball of the year and Tyler McCarter has been a welcome addition to the front line. Tariq Anderson and Donald Gaddie played valuable minutes off the bench. The players scored in double figures for the Colts. Dominique hines had 30 points followed by Devon Alexander with 21 and Josh Small with 10. Devon and Dominique ran the floor and shot very well. Josh again anchored the defense and drove to the basket and rebounded very well scoring on two offensive rebounds. Josh also had 2 blocked shots. The team has a tough game Monday at home against Paw Paw.

2-7 - Comstock 45 - Hackett 39

The fbb team defeated a tall and talented hackett team 45-39 last night. It was a total team effort with 8 players scoring. It was the teams best game of the year. Our post defense was outstanding with Kayden Mc Clish, Tyler McCarter and Donald Gaddie leading the way. Domonique hit a crucial three off an out of bounds play and lead the scoring with 17 points. The team played very smart down the stretch to seal the win. Devon Alexander ran the floor to perfection with the game on the line.Josh Small held their leading scorer, scoreless the second half. Tariq Givan again played outstanding defense and handled the ball well.Randy Poweel again gave us energy off the bench scoring on a hard drive and playing hawking defense. Tyler McCarter in his first game of the year was a huge plus for us. 

2-2 - Comstock 52 - Buchanan 66

The fbb team played their best first half of the year against Buchanan leading 30-27. The team fell 66-52 against the best team in the league. The Colts were lead by Devon Alexander with 23 points and Dominique Hines with 21. The difference in the game was their overall size and deep bench. Coach Low was pleased with the effort given and playing hard to the end.

1-27 - Comstock 38 - Berrien Springs 54

The fbb team lost to Berrien Springs on the road 54-38. A bad second quarter lead to the defeat. The other 3 quarters were played exactly even. To their credit the team never gave up and played hard. They also played the 4th quarter without Dominique Hines. five of our seven players scored. Devon Alexander had 14, Dominique 10,Kayden McClish and Josh Small 5 and Donald Gaddie 4. Tariq Givan and Randy Powell played great defense particularly  when pressing.

1-24 - Comstock 28 - Schoolcraft 33

Poor 3pt. defense and poor shooting lead to a 28-31 defeat to Schoolcraft. Kayden McClish had his best game of the year with 10pts and strong rebounding. He also blocked three shots. Josh Small had an excellent defensive game not allowing his man to score. Randy Powell also had a good game. Randy always plays hard and hustles.

1-23 - Comstock 65 - Delton-Kellogg 60

The fbb team suffered a disappointing lose to Delton last night 65-60. The team came out flat started behind 11-0 and trailed all game. To their credit they battled back at 38-36 but then  fell back again. Poor defensive rebounding was the biggest contributing factor. The young Colts were making another charge at the end of the game but simply ran out of time. the Colts dressed 7 players with 5 scoring. Devon Alexander had 31 points and Dominique Hines 20. The teams record now stands at 5-5 overall and 3-2 in the league.

1-17 - Comstock 42 - Schoolcraft 27

The fbb team defeated Schoolcraft last yesterday 42-27 after falling behind 8-1 and 13-11 at halftime. Some adjustments in defense and excellent execution by the team had the Colts outscoring Schoolcraft 19-5 in the 3rd quarter. Josh Small and Tariq Givan lead the defensive charge while Domonique Hines and Devon Alexander lead the offensive charge. Kayden McClish dominated the rebounding in the second half and played his best game of the year. Devon  ran the offense very well and had a number of assists as did Dominique. Dominique had 17 points, Devon 11 and Josh 9. Schoolcraft never scored more than 9 points in a quarter and the 27 points allowed was the best defensive effort of the year. The Colts went to the basket very well shooting 29 free throws.

1-12 - Comstock 58 - Bridgman 43

The fbb evened their record at 3-3 with an impressive win over Bridgman 58-43. Defense once again was the key as the Colts limited the bees to 5 points in the first quarter and only 15 for the half. 7 of the 9 players who played scored. 3 players scored in double figures. Dominique Hines had 15, josh Small 12 and Devon Alexander 10 points. Devon also did an excellent job running the point. The team shot 60% from the free throw line going 12 for 20. Their next game is at home Tuesday January 17th against Schoolcraft.

12-22 - Comstock 38 - Parchment 35

The freshman team won an exciting game with their rival Parchment 38-35. Devon Alexander made a half court shot with 3 seconds remaining on a play that the team practices at the end of each practice. Parchment tied the game with 7 seconds remaining on a contested 3. The young colts then immediately in bounded the ball to make the winning shot. The Colts were down 29-22 late in the 3rd quarter when they changed up their defense and trailed 29-26 at the end of the quarter. They then changed defense again to eventually take the lead. The Colts played their best defense of the year, stopping parchment 4 consecutive possessions before the winning heroics by Devon. 7 of 8 players scored for the Colts. Josh Small and Tariq Givan were again outstanding at both ends of the floor, scoring 8 and 6 points respectively. Randy Powell hit a big 3 in the first half and played great defense. Devon Alexander lead the scoring with 12 points and ran the floor well in addition to playing his best defense of the year. The Colts outscored the Panthers 12-6 in the 4th quarter. Coach low is very pleased with the progress of the team.

12-20 - Comstock 53 - Kalamazoo Christian 43

The fbb team played their best game of the season defeating an undefeated Kalamazoo Christian team 53-43. The young colts had 7 of eight players score. three players were in double figures with Devon Alexander leading the way with 16, followed by Josh Small with 11 and Tariq Anderson with 10. Josh and Tariq played outstanding basketball at both ends of the floor. Randy Powell played tenacious defense on the perimeter and ran the floor very well. the key to the game was excellent team defense. The comets were held with without a three point basket and did not score on an out of bounds play. Donald Gaddie,Dominique Hines, Kayden McClish and Anthony Whitehead all scored key baskets to never let christian get closer then 6 points in the second half. The colts played very smart basketball the last 4 minutes of the fourth quarter to seal the win.

12-13 - Comstock 43 - Gull Lake 62

The fbb team got off to a slow start with their first road trip of the season falling behind 27-12 at half time. They played much better the second half falling 62-43 to a talented Gull Lake team. Devon Alexander and Donald Gaddie had very strong games for the Colts scoring 19 and 10 points respectively. Devon was 6/7 from the ft. line. Dominique Hines chipped in with 8 points.Josh Small and Kayden McClish had very strong defensive and rebounding games.Randy Powell and Jason Gettys once again played outstanding pressure defense. 

12-7 - Comstock 52 - Berrien Springs 53

Once again the fbb team played an exciting and fast paced game. The game went right down to the wire with the young colts dropping a 52-53 decision to Berrien Springs. the contest was close through out the game. 6 0f our 8 players who dressed scored. The team work and ball movement was excellent. The team hit for 5 three point goals and once again spread the opponent out. We broke the press easily and had numerous fast break goals. All 8 players played good defense as the team had numerous steals. The Colts were led in scoring by Domo Hines with 27 and Devon Alexander with 13. Coach Low is very proud of the team and their play. 

12-6 - Comstock 51 - Vicksburg 57

The FBB team opened their season with a very impressive effort against a much taller and bigger Vicksburg team. Although eventually falling 51-57 late in the 4th quarter Coach Low was very pleased with the team work, effort and smart play by the team. Scoring totals for the game were Devom Alexander 26, Dominique Hines 15, Kayden McClish 7 and Josh Small 3. Kayden was outstanding on the boards and Tariq Givan, Josh Small and Donald Gaddie played outstanding defense. Jason Gettys and Randy Small played outstanding perimeter defense. There are a lot of positive things to build on for the season. Their next game is Wednesday, December 7th, at home, against Berrien Springs.