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7th Grade B-Team

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12-14 - Wolverine Tourney Final
Comstock 12 - Three Rivers 34

In the final game of the season the Colts played a solid and talented Three Rivers team.  A little undersized the Colts played strong in the first half and worked hard for every point, but again fell short and finished their season with a tough loss.  The young Colts got better and better after each game and never quit throughout the season. Good work boys on a great year of basketall!

12-10 - Wolverine Tourney Semi
Comstock 18 - Allegan 21

The second game of the tournament was also a rematch between the two schools.  The Colts again played great defense, which was lead by Darrin Ford, but missed out on some opportunites to maintain a lead.  The teams went back in fourth for the lead and the Colts offense, lead by Mckenzie Derhammer and Marquez Cruz, fell short in another tough loss for the Colts.

12-10 - Wolverine Tourney Quarter
Comstock 27 - Plainwell - 30

The first game of the tournament for the Colts and they play one of their best games of the year.  Lead by Garret Green and Jeandra Brown offensively the Colts played aggressive all game.  Defense was lead by Mckenzie Derhammer and the Colts full court press, which gave the young Colts a chance to win it at the end.  A tough loss for the team that played hard all game, but fell short to Plainwell who would later play for the tournament title. 

12-7 - Comstock 19 - Allegan 21

The last game of the year came against Allegan. The game was close throughout with neither team taking more than a 4 point lead.  Eric Hotchkiss, Garret Green and Jeandra Brown, played overall good games leading both the defense and offense for the Colts. A tough loss for the Colts as they played extremely hard but fell just short at the end.

12-5 - Comstock 14 - Plainwell 34

The Colts played a good game again against Plainwell but suffered another loss to the Trojans.  First half was slow, but the Colts offense came alive in the second half lead by Mckenzie Derhammer and Jeandra Brown.  Although they did not win the game the Colts improved defensively and looked very good on offense.  

11-30 - Comstock 8 - Otsego 28

In a rematch between the two teams, the Colts started with their best defensive performance of the year, allowing only 12 first half points. But lack of scoring in the second half allowed Otsego to slowly pull away and come away with another victory over the Colts.  The colts were lead by Jeandra Brown who had 6 points.

11-29 - Comstock 16 - Springfield 68

Away from home the Colts ran into a talented and athletic Springfield Middle School. Team defense from the Colts started off good, but broke down in the second half. 

11-21 Comstock 10 - Three Rivers 49

At home the Colts ran into a very athletic and big Three rivers team.  Outmatched in a lot of ways the Colts played hard and limited the scoring of Three Rivers in the second half but could not put up a enough points to make it a close game.  Garret Green had 4 points and played solid defense.  

11-17 - Comstock 12 - Plainwell 37

Back at home the Colts suffer their third straight loss to Plainwell. Good defense and a slow start by both teams in the first half allowed the Colts to keep it close early. But in the second half the offense of the Colts was unproductive and Plainwell took advantage of the lack of scoring from the Colts opening up a big lead. 

11-16 - Comtock 12 - Paw Paw 40

The first away game of the year for the Colts, was against a strong Paw Paw team.  The speed and quickness of Paw Paw was to much for the Colts to handle and they suffer their first loss away from home.  

11-14 - Comstock 18 - Otsego 46

Good defense and a slow start from the colts allowed Otsego to open up a big lead. Full court pressure from Otsego was to much for the Colts to handle, even with six different scores, the lead was out of reach and the Colts suffered their first loss at home.  

11-8 - Comstock 26 - Vicksburg 16

The Colts started their season off right with a win over the bulldogs of Vicksburg. Mckenzie Derhammer lead all scorers with 14 points and good team defense helped seal the victory.

Garret Green-12

James Burnett-22

Darrin Ford-30

Jeandra Brown-31

Collin Mitchell-41

Turner Hutchens-43

Devin Hynes-45

Eric Hotchkiss-50

Mckenzie Derhammer-51

Marquez Cruz-55