Varsity Boys Soccer

Coach David Kirksey & Asst. Coaches Adam Barber, Andrew Gerard

Overall Record - 0-17 - Conference Record - 0-5

FRONT ROW - Brian Caldwell, Jonah Carpenter, Brad Clements, Mason Artz, Scott Young, Austin Salome
BACK ROW - Asst. Coach Adam Barber, Asst. Coach Andrew Gerard, Bryan Moore, Mason Groll, Skylar Rizzolo, Skylar Sparks, Ethan Barber, Riley Palmer, Coach David Kirksey
NOT PICTURED - Henryk Hieby, Chris Jackson, Riley Tucker, Mitchell Voissem, Eric Curry, Saleh Hasan, Jeramie Herwick, Cameron Lake, Ulises Del Moral

Individual Highlights

Mason Groll - Team Most Valuable Player, Team Captain
Skylar Sparks - Team Coach's Award, Team Captain, 3 Year Varsity Award
Bryan Moore - Team Most Improved Player, Team Captain

Game Information

10-16 - MHSAA District Quarter Final - Comstock 0 - Otsego 8

The Comstock boys soccer team had their season come to a close after losing to Otsego in the first round of district play. The colts started strong before eventually giving way to Otsego. The colts refused to back down all the way until the final whistle. Despite having a rough season the boys should be proud and hold their heads high knowing that they never gave up.

10-10 - Comstock 0 - Three Rivers 3

The Comstock boys soccer team lost a tight game to Three Rivers. The Colts dominated the first half of the game before finally conceding a goal in the second half. The Colts refused to back down from the start of the game all the way until the final whistle. Saleh Hasan, Chris Jackson, and Henryk Heiby worked well together to create more than their fair share of offensive chances; while the defense played a great game.

10-8 - Comstock 0 - Coloma 6

The Comstock boys soccer team lost to Coloma in the first round of the Wolverine Conference Tournament. Despite being down for most of the game, the colts refused to give up and gave it their all until the final whistle. Saleh Hassan spearheaded an attack that produced many opportunities. Mason Groll and Bryan Moore helped to provide stability defensively when it was needed. 

10-4 - Comstock 0 - Delton Kellogg 3

The Comstock boys soccer team lost to Delton Kellogg in a tough fought game. Saleh Hassan and Henryk Hieby teamed up to create several chances offensively while Mason Groll controlled the back line defensively.

10-1 - Comstock 0 - Plainwell 6

The boys soccer team lost to Plainwell on Monday night. Despite playing the entire game without a substitute the colts refused to give up and played a tough defensive game all the way until the final whistle. Ethan Barber and Skylar Rizzolo formed a good partnership, and effectively owned their side of the field. Riley Tucker made more than his fair share of saves; several in spectacular fashion. As a whole, the colts played a great team game and earned a positive result.

9-26 - Comstock 0 - Allegan 7

The Comstock soccer team lost a tough match to Allegan. The colts showed a lot of heart while playing without a substitute for the whole second half. This truly was a great team effort. Bryan Moore made a great defensive play to save a goal by clearing the ball of his own goal line. Jeramie Herwick refused to give up and created several chances because of that.

9-24 - Comstock 0 - Paw Paw 8

The Comstock boys soccer team lost a tough fought game to Paw Paw. Despite being low in numbers and playing one man short for the majority of the second half, the colts refused to give up. That spirit was illustrated best by the nonstop hustle and effort put forward by Jeramie Herwick. He refused to give up and created several chances as a result.

9-19 - Comstock 1 - Otsego 6

The boys soccer team lost to Otsego by a score of 6 - 1. The colts played a strong team game. A major highlight came when Ulises Del Moral combined with Jonah Carpenter to score a great goal.

9-13 - Comstock 0 - Vicksburg 8

Many players missed the game due to injury. Despite playing the entire game shorthanded, the colts refused to give up. The colts managed to play strong team defense throughout the game. The team defense was accented by impressive individual play as well. Mason Groll used his head to clear the ball off the line. Not to be outdone, Bryan Moore had a beautiful overhead kick to clear the ball off the line a bit later. Despite this it really was a team effort. Impressively, in the second half the colts played 15 minutes with two fewer players and 10 minutes with three fewer players than Vicksburg, and still only allowed two goals in that time. If you see a member of the soccer team, congratulate them on a great game.

9-11 - Comstock 1 - Quincy 3

The colts jumped out to an early 1 - 0 lead after Ulises Del Moral chipped the goalkeeper from long distance. Riley Tucker made an astounding 20 saves to keep the colts in the game all the way until the end.

9-10 - Comstock 0 - Bangor 3

The score definitely does not tell the story of this game. This was a game between two evenly matched opponents. Both teams created plenty of chances. Ulises Del Moral, Saleh Hasan, and Mason Artz created multiple chances with their quick passing and movement. Many more names could be mentioned because this truly was a great team effort.

9-8 Parchment Tournament

Comstock 0 - Hopkins 4

Comstock 0 - Three Rivers 2

Comstock 0 - Parchment 3

The Comstock boys soccer team showed great resilience in the Parchment Invitational, and got better as each game passed. Mason Groll and Bryan Moore were named to the all-tournament team after they each put in a strong defensive effort. Riley Tucker made a string of great saves to keep the colts in each game until the end.

9-5 - Comstock 1 - Dowagiac 7

After a rough start the boys regrouped and finished the game in strong fashion. Ulises Del Moral scored a nice goal after Jeramie Herwick's great effort resulted in a penalty kick. In a great defensive effort, Ethan Barber essentially cancelled out Dowagiac's best player for the entire second half. That combined with 16 saves from Riley Tucker helped the colts stay in a tough game until the end.

8-27 - Comstock 1 - Three Rivers 8

After a rough first half the colts rallied for a strong second half. Bryan Moore and Mason Groll led a strong defensive effort. Josh Mussche scored a great goal as he followed his own shot in and scored off of the rebound.

8-24 - Comstock 0 - Kalamazoo Christian 8

After a string of bad luck, the soccer team found itself playing a game with no subs and it's third string goalie in the game. Despite these shortcomings the soccer team refused to give up. After an injury, Mason Groll stepped up to lead the defense. He provided strong leadership in a time of need. Despite not getting a break Brian Caldwell and Ethan Barber spent the whole game in the midfield, running nonstop. Although in the end the boys lost 8 - 0 to Kalamazoo Christian, it was certainly not for lack of trying.

8-22 - Comstock 3 - Parchment 8

Scott Young refused to give up and scored a great goal as a result. Scott beat a defender, broke in on the goalie and took a shot, followed up his own shot, scrambled for his own rebound and deposited it in the net. To go along with the goal, Scott also earned an assist with a nice pass. Ulises Del Moral had a strong game at forward scoring two goals. The team rallied in the second half and improved as the game went on.

8-20 - Comstock 1 - Pennfield 3

Mason Groll gave Comstock an early 1 - 0 lead, despite playing with no substitutes. Skylar Sparks had a valiant effort in goal by recording over 10 saves. Unfortunately the Colts' tired legs caught up with them as Pennfield went on to win.

Edwardsburg Invitational

8-18 - Comstock 0 - Edwardsburg 6

8-18 - Comstock 0 - Three Rivers 3

The colts played hard as a team and refused to give up, despite playing the majority of the tournament without a single substitute. Although Comstock lost to Edwardsburg by a score of 6 - 0 and they lost to Three Rivers by a score of 3 - 0, one could not but feel as if the scoreline would have been different if there were substitutes available. Skylar Sparks and Brad Clements were part of a strong defensive showing while Scott Young used his speed to apply pressure in both games.