8th Girls


8th Grade Girls

Coach Grant Cannon

3-10 Record

Comstock Runner Up

BOTTOM ROW - Selena Alvarado, Marissa VanDyk, Taylor Wells, Alexis Black, Morgan Watson
TOP ROW - Laken Groll, Audrey Douglas, Jazzlyn Aldrich, Michaela Kessler, Miranda Cannon, Coach Grant Cannon


Comstock Tournament
3-16 - Comstock 18 - Lawrence 13
3-16 - Comstock 16 - Lakeland 17
3-16 - Comstock 8 - Schoolcraft 24
Comstock Tournament - Runner Up
12-16 - Comstock 20 - Portage Central 19
12-16 - Comstock 11 - Vicksburg 19
Congratulations to the 8th grade girls Stampede team for achieving Runner-up in the Comstock Basketball tournament this weekend!  They team played a tough first game and lost to Vicksburg 19-11. High scorers were Marissa Vandyk and Audrey Douglas.  The team came right back and pulled off a come-from-behind win to beat Portage Central 20-19. The top scorers in the 2nd game were Selena Alvarando, Miranda Cannon, Marissa Vandyk, and Laken Groll. Outstanding defense by the whole team to lockdown the Portage Central offense in the 2nd half and pull off a great win! 
12-8 - Comstock 16 - Mattawan 32

The 8th Grade girls team played a hard fought game this past Saturday but ended up losing 32-16 to Mattawan. The game was kept close all the way to the 4th quarter. High scorers were Alexis Black and Selena Alvarando.

12-1 - Comstock Lost to Marshall

11-17 - Comstock 29 - Portage Northern 36

The 8th Grade Rising Stars team played Portage Northern in a tight game on Saturday. After making a 4th quarter push to win, the 8th Grade girls lost by a score of 36 -29.  High scorers were Marissa Vandyk, Morgan Watson, and Miranda Cannon.  Laken Groll and Miranda Cannon played tough on the boards by pulling down many rebounds.  Outstandind defensive efforts from Selena Alvarando and Taylor Wells.

11-12 - Comstock Lost - Three Rivers

11-10 - Comstock 14 - BC St. Phil 37

Comstock 8th grade Rising Stars played 2 tough games on Saturday. They lost the 1st game 37-14 to Battle Creek St.Phil. Top scores were Selena Alvarando and Marissa Vandyk.

11-10 - Comstock 25 - Otsego 36

The 2nd game was played much tighter all the way to the end against Otsego. Otsego won the 2nd game by a score of 36-25. High scorers were Miranda Cannon and Taylor Wells. Comstock really picked up the defense and rebounding in the 2nd game with Laken Groll and Audrey Douglas grabbing multiple rebounds.

11-3 - Comstock 21 - Vicksburg 30

The 8th Grade Girls Rising Stars team lost a hard fought game to Vicksburg on Saturday by a score of 31-20. High scorers were Selena Alvarando and Miranda Cannon.  Top rebounders were Laken Groll and Audrey Douglas.

10-27 - Comstock 22 - Pennfield 13

The Comstock 8th Grade Girls Stampede team won their first game of the year 22-13 over Pennfield.   A great defensive effort by the whole team held Pennfield to only 2 points in first half.  High scorers for the team were Selena Alvarando and Marissa Vandyk.  Top rebounders were Laken Groll, Miranda Cannon,  and Audrey Douglas.