7th A Team


7th A Girls Basketball


Game Information

3-3 - Comstock 16 - Plainwell 28
3-3 - Comstock 21 - Allegan 20

The A team held Plainwell to 26 points, which is an accomplishment compared to 41 and 39 the first two times we played them; however, we lost 16-28.  The A team played a remarkable game against Allegan, beating them 21-20, with a game winning free-throw by Miranda Cannon.  The girls were down going into half time then came out and outscored Allegan 11-0 in the third quarter   Every girl played their hearts out and deserved a victory.

Marissa Vandyke scored a team high with 4 points in the first game and 10 in the second.  Alexis Black played great adding 6 points in the first game and 2 in the second. Miranda Cannon scored 2 points in the first game and 5 in the second game. Taylor Wells had 2 points in the first game and a very important free-throw in the second.  Audrey Douglas and Selena Alvarado and Michaela Kessler added 2 points in the second game. 

2-27 - Comstock 8 - Plainwell 39

The A team played a very tough game against Plainwell, but couldn't get their baskets to fall.  The score does not reflect how hard the girls played. Miranda Cannon played a very impressive defense game and scored five points. Marissa Vandyke scored another team high of seven.  Morgan Watson scored a bucket and Audrey Douglas hit a free-throw for a point.

2-16 - Comstock 24 - Plainwell 41

The A team played another very good game against Plainwell  Plainwell had a deeper bench and much taller girls.  We ended up losing 24-41.  The girls are improving with each game and beginning to play better as a team.  Marissa Vandyke had the team high with five points.  Laken Groll, Taylor Wells and Audrey Douglas each had four points.  While Alexis Black, Selena Alvarado, Michaela Kellser, and Morgan Watson each had two points.  Everyone on the team scored at least one bucket and hustled the entire game.
2-15 - Comstock 22 - Three Rivers 26

The A team played another very exciting game.  The teams were evenly matched and the score was back and forth, however, Three Rivers ended up on top by only four points.  Marissa Vandyke led the team with 10 points followed by Selena Alvarado with eight.  Miranda Cannon and Morgan Watson each added a bucket.  

2-13 - Comstock 14 - Paw Paw 17

A team played an amazing game! It was very exciting and high paced. We were within one or two buckets the entire second half; however, came up short handed.  Marissa Vandyke and Selena Alvarado had numerous steals and scoring attempts between the two of them. Selena had 8 of our 13 points. Marissa had 4 points and Taylor Wells hit a freethrow for a point.

2-8 - Comstock - 12 - Otsego 24

The A team had a great start and much success breaking the press causing Otsego's coach to run a different press. Each girl worked very hard, but unfortunately the buckets just weren't falling. Melissa Vandyke had team high with 5 points. Also scoring a couple buckets was Miranda Cannon and Selena Alvarado.