Keri Wallace

Keri Wallace

Class of 1990

"I had the privilege of coaching Keri Wallace for only 1season,1990 softball, here at Comstock High School! Having watched her play volleyball and basketball for 3 years, I knew what a tremendous athlete and hard worker she was. I tried repeatedly to get her to play softball her freshman, soph and junior year, but to no avail. However, was fortunate enough to get her to play for one year, her senior year and what a terrific year that was. We were 20-3, ranked in the top 10 in the state, won the GK Tournament and Keri was our leader, shortstop and #4 clean up hitter. She was undoubtedly the most powerful and explosive athlete that I ever coached at CHS. Everything came so natural to her and she was an absolute joy to coach, she worked her tail off! She led our team in home runs and RBI's that season and played an incredible shortstop. I can recall one play where a girl from Jackson Northwest (#3 in the state)hit a line drive off our pitcher, Chris Hnilo's glove, and Keri came flying in from out of nowhere, dove and caught the ball off Chris' glove! I remember it like it was yesterday, the look that Joe Hnilo and I gave each other... total disbelief. Everyone couldn't believe it! It was spectacular, only someone with her quickness, cat like instincts and aggressiveness could have made the play. She also hit the game winning home run off them that game! They were ranked in the top 5 in the state when we beat them, so it was a huge win for us and put us in the top 10 rankings that season!Keri was so good that year and such a talented athlete that she went on to play Division 1 softball for Western Michigan University, after playing only a single year of high school softball!!! UNREAL! Officiating volleyball, I was also able to see Keri play a lot of matches and she was an absolute workhorse! She was unbelievable out on the court, playing great defense, possessing a big time vertical (she could jump out of the gym) and crushing the ball to which she earned the nickname "THE HAMMER" from Rick VanDis. Perfect for her...because that's what she did EVERYTIME! It was that power, explosiveness, tenacity and WILL TO WIN that helped Comstock win 3 state volleyball championships during her volleyball career! WHAT A FEAT! Her tenacity, and will to win was so contagious that it raised the level of all those around her!Whether it was volleyball, basketball or softball she was a leader and an inspiration to her teammates, community and school. Keri was and still is a WINNER! She continues this hard working, relentless attitude in her successful business career and has taken the life lessons she learned in the successful years of being an athlete at CHS with her out into the business community where she runs a very successful roofing business! She truly exemplifies all that we could hope for in a Comstock Athletic Hall of Fame Award winner! She is a great role model and a GREAT COLT! I’m so proud to have Keri Wallace as a new 2014 Comstock Athletic Hall of Fame member!" - Tracy Daniel


Comstock High School

  • Basketball – 4 Varsity Letters
    • 1986, 87 & 89 Wolverine All Conference
    • 1986, 87 & 89 MHSAA All District
  • Volleyball - 4 Varsity Letters
    • 1987, 89 & 90 MHSAA Class B State Championship
    • 1987, 88 & 90 MHSAA All State
    • All American Junior Olympics
  • Softball
    • 1990 Wolverine Conference Champion
    • 1990 Wolverine All Conference

Western Michigan University

  • Volleyball – 1 Varsity Letter
  • Softball – 4 Varsity Letters
    • 4 Year Starter
    • 1994 – Team Captain

Athletic Honors

  • 2014 Comstock Athletic Hall of Fame