8th Grade


8th Grade A Volleyball

Record 3-16-2

Coach Heather Fields & Tamika Hickman

Front Row - Arreona Blakely, Kierra Lovelace, Triste Thrash, Ahkyla Blakely

Back Row - Coach Heather Fields, Brianna Salome, Kaylee Gilley, Mikaela Outlaw, Coach Tamika Hickman

Not Picture - Lissa Weaver

10-19 KAMSL Tournament
Comstock vs. Hillside
Game 1- 7-21
Game 2- 10-21 
Comstock vs. Portage Central
Game 1- 14-21
Game 2- 18-21 
Comstock vs. Linden Grove
Game 1- 8-21
Game 2- 10-21 
Comstock vs. Portage North
Game 1- 7-21
Game 2- 5-21
The girls completed their season this weekend at a tournament held at Vicksburg.  The girls played well and the coaches were very proud of the girls this entire season.  All the girls grew as players in all different areas.  Ahkyla Blakely and Brianna Salome have become very good net players with blocking and hitting.  Kierra Lovelace and Arreona Blakely have become excellent setters and tippers, scoring many points for the team.  Kaylee Gilley and Lissa Weaver have become excellent bumpers working hard to get the ball up to the setter.  Excellent job this season Ladies!!!
10-10 - Comstock 1 - Vicksburg 2
Game 1- 14-21
Game 2- 15-21
Game 3- 15-13
The girls played their last regular season game today against an outstanding Vicksburg team.  The played 3 very good games pulling out a win in the last game.  This is incredible to do against this really good team.  Kierra Lovelace played terrific, setting balls to her teammates to hit over the net.  Triste Thrash did a great job bumping the ball and getting it up to the setter.  Great season Ladies!!!
10-8 - Comstock 0 - Hillside 3
Game 1- 12-21
Game 2- 5-21
Game 3- 13-15
The girls lost a tough game at home against a good Hillside team. Kaylee Gilley and Brianna Salome did an excellent job at the net with blocks and tips. Lissa Weaver played a good game and the team was happy to have her back playing with them.
10-3 - Comstock 0 - Mattawan 3
Game 1- 11-21
Game 2- 13-21
Game 3- 5-15
The girls played another tough opponent yesterday but played a good game.  Kierra Lovelace did a very good job bumping and setting, she had a lot of good tips for points.  Kaylee Gilley did an excellent job passing the ball up to the setter and digging a lot tips by the other team.  Another good day of seeing the girls growing into better and better volleyball players.
10-1 - Comstock 2 - Maple St. 1
Game 1- 21-17
Game 2- 21-13
Game 3-14-16
The girls played the best volleyball they have played all year long against Maple Street.  Ahkyla Blakely played a very good game all around, bumping, serving and tipping the ball over for a lot of points.  Brianna Salome did a great job serving and made an awesome dig at the end of the game when a Maple Street player spiked the ball.  It is great to see the girls improve every time they play.
9-26 - Comstock 1 - Portage West 2
Game 1- 6-21
Game 2- 8-21
Game 3- 15-12
I was so proud of the girls today.  After dropping the first two games to a good Portage West team the girls played a phenominal 3rd game, moving their feet, playing scrappy and beating Portage.  Brianna Salome once again used her height and made a huge block, it was so exciting to see and Arreona Blakely was a beast on the court.  She was hustling after every ball and moving her feet, encouraging her teammates to do the same.  Great job girls!!!
9-24 - Comstock 0 - Portage North 3 
Game 1- 5-21
Game 2- 13-21
Game 3- 6-15
The girls played a very good Portage North team with power hitters and servers.  Ahkyla Blakely was able to use her hops to get up for a few blocks and tips at the net.  We continue to see the girls improve every game with things we are working on in practice and are excited to see the improvement game after game.
9-19 - Comstock 2 - Milwood 1
Game 1- 21-13
Game 2- 21-17
Game 3- 14-16
The girls played a fantastic game against Milwood.  It was great to see them working so well together as a team and putting the concepts we have been working on in practice to use in the game.  Arreona Blakely did a wonderful job on her serve and is getting better and better every game.  Mikaela Outlaw did a great job at the net getting up for a few blocks.  Wonderful job girls, let keep our streak going!!!
9-17 - Comstock 0 - Portage Central 3
Game 1- 11-25
Game 2- 7-25
Game 3- 1-15
The girls played a good game against a great opponent, Portage Central.  Once again we had some really good volleys and showed improvement on returning service. Kaylee Gilley played in her first games and was an asset to the team with her bumps and hits at the net.  Triste Thrash did a great job with returning serves and continues to get better as a back row player.  Great job Ladies!! 
9-12 - Comstock 0 - Linden Grove 3
Game 1- 11-21
Game 2- 10-21
Game 3- 7-15
The 8th Grade girls played tough against a good Linden Grove team, suffering a loss but playing very well.  Brianna Salome did an awesome job blocking the hits the Linden Grove team was putting over the net, while Ahkyla Blakely served very well, even getting in her jump serve for a few points.  Great job Ladies. The next match is on Tuesday at home against Portage Central. 
9-7 - Comstock 8th A Tourney
Game 1 vs Northwestern 21-25
Game 2 vs Northwestern 25-23
Game 3 vs Vicksburg 15-25
Game 4 vs Vicksburg 13-25
Game 5 vs Gull Lake 23-25
Game 6 vs Gull Lake 14-25
Game 7 vs Vicksburg 12-25
Game 8 vs Vicksburg 13-25
The 8th Grade Volleyball Team had their first tournament this weekend at Comstock.  The girls worked hard and were able to put a lot of things that we have worked hard on in practice to use in the games.  Lissa Weaver did an excellent job on her serves and Kierra Lovelace earned MVP honors for the team.  Going forward we are looking to improve as the season goes on.