8th A Team


8th Grade A Team


Coach Brendan Lierman

12-16 - Comstock 76 - Schoolcraft 66 OT

The final game of the season was probably the most thrilling game of the season. With the Colts leading by 1 point Marcus Cannon stepped to the free throw line and knocked down 1 of 2 free throws with 15 seconds left in the game. School Craft came down and scored a bucket with 5 seconds left. The Colts were all out of timeouts, so Vernard Whitehead pushed the ball and threw up a last second shot. It looked good from the coach's angle, but it fell just short. In overtime, Dylan McFarlen took over and scored 8 points. Marcus Cannon made a crucial 3-pointer with just over a minute left to seal the deal. Raekwon Little was the difference in this game. His speed and athleticism took over. He had a team high 17 points and 8 rebounds despite being in foul trouble most of the game. Dylan McFarlen added 16 points and 4 rebounds, while Marcus Cannon also added 16 points. 

12-15 - Comstock 40 - Schoolcraft 47

A sequence of unfortunate plays lead to the loss for the Colts. Two minutes remaining and up 1 point with the ball, Marcus Cannon made a great move to the rim and got fouled. However, the referee's thought otherwise and called travel. Coach Lierman strongly disagreed and argued very midly, but the referee didn't think so. The referee came across court, not even who coach Lierman was talking to, and gave him a technical foul. School Craft made both free throws to take a 1 point lead. The following play after the technical, School Craft scored a wide open layup after a miscommunication on defense. The ensuing inbound pass was stolen and School Craft made another layup to extend their lead to 5. The Colts couldn't bounce back and ended up losing a game that should have been won. Coach Lierman took the blame for this loss. Raekwon Little lead the way with 20 points and 8 rebounds. 

12-10 - Comstock 60 - St. Monica 46

It didn't take long for the Colts to get revenge on St. Monica after suffering a loss to them in the first game of the season. Comstock jumped out to a 20-3 advantage in the first quarter. They didn't look back either. St. Monica cut the lead down to 5 mid way through the 4th quarter. A huge 3 by Adrian White helped seal the win as the colts made all of their free throws down the stretch to cap off a 14 point victory. Marcus Cannon lead the Colts with 15 points and Shon Lewis added 12 points as he was perfect from the field 6-6. Bryce Meach also added 8 points for Comstock.

12-8 - Comstock 47 - Kalamazoo Christian 52

Not much defense was played this game by the 8th grade Colts. They didn't rebound very well either even though they had the size difference. They played sluggish from start to finish. Their emotions got the best of them and only having 5 players wasn't much help as they seemed very tired towards the end of the game. Dylan McFarlen lead the team with 16 points and Marcus Cannon added 15 points. 

Comstock Tournament

12-6 - Comstock 48 - Gull Lake 55

A sluggish start to the game ended the Colts' dream to capture the 1st place trophy in the tournament. Down 12 points at half and down 19 at the end of the 3rd quarter, it looked like Gull Lake was on their way to an easy route. However, the Colts showed they had heart and played with a lot of resiliency in the 4th quarter. Cutting the 19 point lead all the way down to 3 points with 2 minutes to go. The Colts had plenty of opportunities to tie the game with many wide open looks, but they just could not seize the opportunity. They fought hard till the end, but could not pull out the win. They also saw their 5 game winning streak end as well. Dylan McFarlen lead the way with 18 points and 8 rebounds.

12-6 - Comstock 54 - Delton-Kellogg 30

Another team win for the 8th grade Colts. Everyone but one person scored for the Colts. Branden Willis lead the way with 13 points including 3 3-pointers. Dylan McFarlen added 12 points and 4 rebounds. Vernard Whitehead had 5 assists and 4 points. 

12-2 - Comstock 64 - Parchment 57

Down 7 points with 2 minutes to go, the team saw its 4 game winning streak almost snap. A huge 3-pointer followed by an and-1 by Adrian White helped the Colts rally from a 7 point deficit with 2 minutes to go. The Colts showed some resiliency with this gutsy win to extend their winning streak to 5. Marcus Cannon  lead the way with 20 points including 4 3-pointers in the first half. Vernard Whitehead added 19 points and 6 assists. Dylan McFarlen had 15 points and 5 rebounds along the way.

11-25 - Comstock 54 - Galesburg-Augusta 12

The Colts jumped out to a quick lead and didn't look back as they ran their winning steak up to 4 games. Everyone scored in this contest which is always pleasing to the coach. The team was lead by Dylan McFarlen with 12 points, Raekwon Little added 10, and Branden Willis added 9 points including 2 3-pointers. 

11-24 - Comstock 52 - Delton-Kellogg 36

Another team win and dominating performance for the Comstock A team. They played unselfish and shared the ball very well. It's their 3rd straight win after dropping the first game of the year. The team was lead by Raekwon Little with 20 second half points after sitting out the first half.  Adrian White added 12 points, followed  by Marcus Cannon with 10 points. Dylan McFarlen added a team high 9 rebounds. 

11-20 - Comstock 39 - Constantine 25

Stifling defense was the key to victory in this match up vs Constantine. Constantine had a great talent in #4 as he was shut down pretty much the whole game. Bryce Meach and Brendon Blades played smothering defense as they frustrated Constantine's best player. The team was lead by Vernard Whitehead with 13 points and 5 assists. While Marcus Cannon added 10 points. 

11-13 - Comstock 50 - Sturgis 43

Great way to bounce back from a tough loss the previous week. The Colts played a great way as they all played together. They shared the ball very well and got contributions from everyone. The Colts were lead by Dylan McFarlen with 14 points and 8 rebounds, while Vernard Whitehead added 6 assists. Marcus Cannon added 10 points, including 3 3-pointers.

11-11 - Comstock 45 - St. Monica 62

Rough first game for the Comstock Colts A team. The team played a very selfish game and tried to do it by themselves. There was minimum defense as the team let up 62 points. It was an eye opening first game for the team. Comstock was lead by Vernard Whitehead with 14 points and 3 assists. Marcus Cannon added 9 points and 4 rebounds.