Dual Enrollment FAQ

What is Dual Enrollment?
Dual Enrollment is taking a college course for college credit while still a high school student. You are enrolled in both the high school and the college at the same time.

Is the college course free?
The school receives funds from the state of Michigan to pay for dual enrollment classes. Many classes are fully covered by these funds. However, there are cases in which the student will have to pay for what the school funds do not cover. In order to be sure on if you will have to pay for any of your dual enrollment classes, you must meet with your counselor.

Do I have to buy my books?
All books and supplies for any college course is up to the student to purchase as needed. Some reimbursement may be available upon successful completion of the course. Keep the course syllabus, textbook, and receipt. Take them to the Comstock High School’s Main Office to see about possible or partial reimbursement. Textbook rental is also an option through KVCC and other schools.

What if I fail a college course?
If you fail a college course you will receive an E on your high school transcript college transcript, you will be in danger of not being eligible for future dual enrollment courses, and you must reimburse the district for the cost of the course(s). An E in a college class may also lower your eligibility for financial aid (scholarships/grants/loans) in the future. It's important to always seek out help when struggling with a course to prevent this from happening. If you feel you are in danger of failing a college course, see your Dean immediately.

What if I don't like my class? Can I drop?
If you discover that the class is not a good fit for you, or there are other complications you may drop during the specified add/drop period of time designated by the college. If it's after the add/drop deadline, you will have to reimburse the district for the cost of the course. Your schedule must be filled with either another college course or another high school course.

How many classes may I take?
The State of Michigan provides funding to allow students to take up to 10 courses during high school. There are specific options as to how this can be done. See your Dean for details.

Can I take a college class during the summer?
Dual enrollment courses are only covered by district state funding during the school year. Students may opt to take a college course over the summer, however all costs associated with it is student responsibility and no high school credit will be issued.

What kinds of courses may I take?

  • Qualifying test scores determine eligibility for certain courses.
  • Courses offered by the eligible post -secondary institution that are not offered by the school district.
  • Courses offered at the high school must be taken before the same course at the college. For example, a student must take high school Government before taking Government at the college.
  • Hobby, craft, recreation, physical education, theology, divinity, or religious education are NOT eligible for dual enrollment.
  • The college course must be worth at least 2 credits.
  • The college course must be a level of 100 course or higher.

How do I know if my college class will transfer?
This depends on what college you plan on attending after high school. It is best to check each college individually. Most colleges have a website that will allow you Page of to check any class you are considering taking during college. Go to their transfer student web page and look for a link that will help you figure out course equivalency.

The Michigan Transfer Network can help you determine where courses will transfer and for what credit.